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Galatians: Speaking the Truth in Love Speaking the Truth in Love

| Written by Andrew and Jamie Wommack |  When was the last time someone you respected corrected you? Telling the truth, even if it means risking rejection, is a strong indication of someone’s genuine concern. In the book of Galatians, we have a front-row seat to the Apostle Paul’s loving but stern correction to the Galatian […]

The Faith of God Faith of God

| Written by Andrew and Jamie Wommack |  All believers recognize the importance of faith. Faith is critical to our relationship with the Lord. The Bible says it’s impossible to please God without faith (Heb. 11:6) and that all things are possible to those who believe (Mark 9:23).  So, the question isn’t “Do we need […]

The Four Essential Elements of Christian Maturity

Senior Praying

| Written by Andrew and Jamie Wommack | Everyone loves babies. They are cute and so much fun. But they grow up. How weird would it be for a forty-year-old man with a beard to still be sucking his thumb? It’s precious when a child first crawls, but something would be wrong if they never learned […]

10 Reasons It’s Better to Have the Holy Spirit

Embrace Life

| Written by Andrew and Jamie Wommack | The sixteenth chapter of John has one of the most remarkable statements in the Bible. Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, […]

Lessons from Elijah from Elijah

| Written by Andrew Wommack | You can go to the school of hard knocks. You can experience hardships, disappointments, and failures and learn from them—or you can learn from the experience of others. The Bible is full of examples of people whose lives we can learn from. Elijah is one of those people. Elijah […]