Seniors playing cards at a medicare assisted living facility.Our homes have sentimental value. They hold years of family gatherings and memories that have accumulated over time. While homes are special, they shouldn’t hold us back from moving on to a better living situation. Sometimes, our homes have deteriorated over time or have become too tiresome to maintain. This shouldn’t be a cause for sadness or feeling overwhelmed. When this happens, the solution should be moving to a senior living community. Depending on your needs, you can live without worry at an assisted living community or have a fully independent life at an independent living community.Lunch & Learn


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As we age, daily chores like cooking or remembering our medications can become more difficult. For those unable to perform daily tasks alone, an assisted living community can be the answer. Staff members are available to assist with everything from medication reminders to bathing and grooming. Residents live in single- or two-bedroom apartments within a close distance to the dining hall and other amenities to ensure complete convenience and a hassle-free experience. Some facilities have physical therapy, educational activities and other amenities to live a healthy and active life without risk.

For seniors that want more autonomy, independent living facilities are ideal. While there is less assistance than assisted living facilities, there are staff members onsite to help make sure basic maintenance needs are met. Seniors can live in an apartment or cottage within walking distance to everything from the gym and swimming pool to food options and much more. Activities are organized by staff members like movie nights, holiday gatherings and much more. Socializing is encouraged with opportunities to meet other residents and enjoy the feeling of a true community.

Another type of independent living community that seniors enjoy are active senior communities. These focus mainly on keeping residents social and busy with enjoyable activities. Residents can come and go as they please and perform all daily tasks like buying groceries, cooking and house maintenance on their own. Events take place often and every interest can be met with a group of similarly interested people who meet and enjoy it together. There is something for everyone at an active senior community.

Seniors can feel good knowing that there are plenty of options to chose from depending on their needs. Nursing homes are no longer the only option for seniors who need to move from their homes. Senior communities can help seniors feel less lonely and help to meet new people. Instead of feeling like giving up on their home, it’s a way to upgrade to a more fulfilling way of living. While the options are endless, these are the ideal choices that will provide a high quality of living and the opportunity to age in a way that previous generations never have

For more information on living a new senior lifestyle, contact an Advisor, by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by using Contact Us. If you would like to see more articles like this follow our blog, subscribe to our senior living magazine, Magazine, or listen to the OurSeniors Radio podcast.