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Read this if you are concerned about falling

Many senior concerns are imaginary or exaggerated, but fear of falling is not. Falling injuries often begin a downward cycle of health and wellbeing that leads to many other problems, even death. Ironically, the fear of falling may become as damaging as falling itself; this fear can lead to unnecessary limitations on the very activities […]

This is how exercise can help with arthritis


All seniors should take an active interest in exercise because it is one of the most important single things they can do to remain healthy. Unfortunately, arthritis can get in the way due to pain and discomfort. In recent years, several new and highly effective drug therapies have been made available to arthritis patients. These […]

Steps to Living a Heart-Healthy Life

The heart is the engine that keeps the human body moving. It pumps blood in and out of the lungs and supplies the entire body with oxygen. As we age, our hearts begin to slow down and our arteries stiffen. This change is natural, so being proactive over our heart’s health is essential. According to […]

Sitting too much is bad for you, this is how to fix it

senior relaxing

Since 2007, American adults have spent about seven hours a day sitting. Ever since the average amount of time devoted to a seat has increased by an hour. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in four American adults sits for over eight hours a day! It was also discovered that 44% […]

These health tools can help monitor blood pressure, exercise


New technology comes out every year that make our lives easier, from new smartphone applications to kitchen tools and more. One that we think could greatly benefit seniors is a wearable monitor that checks heart rate, blood pressure, exercise, sleep and other health indicators.  These can help with reaching fitness goals faster and help stay […]