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What if you don’t want to live in a senior community?

woman in independent living

If you asked a room full of 40 adults between the ages of 30 and 60, “Hands up if you want to be forced to move out of your home and go live with strangers,” it would be amazing if anyone raised their hand. Almost no one wants this, yet this is exactly the solution […]

These health tools can help monitor blood pressure, exercise


New technology comes out every year that make our lives easier, from new smartphone applications to kitchen tools and more. One that we think could greatly benefit seniors is a wearable monitor that checks heart rate, blood pressure, exercise, sleep and other health indicators.  These can help with reaching fitness goals faster and help stay […] Magazine welcomes Canada Cloud Pharmacy Magazine welcomes Canada Cloud Pharmacy to its list of Approved Vendors. One of the top issues that older Americans face today is the increased cost of prescription drugs. Our nation’s system is not regulated, and pharmaceutical companies set prices that they know people will pay. It’s the unfortunate reality we are living in and […]

Do you know the role humor has played in history?


* This article was originally published in the Winter 2020 edition. Updated September 14, 2020. Humor and laughter are unquestionably linked, but they’re not actually the same thing. Laughter is the reaction we have to humor. Humor is something that generates a laugh by being funny or amusing, like a riddle, a pun or a […]

Don’t put out a welcome mat for home burglars and robbers

home burglary

Have you ever said or overheard someone say while in a public place, “The kids gave me a TV for my birthday,” or “I just got a great deal on a laptop computer?” Do you hide a house key under the back-door mat or leave your doors unlocked during the day? If so, you are […]