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How to prevent a senior from wandering

senior woman in the city

“Wandering” is a major concern for caregivers involved in senior home care and for the professional staff in senior assisted living facilities. Wandering is an event associated with conditions that produce impairment of memory or mental capacity. This can include people who suffer from autism or Down’s syndrome, as well as Alzheimer’s disease or other […]

Need help planning for a senior life?

Planning ahead is an important part of any successful transition to senior life. can help if you or a loved one is beginning to think about retirement communities in Florida, 55+ communities in Florida or even in-home senior care. You can contact an Advisor by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by […]

Learn more about our Senior Transition Pro Team

Good advice from specialists in legal practice, estate planning, real estate, finance and medicine plays an important role in making a successful transition to senior life. That successful transition is a key function for, its in-house professional staff, its Approved Vendors, the Senior Transition Pro Team and our senior living magazine, Magazine. To […]