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Still Want to Work? Here’s How to Navigate the Job Search After 65 - Senior Taking The Lead

Did you know that 46% of seniors plan to work part-time after the age of 70 and 18% plan to work full-time after age 70? Even if you are past the age of retirement, that doesn’t mean that your career is over. Older workers are staying in the workforce longer than ever before, and for […]


OurSeniors.Net strives to be a go-to resource for seniors, serving their needs in all possible ways. For many seniors, one of the most important of those needs is to attain affordable help in dealing with hearing loss. With that in mind, OurSeniors.Net is extremely pleased to welcome Rx Hearing Aids to its family of senior-friendly […]

I Can Hear You Now - Senior Couple Laughing

Those are the wonderful words spoken by seniors who have wisely begun to use a hearing aid. But so many are missing out on this life-changing device. An affordable hearing aid, an in-the- ear hearing aid can make a huge difference in the life of your senior loved one.  OurSeniors.Net is proud to be your […]

These are all the ways vitamin D plays a vital role in health

Let’s start with the facts:  Vitamin D, technically a hormone, is considered a crucial nutrient commonly known to help build bones and keep them strong. It’s acquired by exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet B rays), or food and/or supplemental absorption. A family history of osteoporosis was once the only prerequisite required to guard your levels; of […]

Looking Forward to the ‘Post Pandemic’ World

The COVID-19 pandemic is just over a year old, and all of us are tired of the restrictions, the inconveniences, the grief and hardships brought on by this virus. This is not an abstraction; it has meant Christmas without family, weddings and birthdays not celebrated, travel postponed and friends who may never be seen again. […]

Five tips for home organization this spring

If you’re like most people, you appreciate an organized home. With everything else going on, we tend to let household organization get to the point where it becomes somebody else’s problem and the junk drawer becomes invisible to the naked eye.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to take care of itself. Not to mention the number of […]

What to do if you do not want to retire yet

Start Your Own Business and Earn Extra Income Doing What You Enjoy One issue that many seniors come across is wondering whether or not they really want to retire. Figuring out if retirement is the right step for you can sometimes be daunting but the important thing to note is that, just because you retire, […]