Seniors playing cards at a medicare assisted living facility.The housing marketing is showing no sign of slowing down and instead of pushing for young homeowners, it is catering to a different demographic—seniors! With 50 million baby boomers starting to retire, the housing market has come up with unique ways for senior living to be an attractive new lifestyle without the need to surrender independence. Now, there are assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, and active senior communities to fit the needs of any senior looking for a new home.

Assisted living facilities are a popular option that provides the ability to live independently along with long-term care to ensure a healthy life. This is not like the typical nursing home system where residents are dependent on the on-site staff for daily life and medical care. Most assisted living facilities work toward an independent lifestyle with needs tailored to each unique resident. Amenities available at some facilities include medication management, physical therapy, educational activities, and an on-site medical staff when needed.

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These facilities are a fun place where people can either live in a private unit or with a roommate and meals are served daily in the dining hall where all residents can convene and socialize. Events are coordinated and held year-round with programs such as potlucks, concerts and tournaments, as well as educational opportunities with guest speakers to talk about topics concerning seniors. There is always an opportunity to socialize with other residents to create a sense of community and make new friends.

The next best choice of senior living is an independent living facility for those who would like similar amenities as assisted living but more freedom. These facilities provide apartments with private kitchens, freshly prepared meals daily and the ability for eligible seniors to drive a car and keep it at the facility. This lifestyle is specifically for those who are self-sufficient but would like support for things like medication management, physical therapy and have access to fun activities and the medical staff when needed. Some of the activities offered are dances, exercise groups, outdoor activities, church services, performances, planned outings and much more. These events are geared toward stimulating conversation, providing a sense of community and sparking new friendships.

Lastly, another option for senior living is an active senior community where no medical assistance is provided, and the focus is on staying active and socializing with others. These communities offer the highest sense of independent living with low maintenance, single-family homes and shopping plazas within walking distance for groceries and other necessary items and services. The most attractive offering of active senior communities are the many amenities provided such as golf courses, fitness centers, swimming pools, cultural activities and 24-hour security. Instead of living in a mostly empty home within an ever-changing neighborhood, seniors can feel safe and live a more convenient life knowing that everything they need is right down the street.

These new ways of living are all ideal for senior citizens looking to downsize from their previous home in the area or who are looking to move to Florida and do not know where to start. We recommend starting the search with one of these options instead of beginning with overwhelming information and not knowing where to go from there. We know that each senior is unique with individual needs, so we believe the three options provided can cater to many of those whether younger or older who would like to live as independently and safely as possible.

We hope this article was informative and acts as a resource for you and your loved ones to narrow down the search for a new living situation. While the options are endless, we think these are the ideal choices that will provide a high quality of living and the opportunity to age in a way that was never done before.

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