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brunch and learn

brunch and learnThe Brunch and Learn events have become one of the most popular and productive services offered by our organization. Our purpose is to serve the needs of seniors in every way we can, and ‘Brunch and Learn’ does just that on several counts. It gives seniors and their loved ones a chance to have a pleasant dining experience, meet some new friends, become a part of the family and, most importantly, learn about subjects that are vitally important to seniors.
Brunch and Learn Events run from 10 A.M. to Noon and are hosted at D.B. Pickles Restaurant in Ormond Beach (click the here to get map directions). The next two Brunch and Learn Events will cover the topics of Florida’s probate laws and how seniors can get help managing prescription drug costs. Here are the dates, so plan ahead to attend now!

  • Friday February 22nd: Our speaker, Mr. Andrew Grant, Esq., Board Certified Tax Attorney will discuss, “Avoiding Probate Mistakes: Helping You and Your Family Rest in Peace
  • Friday March 15th: Our speaker, Susana Redmond with Humana will speak on, “Qualifying for Rx Extra Help.”

You can make your reservation by calling at 386-259-6722 or by using Brunch and Learn Events.

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