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Financial Stewardship

Seniors Dealing With COLA

Written By Andrew Wommack   Everybody wants to prosper financially, but did you know that your attitude is the key? It’s not your job, what you inherited, or anything else. I’ve experienced both poverty and wealth, and I’ve come to realize that it’s a person’s mindset that makes the difference.   You need to understand […]

The War Is Over

Senior is war veteran

Written By: Andrew Wommack Have you ever wondered what the Gospel truly means beyond the common messages of repentance and judgment? While these things are true, there’s a radical perspective on the Gospel that’s not heard as often. The word gospel basically means “good news” in Greek, but there’s something incredible hidden in this word. […]

The Power of Imagination

Power of Imagination - Slider

By Andrew Wommack I’ve met many Christians who want to see more of God in their lives. What they often don’t realize is that their experience of His power and presence is tied to their imagination. Now, when I say “imagination,” most Christians think I’m talking about make-believe or mind over matter. I’m not talking […]

Twenty Revelations That Will Change Your Life

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Beyond Intellectual Knowledge Have you ever experienced a miraculous encounter that ignited a fire within you? For me, it was the moment when the Lord touched my life fifty-five years ago. As I celebrate this milestone, I’ve been reflecting on the miraculous journey that brought me here. It wasn’t just that initial encounter; it was […]