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What’s Popular in Tech That Can Benefit Seniors? - Robots Helping Seniors

It seems like every day there’s a new piece of technology out that is designed to make our lives easier. While there are a lot of new and popular technological advances that can be overwhelming for seniors, there are also many that can benefit them greatly. As a seniors magazine we wanted to look closely […]

An Event To Save: Long Drive Exhibition with Tim Burke

As a senior living magazine, we like to showcase events that would appeal to not only Our Seniors but those that are involved in their lives. There are many events coming up over the seasons and we’re here to tell you about one that you might want to mark your calendars for. Do you love […]

South Florida Tech for Seniors Creates New Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Seniors and Technology - Seniors and Technology

South Florida Tech for Seniors is a non-profit organization with a drive and a mission to assist seniors in Southern Florida with virtually any technology need. South Florida: For many seniors, technology can be a daunting and sometimes a scary thing. Between learning new software, devices, and the latest technology, many seniors will often find […]

What You Need to Know About Purchasing a PC or Laptop You Need to Know About Purchasing a PC or Laptop

A common misconception among many people is that seniors are averse to technology and are intimidated and confused by it. But the reality is that technology is becoming easier to use with software applications that take the guesswork out of completing numerous tasks. Technology can empower seniors to be less dependent on younger generations, therefore […]

Celebrating Local Fun: City Of Daytona Beach Leisure Services - Seniors playing Tennis

As a magazine for seniors we enjoy driving attention to organizations that could be beneficial as senior living resources. Small businesses, local organizations, government programs that cater to healthy living, are the backbone of any community. OurSeniors is committed to promoting local businesses and keeping members of the community active and engaged. The City Of […]

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month: Raising Awareness - Blood Disorder

March is Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month, and we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about these conditions. Although bleeding disorders are rare, this is still important news for seniors since over 20 million people across the globe suffer from an inherited blood disorder that’s symptomatic. They can be caused by […]