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Do Your Part—Participate in the 2020 Census!

US Census 2020

For the first year ever, the Census Bureau will be conducting its initial surveys online. In order to streamline the process and receive information from hard-to-count households, it decided to create an online version for those who do not have a permanent home. While we are all staying home for the next few weeks, it […]

Have You Done Your Taxes Yet?

Brett Porter

This year, the cases for tax scams are expected to increase with every week that taxes are not filed. The more time you provide scammers to file your tax return for you, the more chance you have of not receiving it yourself. While we do not want to induce anxiety, we want you to be […]

Get Three Months’ worth of Prescriptions with SavOn Global Meds

SavOn Global Meds sells branded and generic prescription medication sourced from overseas at a discounted price.  They find the lowest drug prices among pharmacies made in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Turkey, and the UK. The same patented brands that are sold in the U.S. are sourced from these places and sold at a fraction […]

Seniors How To: Stay Positive During Coronavirus Crisis

Senior man with headphones

Imagine turning on the TV and flipping through channels to find another report of more gloom. Well, that is precisely what is happening in the world today. The worldwide pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has created a crisis that has crashed our stock markets and quarantined our cities. Feeling scared and vulnerable during these […]

Brunch & Learn on March 27th is Cancelled

Due to Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive order, sadly we must cancel our upcoming Brunch & Learn on March 27th. Mark your calendars for the Spring Events coming up for April, May, and June. Please note new time: 11:30 am and Golden Corral in Port Orange. We also got a Great Deal for OurSeniors which is […]

Seniors, Do Not Panic!


Is the media keeping us informed or creating mass panic? Every hour there is a discovery or latest update strategically flashing on our screens. When the news that cases of the novel coronavirus were verified in over 40 states, pandemonium broke out. Americans all over the nation jumped into a frenzy emptying supermarkets nationwide. This […]

Check Out our new Home page! logo

We are constantly searching for ways to better serve members of and our first step was to change the home page for less clutter and more high-quality and relevant information for you! These small changes are the first of many to better serve you and help you get to what you want quicker and […]

A Touch of Sugar


Have you been recently diagnosed with diabetes? You are not alone, more than 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes, and the number is steadily growing. There are two types of diabetes, type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. In type-1 diabetes, the body cannot produce insulin which is a hormone that regulates the amount of sugar […]

Our Second podcast is ready for listening!

Did you hear about our new podcast? We just launched OurSeniors Radio for our members to enjoy. You can listen to important news and topics from virtually anywhere. Our second podcast is all about buying a home in Volusia County with tips and insights from Dulce Monahan from Adams Cameron & Co Realty. She has […]