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Read this if you are concerned about falling

Many senior concerns are imaginary or exaggerated, but fear of falling is not. Falling injuries often begin a downward cycle of health and wellbeing that leads to many other problems, even death. Ironically, the fear of falling may become as damaging as falling itself; this fear can lead to unnecessary limitations on the very activities […]

You Can Now Donate to!


If you haven’t heard the news yet,, which has been running for more than 5 years, is now a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are very excited about this designation as it now means we can deliver our magazine to you for free. It also means we can accept donations that will go toward […]

What to ask before considering aging in place

The term, “Aging in Place,” has become a popular catchphrase for modern seniors. However, its meaning may vary widely, depending on who is using the term and for what purpose. A government agency defines aging in place as, “the ability to live in one’s own home and community independently, regardless of age, income, or ability […]

Did You Know We Are BBB Certified?

We have been Better Business Bureau Certified since 2018 and have our certification again for this year. It is important for businesses to have this accreditation as it means we are trustworthy and provide a quality service to our customers. We hope that you find us resourceful and useful for your needs whether it be […]

These are some of the warning signs of dementia


| Written by Dr. Regina Asihene | The term dementia simply means significant memory loss.  There are several causes that lead to memory loss that is added to describe dementia: Alzheimer’s dementia—due to age Amyloid plaques and tangled fibers build up in brain and there is a loss of connection between nerve cells Vascular dementia—due […]

How to avoid probate by “operation of law”


| Written by Wendy Mara | One of the goals of estate planning is to help clients avoid estate planning probate. No, everyone does not have to go through probate. And no, contrary to popular belief, a will does not avoid probate. A will is not self-executing; that is, it doesn’t transfer ownership of assets […]

A testimonial about Fitworks Perfect Posture


Fitworks Perfect Posture works to correct years of damage in a natural and methodical way.  After seeing more than 5,000 clients, Gary Rumel has perfected the art of correcting musculoskeletal imbalances. With just one evaluation, he can determine where someone is affected and create a plan to fix the issue. He has seen golfers play […]

Florida is growing. Here is what that means for you

If you can recall the Florida of the 1950s, you remember a small-population state with only three urban areas that could be called “cities.” Miami, Tampa-St Petersburg and Jacksonville have now been joined by fast-growing communities like Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Ocala and Kissimmee. For decades, our state’s growth has seemed phenomenal, beyond reasonable expectations. Many […]