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Strength Training for Seniors

  Good nutrition, proper rest and medical care are all recognized as important elements of senior health. Social media and marketing professionals do an outstanding job of targeting seniors with information (and misinformation) about food, drugs, Medicare plans, and sleep aids. There is another essential element for maintaining good senior health that is not heavily […]

Balance and flexibility are A Great Tool for Every Golfer

The average golfer will roll up to the course just before tee time. Hit some golf balls. Play 18 holes. And then is perplexed they feel tight during and after the round. Does this routine sound familiar? If you’re like most golfers, you probably know how important flexibility is to the swing. Even tour players […]

How to boost mental awareness after quarantine

Throughout most of 2020 and 2021, we have been told by federal and state officials that quarantine is one of the best ways to help eradicate Covid-19 and maintain the safety of oneself and others. Yet, the impact quarantine orders have had a major impact on the lives of millions, especially seniors. The challenges of […]

Making sure your joints are in the correct position

| Article provided by Fitworks Perfect Posture | Did you know that you have 360 joints, 640 muscles, and 206 bones in your body?  A lot is going on inside of you that gives you the ability to look, see, taste, smell, touch, and move around so you can experience all the wonderful things in […]

Here are a few ideas for staying fit in the summer

Staying in shape can be difficult especially during the summer months if you enjoy outdoor workouts and activities. If you didn’t already know, seniors that are 65 and older technically should be getting to 2.5 hours of moderately based aerobic exercise every week. This could be anything from walking, swimming, or light jogging. If you […]

Are you wearing the right shoes?

Walking is a highly beneficial activity for people of all ages, seniors included. The National Institute on Aging specifically recommends walking as an exercise for seniors because it is relatively low impact, unlikely to produce injury, and its intensity level can be raised at the senior’s own pace. The benefits of walking are too great […]

Easy ways for seniors to stay active with grandkids

Are you tired of the same old routine? Want to spend more time with your grandchildren stuck at home? Then set up a play date with your grandkids! If you’ve ever seen children on a playground, you will know how much they love to run around. A few hours outside with the little humans will […]

What happens to your body when you stop moving?

| Contributed by Fitworks Perfect Posture | It may contribute to life-threatening conditions, contribute to chronic pain, increase the risk of osteoporosis, increase the risk of thrombophlebitis and compromise the immune system. Evidence shows that prolonged sitting is devastating to your health. It actively promotes dozens of chronic diseases, even if you’re very fit. Because […]

Perfect posture and its importance for proper body function

| Contributed by Fitworks Perfect Posture | What is the first thing you visualize when you hear the phrase “bad posture?”  I am sure we all see a body slumped forward with rounded shoulders and a huge hump in their upper back. What is happening to the organs inside that body we just visualized?  What […]