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Professional Practices for Seniors

Transitioning to a senior lifestyle presents both opportunities and challenges; the mission of is to help seniors and their loved ones enjoy the opportunities and meet the challenges of a successful senior life transition. Unfortunately, the truth is that most people do not go about the transition process in a well-planned, orderly way. Instead, […]

The Senior Transition Pro Team featured Member, Mr. Robert Abraham strives to be a complete directory of all-things-senior solutions. We understand the needs of seniors, their families and loved ones. When you are searching for senior home care, senior assisted living, in-home senior care or general information about active senior communities, we are there to help. website, the senior living magazine, “ Magazine” […]

Dehydration and Seniors

Seniors are subject to a number of special medical problems, one of them being unrecognized dehydration. Dehydration in seniors can sometimes go undiagnosed because the frequent causes of dehydration seen in younger people (excessive physical activity, sweating in hot weather, etc.) are not usually present in seniors; even trained medical personnel can miss the diagnosis. […] Senior Transition Pro Team, A Great Resource

The central purpose of, Magazine and the professional staff at our office is to serve the needs of our senior population, as well as their families and loved ones. These needs may range from finding high-quality senior home care, senior assisted living, or in-home senior care to exploring the world of stimulating possibilities […]

Loneliness is An ‘Epidemic’

That title may come as no surprise to many seniors. To many, loneliness is their only companion and perhaps their only visitor. The American Association of Retired People (AARP) published the results of its own loneliness study in the November/December 2010 edition of its magazine. According to the AARP, about 42.6 million American adults over […] is devoted to senior veterans may be a relatively new name, but it still has a wealth of information and resources from the past. If you have been a follower of’s parents, Finding Assisted Living and, you know about the wealth of knowledge, experience, contacts and human resources this website and our organization already have. These assets […]

Patient that walked out from Nursing Facility on July 5th is finally laid to rest

Harold Eugene Cantrell We pay our respects to Harold and the Cantrell Family Special Note: Thanks to the Clay County Florida Friends for their love, prayers and help with our family while searching for Harold since July 5th. Harold, or Hal, or PaPa as his family called him, went to be with our Lord on […]

Take A Tour of the New Website

The new website is filled with useful, entertaining, informative material for seniors and for the people who love and care for them. The website is a complete directory of resources for seniors, help and unbiased information about local providers of senior home care, senior assisted living and in-home senior care.  In the Volusia-Flagler area […]