When the time comes for a Senior or their loved ones to think about a change in lifestyle OURSENIORS.NET is ready and waiting to help. We believe all Seniors should live a life with dignity and comfort, and to that end OURSENIORS.NET provides information and information sources that focus on lifestyle choices and senior services. Look no further in your search to find a lawyer in Daytona Beach, Florida, a senior living option, or even a senior real estate specialist.

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Making a transition from independent living to an alternative lifestyle is never easy. If you are a Senior then you realize that, unlike relocations made in the past, this relocation has the earmarks of foreboding and foreshadowing. As a Senior, or loved one, it’s understood that your future health and wellbeing may well be at stake. But today’s Seniors have alternative living choices that provide numerous options. The old concept of a retirement home, care home or elderly care facility is now out of date. Today’s senior housing options now include senior apartments, active senior communities like retirement communities and 55+ communities, as well as in home senior care, senior assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities.

If you are looking for senior apartments or senior assisted living facilities consider they may offer many different options and varying levels of service, but all such facilities share these basic qualities:

• They treat residents with dignity and respect.
• They keep senior residents as active, independent and engaged as possible.

Quality assisted living facilities and senior care facilities will always meet some basic requirements and standards. These basics include functions like 24 hour security and monitoring, help with daily activities like dressing, bathing or toileting if needed, basic nursing care and medicine dosing if needed. There should be good access to local transportation as well as opportunities for recreation and social interaction.

For those who prefer the “home instead” option to any senior living community options, OURSENIORS.NET can help locate, vet and choose those in-home care services. These organizations may be called home health agencies, home health care providers, senior care or elderly care providers. They often provide the in-home nursing care or home health aides that make the “home instead” choice possible.

In many cases, the caregiver is not a paid professional but a family member. OURSENIORS.NET can give family caregivers a much needed rest by locating trusted providers of respite care or senior day care.

When remaining “home instead” is no longer possible or desirable, OURSENIORS.NET can help to locate the senior living community or assisted living facility that best fits your needs or those of your loved one. Today, there are numerous choices ranging from independent senior living communities to assisted living facilities that include memory care.

Making the right choice may be challenging; the senior community or assisted living facility must have the ability, the staff, facilities and licenses to provide all needed services. Concern over these issues and fear of losing personal independence causes anxiety in many seniors and their families. This fear is natural, but misplaced. The old concept of the old folk’s home has been replaced with the new concept of active senior communities, even if that community happens to be a medicare assisted living facility.

While some may prefer retirement communities and 55 communities that provide almost complete autonomy, others may need more protective environments with senior care services close at hand when needed. If an assisted living facility is a better choice, OURSENIORS.NET can help you sort through the process of choosing the best option for you or your loved one.

OURSENIORS.NET strives always to place the interests of the resident or patient first and to be a source of trustworthy, unbiased advice for seniors and their loved ones. OURSENIORS.NET exists to make the process of transitioning to a senior lifestyle as easy, safe and rewarding as possible. You don’t have to do it alone. We can help you locate the best local option available to you. Our local expertise includes a focus on:

• Remaining “home instead.” We can help locate home health agencies, and home health care providers, in-home nursing care and home health aide providers.
• Assisted living homes and care homes. We can answer questions like, “Where are the senior living facilities near me?”
• Elderly care services such as in-home nursing care, home care, home health agencies, respite care and memory care living.
• Nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities or convalescent homes.
• Senior apartments, retirement communities and independent senior living, including retirement homes, 55 communities in FL, and senior living homes.

In addition to assisting Seniors and their loved ones find alternative living options, the OURSENIORS.NET Resource Directory is a seniors directory that helps locate providers who specifically offer senior services. If you are searching for a Daytona Beach, Florida attorney, a senior real estate specialist, a Daytona Beach, Florida CPA or a provider of financial advice for seniors, look no further.

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you are looking for senior home care, retirement communities in Daytona Beach, Florida, doing a Daytona Beach, Florida attorney search, or need an assisted living place in Daytona Beach, Florida, The OURSENIORS.NET Resource Directory Is the trusted way to search for the best alternative senior living options and senior service providers. OURSENIORS.NET also provides a senior living magazine and newsletter, both sources of information on topics ranging from 55 communities in Daytona Beach, Florida to Daytona Beach, Florida health finders and Daytona Beach, Florida living nursing centers.

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