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Celebrating Independence Day

Fourth of July

Many of us know that the Fourth of July is a celebration of America’s independence from the British monarchy. It commemorates the Declaration of Independence with signs of patriotism and gatherings both large and small for people to remember America’s heritage and history. This can also be considered America’s birth date as it was never […]

Time to Celebrate!

Seniors, it is Older Americans Month! This month is dedicated to celebrating our seniors and their contributions to our country. Thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of past and current seniors, our country is one of the most influential nations today. Thank you for raising and continuing to build the next generation. We are grateful […]

Happy Older Americans Month!

Our team at would like to take a moment to honor all the women who have raised and continue to build the next generation during Older Americans Month. We recognize your contributions, and we celebrate the marks you have created. Without your sacrifices and efforts, our society would not be where we are today. […]