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Florida Enters Phase Two!

Social Distancing

On Friday, June 6th, Florida entered Governor Ron DeSantis’ “Plan for Florida’s Recovery.” Out of 67 counties, 64 were permitted to begin Phase Two. This is excellent news for our economy! For the past few weeks, essential and nonessential businesses have resumed operations. We have seen a rise in the market and a dip in […]

Restoring America–How Can we Help?

Respite Care & Assisted Living FL

Even though businesses are reopening in Florida and the economy seems like it’s going to get back to normal, that couldn’t be further from the truth. People are scared to leave their homes and spend any money, and rightfully so. Things are still very uncertain. We definitely need to stay cautious, wear protective gear in […]

Phase One Continues!

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Good news! Florida is on a steady path to economic recovery ever since Governor DeSantis made the decision to reopen the state. Over the past few weeks, essential and nonessential businesses have resumed operations. Gyms, salons, and even theme parks are allowing guests to enter their doors. Seniors, this is excellent news! The sooner we […]

Is it Worth it?

Social Distancing

Hip Hip Hooray! The sunshine state is open and ready for business. The plan for Florida’s economic recovery, Phase One, is fully operational. The reopening of Florida is excellent news, but is the risk worth it? According to Nobel Prize-winning economist and professor at Columbia University, Joseph Stiglitz, “we are in a deep, deep downturn” […]

COVID-19 and the Healthcare Industry


Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, the healthcare industry has tried its best to adapt to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. Combating the coronavirus has not been an easy feat, even with increased government funding and public support. Hospitals have continuously run out of masks, ventilators, and even essential drugs! Pharmaceutical companies are being heavily pressured […]

Florida is in Phase 1 of Reopening. What does that mean?


The White House detailed the three-phase approach to reopening America which is based on up-to-date data and works to mitigate resurgence of the coronavirus and protect the vulnerable populations. Each phase is implementable on a state-wide or county-wide basis based on the governor or mayor’s discretion. The state must have a reported downward trajectory of […]