Adult Care Home and Assisted Living Facility Fraud and Abuse

Most operators of assisted living facilities and ‘Adult Care Homes’ are honest professionals who work hard providing high quality care for their residents. They often face difficulties in finding qualified help, dealing with the bureaucracies of government and private insurance companies and observing the many laws and official guidelines that necessarily regulate this industry. Unfortunately, […]

The Challenges of Living Independently After Retiring

Everyone wants to remain as independent as possible after retiring. The ability to live independently depends on a number of factors, and there is a great range of abilities to meet these challenges. Some people seem to age well for years, even decades after retiring while others encounter difficulties quickly. The passage of time cannot […]

Finding Assisted Living Welcomes Ms. Cynthia Fiammetta-Lopez, Senior Placement Specialist Seal of Approval

Finding Assisted Living and continue to add to a growing roster of professionals in the field of senior living, assisted living and senior care. is more than a simple organization or a mere website. It is a team, an assembly of experienced and knowledgeable persons, businesses, professionals and facilities who share a common […]

Estate Planning for the Blended Family

FAL Senior Transition Pro Team

Deciding who gets what at your death can be a daunting task, all the more so when the family you are trying to plan for includes children you and/or your spouse had in previous relationships. There are solutions to most problems a complicated family presents, but to find the right one requires a great deal […]