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Florida Ranks 25th When It Comes to Senior Health, Is What You’re Doing Enough?

Seniors Working Doing Stretches

Florida ranks number 25 for senior health out of all states in the country and that statistic is leading more older adults to wonder if what they’re doing for their health is actually enough. The lag in good health across the state has a lot to do with lingering effects from the pandemic, a stall […]

An Awareness Day That You Might Not Be Familiar With

Celiac Disease Awareness

There is often attention that shines on things like heart disease, cancer awareness, and general wellness. There are, however, different diseases that often go overlooked because they are lesser known or simply not talked about. A perfect example is celiac disease. Today is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day and while this might be something that […]

Have You Heard About Vibrio Vulnificus? If You Haven’t, It’s in Florida You Heard About Vibrio Vulnificus? If You Haven’t, It’s in Florida

Florida’s pristine beaches and warm waters are a paradise for tourists and locals alike. However, beneath the surface, right now, there is something that you should be worried about. It’s called Vibrio vulnificus and if you haven’t already seen it in the news, it’s a “flesh-eating” bacterium that has been causing concern among health officials […]

‘World Lung Cancer Day’ Is Around the Corner'World Lung Cancer Day' Is Around the Corner

Every year, on August 1st since it started in 2012,, the world unites to raise awareness about lung cancer, one of the most prevalent and deadly cancers worldwide. 541,000 Americans have been diagnosed with lung cancer at some point in their lives and this is why this day exists. World Lung Cancer Day serves as […]

Seniors and Understanding ‘What the Heart Wants’ and Understanding “What the Heart Wants”

Did you know that heart blockages or plaque buildup on the artery wall (which could ultimately lead to coronary artery disease) usually occurs 10 years earlier for men compared to women? Of course, this will depend on individual circumstances and health standing but for men older than 45, these blockages often occur, this happens for […]