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Balance and flexibility are A Great Tool for Every Golfer

The average golfer will roll up to the course just before tee time. Hit some golf balls. Play 18 holes. And then is perplexed they feel tight during and after the round. Does this routine sound familiar? If you’re like most golfers, you probably know how important flexibility is to the swing. Even tour players […]

A great option for short term care

Being a caregiver can be hard.  In fact, we all burn out at some point and will need a break.  When a primary caregiver needs a break, respite care can provide short-term relief.  Respite care is basically time off so that the primary caregivers can get away from their responsibilities for physical and emotional relief.  […]

This is why we are unapologetically thankful

| Written by Andrew Wommack | This Thanksgiving, I am proclaiming to the world that I am unapologetically thankful to God for this great nation of the United States of America. Woke culture, cancel culture, and Critical Race Theory says America is “systemically racist.” I say just the opposite. America is systemically anti-racist. Human nature […]

How to help a loved one affected by COVID-19

Covid-19 affected everyone in the new United States. Feelings of uncertainty regarding the effects of being infected, transmission to others, quarantine and isolation recommendations, and vaccines affected us all. But no group may have been impacted more than seniors. And as pandemic restrictions begin to ease in the U.S., many seniors will likely have new […]

Thanksgiving is next week, here are some great ideas!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Whether you have your signature dish that you make every year or use the same decorations from previous years, it is always good to seek out other ideas to keep things fresh. It’s always fun to try something different or just add in a new item to try. […]

The fight against diabetes starts with awareness

More than 100 million Americans have a high risk of developing diabetes or already have been diagnosed with the condition. Due to such a high number of the population being exposed to the early development of the disease, you may already know someone that has it or you may have received the diagnosis yourself. There […]

Happy Veterans Day to our Nation’s Heroes

Happy Veterans Day from our team at! We are grateful to the men and women who have proudly served in the U.S. military. Our team would also like to thank the soldiers who are currently serving our nation. As many of us may know, Veterans Day started when World War I ended and fighting […]

Cooking every day can be complicated, meal delivery services are not

One of the biggest challenges faced by many seniors is the task of daily meal preparation. It is not uncommon to find a senior who has resorted to eating breakfast cereal or some other very basic food at every meal. Planning, shopping for, storing and preparing a balanced meal can be a complicated task, even […]

How to Phase-In Healthy Visits with Relatives and Friends

In the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a lot of conflicting information that created a lot of confusion about safety. Many people know about the benefits of spending time outdoors, but there was a sudden urgency from warnings suggesting that people should stay indoors for safety. As the months passed, we learned […]

Majestic Gardens provides a High-quality Living Experience

Majestic Gardens is a 16-bed assisted living facility under the supervision of a medical doctor, Dr. Regina Asihene, who is also the president of the facility. Her mission is to provide residents with a unique living experience tailored to his or her specific needs whether it be specialized, long-term care or a short-term solution. Staff […]