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Roof repair

Roof repairFor most seniors, the preferred place to spend their retirement years is “Home, Sweet Home,” the friendly and familiar place where they made a life and raised a family. OurSeniors.net has deep roots in the fields of senior assisted living, memory care living and retirement communities in Florida. Still, we recognize that many seniors strongly prefer their private home to any other option.
Remaining at home demands two types of upkeep: health maintenance and home maintenance. At OurSeniors.net and at our senior living magazine, OurSeniors.net Magazine, we try to be an all-things-senior resource for locating quality in-home senior care for the person and quality maintenance for the home.
The latest edition of OurSeniors.net Magazine contains a wealth of great entertainment and useful information. Inside those pages you will also find the type of senior-friendly businesses and services you can depend on. For today, let’s focus on two types of home maintenance that are especially important in the coming hurricane season: roof care and tree maintenance.
Two relative newcomers to the OurSeniors.net are Sun Coast Roofing and Tree Work Now. Both of these businesses are part of the OurSeniors.net Directory of Approved Vendors, organizations that have shown great professional skill, as well as sensitivity to the needs of senior consumers. Like all of the OurSeniors.net services and professionals in the Approved Vendor Directory, Sun Coast Roofing and Tree Work Now subscribe to the Approved Vendor Code of Ethics, your guarantee that these businesses have met our high standards.
The months of June and July are a great time to think about the important matter of senior home maintenance. Last year, we did have one major tropical storm (our polite word for “hurricane”). Hurricane Irma was a category 4 storm when it hit the Florida Keys. It had weakened by the time it affected the Volusia-Flagler and inland areas, but it still did considerable damage. Trees that had not been thinned and pruned were more susceptible to wind damage, roofs that needed repair or maintenance began to leak and homes suffered damage that could have been avoided.
A sound roof is crucial to senior home maintenance and protection. For many seniors, their home is the biggest financial and emotional investment they own. Sun Coast Roofing can protect that investment, giving seniors the peace of mind they deserve. Sun Coast is a member of the Better Business Bureau, with a BBB Rating of A+. Just as importantly, Sun Coast Roofing now carries the OurSeniors.net Approved Vendor Seal.
Trees are a desirable addition to any piece of real estate. They beautify your property and enhance its value, but if they are not properly maintained, they can be as much a hazard as a faulty roof. Tree Work Now’s motto, “Every detail, Every Time” is so very appropriate for seniors. Tree Work Now’s attention to every detail, every time has brought it recognition and praise from many quarters. The Better Business Bureau of Central Florida gives Tree Work Now its highest rating (an A+), and after Hurricane Irma struck in 2017, the Orlando Sentinel cited Tree Work Now as Central Florida’s top-rated tree service.
You could say that roof and tree maintenance is something like senior home care for seniors’ homes! Before our next storm, take a look at your roof and trees. How do you think they are going to fare in tropical force winds and driving rain? If you have any doubts at all, then call on one or both of these fine Approved Vendors.
If you already have a copy of the latest edition of OurSeniors.net Magazine, take a look at the ads for Sun Coast Roofing and Tree Work Now. If you do not have your copy yet, just click on one of the links to read more. You can also read about these two members of the OurSeniors.net’s Approved Vendor program on our website. Just click on Sun Coast Roofing Services orTree Work Now.
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