I Can Finally Afford Hearing Aids!

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For seniors in Florida, you might find it beneficial to know that there are more than 800,000 people in Florida alone, that are deaf or that are hard of hearing. 340,000 of those people live just in the Tampa Bay area. This goes to show the continuous need for hearing solutions.

One of our vendors is doing their best to change the narrative on this. That vendor is RxHearing Aids, Inc and they have started the pursuit to make hearing aids more accessible and affordable for those that need them.

And guess what else! 

They are promoting a Special Offer exclusively for OurSeniors donors.  With hearing aids costing over $5,000……OurSeniors donors will have the amazing opportunity to secure them
for only $699. This amazing company is featuring open ear thin tube advanced technology options for those that donate to and support the OurSeniors mission.

If you or someone that you know is in need of hearing aids, you’ll want to partner with them to find that solutions for your hearing are actually more accessible and affordable. Then you may have thought. If you haven’t yet donated to OurSeniors, not to worry….it’s never too late. We strive to keep our seniors smiling so we are continuously raising awareness to help us raise funds so that we can continue to offer our seniors great discounts and information.