Seniors playing cards at a medicare assisted living facility.Seniors living in Florida have more options for living arrangements than ever before. Gone are the days where the traditional nursing home is the only option if you are unable to live in your own house. Now, seniors have a variety of places to explore, such as assisted living facilities, independent living facilities or active senior communities. Each provides a different level of independence whether it be for those who need constant medical attention, less or none. These new ways of living are all ideal for seniors looking to downsize from their previous home in the area or who are looking to move to Florida and do not know where to start.

For those who need close medical attention and assistance with daily activities, an assisted living facility is the best option. They provide the ability to live a mostly independent life along with long-term care provided by onsite staff. Some facilities have medication management, physical therapy, educational activities and other amenities to live a healthy and active life without risk. These facilities also provide meals that are served daily to all residents in a social atmosphere. Socializing is a major draw to those who want to live in a community in order to meet new people and feel a part of something bigger than themselves. The facilities encourage socializing through coordinated events such as potlucks, concerts and tournaments as well as guest speakers and educational opportunities that are relevant to the senior population.

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Seniors who want to have independence along with the amenities of assisted living can choose to live in an independent living facility with accommodations like an apartment with a private kitchen and the ability to drive a car. The community can provide medication management, physical therapy and assist with any other medical need but may not be as hands on as an assisted living facility. The community-wide activities are ideal for socializing with offerings such as exercise groups, outdoor activities, performances, planned outings and much more.

The most independent style of living is an active senior community. They are designed solely to accommodate socializing, staying active, and being independent with the convenience of all amenities being within walking distance or a short drive.  The living arrangements offered are low maintenance, single-family homes that provide the highest level of independence. Most facilities have fitness centers, swimming pools, cultural activities, 24-hour security and golf courses that are maintained by the community’s management.

Independence is a very important factor when determining a living arrangement for seniors. Luckily, there are many options to choose from such as the above which have been highly recommended. When searching for a new living arrangement, it is important to be equipped with knowledge in order to go into it with confidence rather than feeling overwhelmed, so we hope this article was informative and acts as a resource for you and your loved ones to narrow down the search for a new living situation.

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