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This is why the book of Romans is Paul’s Masterpiece on Grace

I believe the book of Romans is Paul’s masterpiece on grace. Understanding grace and all that Jesus provided for you is one of the most important aspects of receiving from God. Romans also explains another critical concept—your righteousness in Christ. When you discern the righteousness you have in Jesus, it will change your life; but […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month with our Female ‘Amazing Seniors’

With Women’s History Month almost over, we want to reflect on some of our female Amazing Seniors that have been included in our previous editions. These women are an inspiration to all from their grit and hard work to the way they nurture their families, communities and all who are around them. We are happy […]

How to Stay Positive in a Negative World

happy senior praying

| Written by Andrew Wommack | If you haven’t been touched by all the negativism in the world in recent months, then you haven’t been paying attention. Often, it seems like each side in politics is just tearing the other one up and talk show hosts only give us the worst-case scenarios. We live in […]

Amazing Senior: Maria Chaviano

maria chaviano

Imagine being born in a country where your rights are limited and your freedom is non-existent. Maria was born in 1952 on the beautiful and colorful island of Cuba. She was raised by her dutiful grandmother, Magdalena Perez. By the time she was seven years old, dictator Fulgencio Batista had been overthrown by the young […]

Are You Satisfied with Jesus?


| Written by Andrew Wommack | The night before Jesus’ crucifixion, He told His disciples that they knew where He was going and how to get there. Thomas disagreed with Him by saying they didn’t know where He was going, and therefore, they couldn’t know the way. Jesus responded by saying, “I am the way, […]