Monthly Archives: July 2021

Preparing for hurricane season before it’s too late

Hurricane season lasts from June to November of each year. NOAA predicted an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season this year with 13-20 named storms. Now is the time to prepare and here are some preparations you can start now: Your medicines – It is possible that prescription medication may not be attainable for a long period after […]

Is it getting more difficult to hear people on the phone?

As we age, hearing becomes more difficult, especially over the phone. It is exhausting to ask someone to keep repeating themselves. Sometimes, having phone conversations doesn’t seem worth it, so its forgotten all together. Thankfully, those days can be over if you qualify for ClearCaptions. It’s is a certified captioning service through the FCC with […]

This is a great option for short-term care

| Written by Dr. Regina Asihene | Being a caregiver can be hard.  In fact, we all burn out at some point and will need a break.  When a primary caregiver needs a break, respite care can provide short-term relief.  Respite care is basically time off so that the primary caregivers can get away from […]

Local Businesses are Still Suffering – It’s Our Duty to Help

Although the pandemic seems like it’s almost over, its effects are still very prevalent. Local businesses such as restaurants, shops, spas and many others are still having issues with less patrons coming in and smaller staff to help. All around the U.S., businesses are suffering from multiple issues from supply chain to staffing and much […]

Feeling Lonely? Adopt a Pet!

There is no question that loneliness is one of the most common problems faced by seniors. It’s a serious problem too; loneliness can lead to increased stress, more frequent use of alcohol or tobacco and a number of medical problems. Unfortunately, the isolation made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic has made this problem all the […]

Brunch & Learn will be back in person soon!

Have you heard? We are bringing back our Brunch & Learn to in-person meetings very soon. During the pandemic, we decided to go virtual but with vaccinations up in the senior community and a willingness to gather again, we have decided to bring it back. For now, you can watch our videos on YouTube to […]

Perfect posture and its importance for proper body function

| Contributed by Fitworks Perfect Posture | What is the first thing you visualize when you hear the phrase “bad posture?”  I am sure we all see a body slumped forward with rounded shoulders and a huge hump in their upper back. What is happening to the organs inside that body we just visualized?  What […]

A few tips on traveling safely when you’re on vacation


  If you enjoy hitting the road to visit family or friends during a long weekend, we have a few ideas to help you stay safe and healthy wherever you are going: Traveling by car Living in Florida means we have to travel by car one way or another. Whether it’s to go to the airport […]