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Get your Smile back at Obeng Family Dental

Obeng Family Dental

Obeng Family Dental in Port Orange, Florida is perfect if you’re looking for a dentist in the area. Not only can you get your teeth cleaned there regularly, but Dr. Obeng provides services for people in need of dental implants, veneers or other enhancements to their smile. As we age, our teeth lose that bright […]

The Great Outdoors!

Giant Recreational World

There is nothing like spending some time in the great outdoors. Nature has a way of welcoming us into her vast forests and plains. The impact of the environment on our wellbeing is so profound that studies performed by the University of Minnesota found that being outside, reduces feelings of anger, fear, and stress. This phenomenon has […]

Senior Summer Skincare

A One Family Practice

Wow! Is it me or is it hot out here? These past few weeks in Florida were blistering hot! You might be thinking, “Well, it is Florida; it’s supposed to be hot.” Correct, but our sunny state has shattered summer temperature records this month already, and it’s only been summer for two days. This summer, taking care […]

Great opportunity to Volunteer and give back!

United Way

You, your family, and your company are all invited to participate in the 2020 United Way Day of Action!  If you want to participate, please contact Francine Martin at (516) 641-5800 or She will create a unique page for your group to view and a place where your colleagues can register.   (If you want […]