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These are all the things the DOEA does for seniors


The state of Florida recognizes the critical importance of its senior citizens. In fact, Florida’s government has a department dedicated exclusively to providing information, assistance and services to seniors. The Florida Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) is a hidden gem, full of good stuff for seniors and their families. Programs range from a senior legal […]

Here are a few tips for getting rid of summer pests

Imagine yourself waking up bright and early to make a fresh cup of coffee. Sleepy-eyed you reach for sugar and notice dozens of little ants crawling over your counter! Welcome to summer in Florida, when the weather is perfect for creepy crawlers. Sugar ants (Linepithema humile), also known as Argentine ants, are one of the […]

This General Practitioner has 4 offices in Florida

A One Family Practice

Are you new to the Volusia County area or looking for a new primary care physician? Our Approved Vendor, A One Family Practice, is run by Dr. Kashyap Patel, MD and Dr. Savitha B. Kasturi, DO, who are both certified in Family Medicine and have been serving the Volusia County area for more than 15 years. […]

You should still be thinking about these deadly diseases

Seniors face a number of obvious health issues. Many of these, like digestive problems, joint pain, hearing and vision loss make themselves known every day, reminding us to see the appropriate medical professional. Other medical needs seem to hide themselves in the back of our minds until it may be too late. Immunization is one […]

Can we slow down cognitive decline?

Few things worry seniors more than the thought of “cognitive decline”—losing the ability to do mental tasks like remembering names or doing simple arithmetic. When a young person forgets where they put their keys or neglects to lock a door, we tend to think that they simply have too much on their mind. But for […]