OurSeniors.net Magazine at Denny's in Volusia and FlaglerSenior living has taken on an entirely different context. Although the need for current or future medical care is still a primary concern, the difference is that today’s senior living options now strive to provide independent living environments where Seniors are mostly free to continue their lives as they wish. Gone are the unpleasant notions of confinement promulgated by the old style nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This is a welcomed shift for Seniors who have concerns about losing their independence.

Options for Seniors who are considering relocating to an environment have increased in diversity. Types range from assisted living facilities to 55 communities and senior apartments, and the corresponding levels of independence vary by type. One other option is for a Senior to remain at home instead of moving to a senior living environment. This option is well supported by the numerous services that now provide ‘home instead’ senior care. For other Seniors with medical and physical needs, or for those who perhaps need memory care or skilled nursing services, assisted living facilities or critical care homes are often the best choice.

Seniors who have concerns about a loss of independence will be comforted to learn that quality senior living environments share two basic philosophies: All Seniors are treated with dignity and respect; and, Seniors should maintain and active, engaged and independent lifestyle, for as long as possible. In fact, assisted living facilities are now seen as places where senior people meet for wide ranging activities, not just for meals. In addition to allowing for greater Senior independence, there are a few basic requirements these facilities should meet: 24 hour security and monitoring, and basic nursing care, medicine dosing and help with daily activities like dressing, bathing or toileting. Local transportation should be available as well as opportunities for individual and group recreation.

Continuing care retirement communities initially offer independent living but are adaptable. They provide for changes in residence as medical/physical needs dictate. Environments offering autonomous senior living are 55 retirement communities, and senior apartments and condominiums. Each has characteristics that need to be researched and evaluated before choosing one over another.

The options are numerous and the process of choosing the best suited for a Senior’s needs is both complex and daunting. Before becoming completely overwhelmed, Seniors and their families should turn to OURSENIORS.NET for guidance. We exist expressly to help Seniors and their families negotiate this process. You don’t have to do this alone! We can assist in locating and choosing the best local option available, and you can rely on our expertise no matter what option you are considering.

OURSENIORS.NET can help you transition to the best senior living environment for a Senior’s needs:

  • Home instead. We guide Seniors who prefer to remain right at home to in home care services that provide home health care and non-medical home care assistance. Senior helpers, respite care and adult day care centers are now available to give family members providing home care services greatly needed breaks.
  • Assisted living. When a Senior requires medical or physical help and the home environment is not, or is no longer, an option, OURSENIORS.NET can answer questions such as: “Where are the licensed assisted living facilities or nursing homes near me located?” “Are there any other types of senior living near me?” “How can I confirm they are properly licensed?”
  • Continuing care retirement communities. Seniors who prefer to continue living on their own for as long as possible, yet want the ability to adapt their residence type as their health dictates, can work with OURSENIORS.NET to locate and vet these communities.
  • 55 communities, senior apartments and condominiums, and retirement communities. Seniors who wish to relocate to environments that offer an autonomous living style will find their choices within this option. OURSENIORS.NET can assist in finding non-medical services, such as house maintenance and lawn care providers, from vetted professionals who specialize in working with Seniors.

Choosing a senior living environment may be the most difficult task for Seniors, but transitioning to a senior lifestyle also requires attention to other matters. Our focus is to help Seniors make a safe and rewarding transition to a senior lifestyle. This includes providing connections to vetted professional service providers who focus on senior issues. Whether you need legal or financial advice, or are looking for a senior real estate specialist we can help. Our online directory provides connections to vetted professionals in the medical, legal, banking, and realty fields, among others, but remember, you don’t have to do it alone! If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to call on us.

To keep Seniors and their families well informed about issues important to senior living we offer a free publication, the OURSENIORS.NET Magazine. Click here to read the latest issue or to download a copy of this senior living magazine.

For further information and a free consultation, please use our toll free number and call on us today: 866-333-2657!

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