Monthly Archives: March 2017

Brett Porter can help you with your tax problems

Do you know what it means to be an “Enrolled Agent” with the Internal Revenue Service? An ‘EA’ might be very useful to you if you have any kind of tax problem. Read about one of Finding Assisted Living’s helpful professional associates by clicking on Mr. Brett Porter, Enrolled Agent.

Senior Placement Advisors can help find the right senior living option

Have you considered getting help from a Senior Placement Advisor? These knowledgeable people can make your search for the best senior living option much easier. If you are looking for a qualified, dedicated Senior Placement Advisor in South Florida, click this link to read about Cynthia Fiammetta-Lopez.

FAL’s Lunch and Learn Programs

Lunch and Learn Programs are a great way to learn about any subject, including moving to a senior lifestyle. On January 31, Finding Assisted Living held the first in a series of educational programs designed to inform the public about the challenges they will face when transitioning into a senior lifestyle. Click on “Finding Assisted […]