Refinance Your Home

Dulce Monahan

Dulce MonahanAmid all this coronavirus chaos there is room to grow both personally and financially by purchasing or selling a new home. Throughout time, history has proven that investing in real estate is an excellent wealth-building option. Even with the stock market crash of 2020, homeownership is still one of the best investments in the United States. Mortgage rates have not been this low in years. Just last year, the 30-year rate was a stiff 4.29%; now it is 3.74% on a 30-year fixed mortgage! If you have recently purchased a home within the past few years, now is the time to refinance! You could save thousands of dollars on your mortgage and even lower your monthly payments. Speaking to a reputable agent can help you find a fast and great mortgage lender. So, make sure you have a smart and trustworthy realtor, it is as important as a great loan. If you are thinking of investing or refinancing your home, contact realtor Dulce Monahan. Dulce Monahan is not only a fantastic real estate agent, but she is also an Approved Vendor at She has over 18 years of experience and has helped dozens of seniors in Ormond Beach, FL. Seniors, do not waste this opportunity. Contact Dulce Monahan now!
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