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How to boost mental awareness after quarantine

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Throughout most of 2020 and 2021, we have been told by federal and state officials that quarantine is one of the best ways to help eradicate Covid-19 and maintain the safety of oneself and others. Yet, the impact quarantine orders have had a major impact on the lives of millions, especially seniors. The challenges of […]

Feeling Lonely? Adopt a Pet!

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There is no question that loneliness is one of the most common problems faced by seniors. It’s a serious problem too; loneliness can lead to increased stress, more frequent use of alcohol or tobacco and a number of medical problems. Unfortunately, the isolation made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic has made this problem all the […]

Can we slow down cognitive decline?

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Few things worry seniors more than the thought of “cognitive decline”—losing the ability to do mental tasks like remembering names or doing simple arithmetic. When a young person forgets where they put their keys or neglects to lock a door, we tend to think that they simply have too much on their mind. But for […]

How to maintain your mental health right now


Feeling tired all the time, losing interest in hobbies, feeling nervous and even feeling ill could all be signs that your mental or emotional health is suffering. And it’s not just you! The pandemic has increased feelings of stress, anxiety and sadness for many people. But there are things you can do about it. We […]