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Celebrating Women’s History Month with our Female ‘Amazing Seniors’

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With Women’s History Month almost over, we want to reflect on some of our female Amazing Seniors that have been included in our previous editions. These women are an inspiration to all from their grit and hard work to the way they nurture their families, communities and all who are around them. We are happy […]

Amazing Senior: Maria Chaviano

maria chaviano

Imagine being born in a country where your rights are limited and your freedom is non-existent. Maria was born in 1952 on the beautiful and colorful island of Cuba. She was raised by her dutiful grandmother, Magdalena Perez. By the time she was seven years old, dictator Fulgencio Batista had been overthrown by the young […]

Amazing Senior: Juan Armando Montes

juan armando montes

There aren’t many Americans who can say they have jumped out of airplanes to fight for America’s freedom. Not only that, but to have served in the Army for almost 30 years, fought in combat as a Ranger and went from being a private to retiring as a full-bird Colonel. A true hero, Col. Juan […]

Amazing Senior: Tom Yarbrough

tom yarbrough

Tom Yarbrough is not exactly your typical 85-year-old retiree. Tom still enjoys riding his classic Ducati motorcycle, a sleek machine that comes all the way from Bologna, Italy. When asked if he was still an active rider, Tom seemed amused by the question and replied, “I’m still young enough to ride!” Born 85 years ago […]

Amazing Senior: Mirta Ramos

Mirta Ramos Family

| Originally published in the Spring 2020 Edition of Magazine | Mirta Ramos has experienced love, pain, fear, separation and a reunion. She grew up as an only child in Havana, a vibrant city filled with culture, music, nightlife and tight-knit neighborhoods, one that went from a democracy to communism in her lifetime. Her […]