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Looking Forward to the ‘Post Pandemic’ World

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The COVID-19 pandemic is just over a year old, and all of us are tired of the restrictions, the inconveniences, the grief and hardships brought on by this virus. This is not an abstraction; it has meant Christmas without family, weddings and birthdays not celebrated, travel postponed and friends who may never be seen again. […]

What You Need to Consider Before rejoining Community Events

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Seniors that stay socially active experience several benefits that enrich their lives, including better cognitive function, boosted immune system, and improved mental and physical health. Social activities, however, have been a challenge in the last year and a half because of Covid-19 quarantine protocols. This has time has been particularly difficult for seniors because quarantine […]

Thanksgiving is next week, here are some great ideas!

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Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Whether you have your signature dish that you make every year or use the same decorations from previous years, it is always good to seek out other ideas to keep things fresh. It’s always fun to try something different or just add in a new item to try. […]

Here are Some Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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Preparation for Halloween Are you ready for Halloween? Halloween is a fun time for people of all ages. It is the time of year when dressing up as a vampire is socially acceptable! In case you have not had the time to buy a costume or would prefer something that is easy to put together, […]

How to travel safely in a post-pandemic world

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After spending several months at home, you’re likely waiting desperately to get out and enjoy the many benefits that come with travel. Whether it’s visiting another state or another country, traveling is a great way to disconnect and recharge your mental health and overall well-being. It can help to broaden the mind by bringing new […]