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Looking To Take a Solo Trip? Solo Travel Ideas for Seniors

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to exploring. Your ability to travel isn’t altered by age itself and if you don’t need anyone for physical assistance, you don’t even have to take anyone else along. Let’s face it—we all need a little time away from the pressures of everyday life to re-energize ourselves and rediscover […]

The Four Essential Elements of Christian Maturity

| Written by Andrew and Jamie Wommack | Everyone loves babies. They are cute and so much fun. But they grow up. How weird would it be for a forty-year-old man with a beard to still be sucking his thumb? It’s precious when a child first crawls, but something would be wrong if they never learned […]

Do You Need a Private Caregiver? How to Tell

There are at least 39.8 million people in the United States who have provided adults over the age of 50 with care. If you’re a senior living in Florida, you might be wondering if a private caregiver is the right option for you. As the growing population ages, the demand and need for private caregivers […]

World Lung Cancer Day Is Around the Corner Lung Cancer Day Is Around the Corner

World Lung Cancer Day (WLCD) is an annual awareness day dedicated to raising awareness of lung cancer and the importance of early diagnosis. In 2020, at least 1,796,144 people across the globe were estimated to die from lung cancer alone. In 2022, there has already been 609,360 projected deaths associated with lung cancer. That equals […]

Heads Up! Primary Elections Are August 23

OurSeniors are famous for being the most dependable voting bloc in America. Time after time, America’s seniors lead the league in voting turnout. All politicians know this, and they pay careful attention to the issues that concern seniors. Nowhere is this more important than in the state of Florida, the most senior state in the […]

How to Make Your Home Safe as You Age Without Having to Move to Make Your Home Safe for You as You Age Without Having to Move

For older adults, at least 60% of fall injuries happen in their homes. As you get older, things change, your mobility, your balance, and sometimes your ability to simply do things on your own. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move out of your home and into assisted living.  Of course, this will greatly […]

Is the Current Economy Affecting Your IRA?

We are just a little over halfway through 2022 and many are concerned about preparing for and protecting their IRAs (individual retirement accounts). Questions about the bear and bull markets are abound but most regular folks would like their money to work on its own without having to deal with financial decisions that put unwanted […]

Why Hearing Aids Could Save Your Life!

It’s common knowledge by now that there’s a correlation between hearing loss and its direct negative impact on one’s overall health. Communication troubles, isolation, depression, fatigue, risk of falls and cognitive decline have a higher occurrence in seniors with hear hearing loss. That’s something you may have already read about. But one thing you might […]