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This Approved Vendor Specializes in Improving Posture


If doing simple tasks like walking, household chores, sitting or standing is a cause for pain or discomfort, you may have poor posture. As we age, gravity takes a toll on how we position our bodies and our muscles and tendons end up paying the price. Our Approved Vendor, Fitworks Perfect Posture, works with clients […]

Key tips for ensuring your passwords are secure

The advice sometimes seems pious and boring – “Practice Password Security” or “Use Strong Passwords.” It is hard to go for long browsing the internet without seeing some form of this advice. The reason is simple: lost, stolen or hacked passwords are the cause of misery ranging from false postings on sites like Facebook to […]

How to boost mental awareness after quarantine

Throughout most of 2020 and 2021, we have been told by federal and state officials that quarantine is one of the best ways to help eradicate Covid-19 and maintain the safety of oneself and others. Yet, the impact quarantine orders have had a major impact on the lives of millions, especially seniors. The challenges of […]

How to travel safely in a post-pandemic world

After spending several months at home, you’re likely waiting desperately to get out and enjoy the many benefits that come with travel. Whether it’s visiting another state or another country, traveling is a great way to disconnect and recharge your mental health and overall well-being. It can help to broaden the mind by bringing new […]

Our favorite event of the year – Turkey Rod Run!

turkey rod run

Taking place at the Daytona International Speedway, Daytona’s Annual Turkey Rod Run features more than 5,000 collector cars on display and more than 1,500 that are ready for sale or trade. The show brings everything from restored classics to foreign and domestic exotics. This is the largest classic car show and swap meet in the United […]

How to keep your body from looking like a question mark

| Written by Fitworks Perfect Posture | Do you “people watch”? It is human nature to look around and see who and what are in your surroundings. Comparing, noticing, contemplating the data before you, wondering where you fit in; what might have happened to cause that; what can I do to look like that? Some […]

This medical service can save you time and money


Tired of long wait times at urgent care for a minor ailment like a cold or urinary tract infection? Dispatch Health is a service that comes to your home to treat non-life-threatening issues. With them, there is no need to call the ambulance or go to the emergency room for symptoms such as shortness of […]