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Seniors Home and Living offers a warm and supportive environment where older adults can enjoy their golden years with comfort and companionship. Our community prioritizes the well-being, independence, and happiness of seniors, providing personalized care, engaging activities, and a peaceful atmosphere to call home.

Here are a few tips for getting rid of summer pests

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Imagine yourself waking up bright and early to make a fresh cup of coffee. Sleepy-eyed you reach for sugar and notice dozens of little ants crawling over your counter! Welcome to summer in Florida, when the weather is perfect for creepy crawlers. Sugar ants (Linepithema humile), also known as Argentine ants, are one of the […]

What to ask before considering aging in place

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The term, “Aging in Place,” has become a popular catchphrase for modern seniors. However, its meaning may vary widely, depending on who is using the term and for what purpose. A government agency defines aging in place as, “the ability to live in one’s own home and community independently, regardless of age, income, or ability […]

Florida is growing. Here is what that means for you

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If you can recall the Florida of the 1950s, you remember a small-population state with only three urban areas that could be called “cities.” Miami, Tampa-St Petersburg and Jacksonville have now been joined by fast-growing communities like Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Ocala and Kissimmee. For decades, our state’s growth has seemed phenomenal, beyond reasonable expectations. Many […]

These are some basic internet skills for beginners


For decades, seniors have been stereotyped as being “technologically backward,” not willing to adopt new ways of communicating or learning. This may have been true in the past, but it is far less so today. According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of all seniors were using the internet in 2018. That was before the […]

Are you still driving? Here are a few things to consider


Most of today’s seniors have had a life-long relationship with automobiles. As teenagers, our “wheels” were a status symbol and the key to a freedom we had never had as children. Suddenly, we could go somewhere without Mom or Dad!  For many of us, getting a driver’s license was more memorable than any birthday or […]