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Making Wise Choices In Medicare Options

| Written by Dan Mangus | Trying to decide the best coverage option to complement Medicare can be difficult. Medicare can be delivered to you in two primary forms. One is Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by Medicare-approved private companies that must follow the rules set by […]

This Organization helps the Blind and Handicapped have access to Books

When we don’t experience a disability and don’t have a loved one going through it, we rarely think about those that live with one. Blindness or being physically handicapped makes life difficult for those who experience it and daily life is altered in every way. The Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Books Library Services […]

How to Stay Positive in a Negative World

happy senior praying

| Written by Andrew Wommack | If you haven’t been touched by all the negativism in the world in recent months, then you haven’t been paying attention. Often, it seems like each side in politics is just tearing the other one up and talk show hosts only give us the worst-case scenarios. We live in […]

Steps to Living a Heart-Healthy Life

The heart is the engine that keeps the human body moving. It pumps blood in and out of the lungs and supplies the entire body with oxygen. As we age, our hearts begin to slow down and our arteries stiffen. This change is natural, so being proactive over our heart’s health is essential. According to […]

Ideas for vacationing while the weather is nice

The weather in Florida right now can’t be beaten. Our northern neighbors have been envying us all winter, but it will soon get hot again and unbearable to be outside. That’s why we think now is a great time to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer and take a small vacation. As Floridians, we […]

Amazing Senior: Maria Chaviano

maria chaviano

Imagine being born in a country where your rights are limited and your freedom is non-existent. Maria was born in 1952 on the beautiful and colorful island of Cuba. She was raised by her dutiful grandmother, Magdalena Perez. By the time she was seven years old, dictator Fulgencio Batista had been overthrown by the young […]