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FHCP Medicare

Are you searching for a plan that is personalized to your needs? Then, consider FHCP Medicare. FHCP Medicare offers plans to their local communities based on the health needs of each individual. There are multiple plans with $0 monthly premiums or copay to plan-approved locations. FHCP Medicare now offers plans with an innovative telemedicine and […]

Two Weeks until Open Enrollment

The Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare (AEP) begins on October 15th! This period is crucial and exceedingly important for seniors who are either applying for Medicare or who would like to change their current healthcare coverage for 2020. If you have not been able to research or study your current benefits to competing plans, now […]

Social Security Errors!


If you or a loved one have received bills for as many as five months of premiums, do not toss that bill away! According to the Social Security Administration, “Due to a processing error in January, some Medicare Advantage and Part D beneficiaries’ requests to have premiums withheld from their Social Security benefit checks did […]

One More Medicare Minute – Medicare Part D, the “Donut Hole” and Getting Help


During the month of August, we have tried to cover the subject of Medicare in little bite-sized bits. One at a time, we went over the Parts of Medicare, Original Medicare and Advantage Plans (also called “Part C”). Today’s Medicare Minute covers Part D, the prescription drug coverage plans available. At first glance, seniors might […]

A Medicare Minute – Original Medicare (Parts A and B)

Respite Care & Assisted Living FL

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C of Medicare) have grown substantially over the past decade. In 2018, 34% of Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. However, “Original Medicare” remains the choice of more than two thirds of all Medicare recipients.  In fact, Original Medicare is the default plan, if you don’t choose another option. […]

A Medicare Minute, “The Parts of Medicare”

Medicare Card

Sometimes it pays to review basic information. This is certainly true when it comes to Medicare; a survey conducted by the Medicare administration revealed that a majority of seniors could not name or describe the four parts of the Medicare system. This is information that every senior should have at hand, especially when signing up […]

A Medicare Minute – “Five-Star” Medicare Plans

Did you know that Medicare gives ratings to some of its plans? This is not true of all Medicare Parts; only Part C, Medicare Advantage Plans, are rated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The CMS compiles the data and sets the standards for the rating system. Some of the rating factors include: […]

A Medicare Minute from

Respite Care & Assisted Living FL

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) vs. Medicare Plan C (a Medigap Option) The Medicare terms “Part C” and “Plan C” sound enough alike to be the source of misunderstanding. If you are uncertain about the meanings of “Part C” and “Plan C,” here is a quick reference: Part C is a Medicare Advantage Plan (MA). […]

Another Medicare Moment

seniors traveling

Are you planning to travel outside the U.S. this summer? Remember that, except in rare cases, Medicare does not cover health care services outside the United States. There are several ways you can get health coverage outside the U.S. If you have a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy or a Medicare Advantage or another Medicare […]