Happy Senior CoupleThe general idea of a senior living community has changed greatly over the years. The old notion of nursing homes and assisted living facilities where Seniors led mostly confined lifestyles has been replaced with a new focus on supporting active, independent senior lifestyles. No longer should Seniors be concerned with losing their independence when joining a senior living environment. Today, Senior living options as diverse as nursing homes and 55 communities all put a premium on independence.

Seniors and loved ones looking at senior living environments outside the home will find a great many options to review. Whereas many Seniors prefer to remain right at home, others are attracted to the independent living options that afford opportunities for activities, places where senior people meet for enjoyment and recreation and come and go as they please. 55 Communities, senior apartments, condominiums and retirement communities all offer the autonomous lifestyle many Seniors desire.

For Seniors who have some concerns about future health issues there are certain retirement communities that offer continuing care. Here, Seniors lead an independent lifestyle for as long as possible, but when medical or physical issues create a need for care, they can move into a facility within the community for the specialized care they need.

An assisted living environment is the better choice when Seniors have current needs for specialized care, such as memory care or skilled nursing. Seniors considering these options will be pleased to learn that today’s assisted living facilities and nursing homes promote activities and opportunities for Seniors to maintain the highest level of independence possible. All quality assisted living communities share two basic philosophies: Seniors will be treated with dignity and respect, and they will lead an active, engaged and independent lifestyle for as long as possible. Quality assisted living communities also address matters that are considered basic requirements:

  1. Residents should receive assistance with dressing, bathing and toileting as needed.
  2. They should receive the necessary nursing care and administration of medications.
  3. Local transportation and opportunities for recreation and social interaction should be provided.
  4. The facility should be monitored and equipped for 24-hour security.

Remaining home instead is still the choice of many Seniors and it is an option well supported by the growing availability of home health care agencies that provide both in home care and home care assistance. Family members oftentimes also participate in meeting a Senior’s home care needs. Services such as senior helpers, adult day care centers and respite care are available to give them much need breaks.

The process of choosing a senior living environment that best suits a Senior’s needs can be complicated and intense. OURSENIORS.NET can help Seniors and their loved ones during this process. We exist expressly to provide information and guidance when Seniors are transitioning to a senior lifestyle. We can help you locate and vet senior living options as well as the senior services that support these options. OURSENIORS.NET can offer guidance in all types of senior living no matter what option you are considering:

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  • The ‘home instead’ senior care option. This is a potential choice for Seniors who have minimal home health care needs. OURSENIORS.NET can help locate the services needed. Should a Senior’s health needs dictate a move to an assisted living environment we can help answer the questions that will arise: “Where are the licensed assisted living facilities or nursing homes near me located?” “Are there any other types of senior living near me?” “How can I confirm they are properly licensed?”
  • Assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Options that offer specialize medical and physical care.
  • Continuing care retirement communities. Independent living with options to receive specialized care.
  • 55 Communities, senior apartments, senior condominiums, retirement communities. Fully independent living communities.

OURSENIORS.NET supports Seniors and their families in every step of the transitioning process. The most critical step involves locating, vetting, and choosing a senior living environment that best suits a Senior’s needs. We encourage you to call and talk with us for help whenever questions arise or you need more information.

OURSENIORS.NET can also help with other matters concerning Seniors and their families. We can provide connections to vetted professionals in the medical, banking, real estate, and other fields. If you need assistance in finding the best service professional, we please call us for a free consultation. OURSENIORS.NET also provides a free publication to keep Seniors and their loved ones informed on issues that impact senior living. Click here to read the latest issue or to download a copy of the OURSENIORS.NET magazine.

For further information and a free consultation, please use our toll free number and call on us today: 866-333-2657!


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