Seniors playing cards at a medicare assisted living facility.

Are you or your loved one looking for a new place to live with more community and social atmosphere? We know this is a major decision to make, especially for those who have lived in their home for decades and cannot imagine moving at this point. Choosing the right kind of place can cause anxiety and feel overwhelming with so many options, but the good thing is that seniors these days have more options to fit their needs. Nursing homes are no longer the only option for those who cannot live on their own and staying home in a large house with constant maintenance is not the only option for fully independent seniors. Senior communities are also ideal to ease the burden for caregivers so they can focus on things like estate planning or other important tasks. The three main options that seniors can start with are assisted, independent or active senior communities. They range based on the amount of care is needed or socializing desired.

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Assisted living facilities provide the most care for seniors with health issues that need constant attention and help with daily tasks. The onsite team can help with bathing and grooming, making nutritional meals, running errands, and any other tasks that could cause potential injury. Medication reminders are also given so seniors don’t forget from one day to the next. Some facilities have physical therapy, educational activities and other amenities to live a healthy and active life without risk. The idea is to try to provide as much of a normal life as possible so seniors can socialize and enjoy life while getting the best care possible. Assisted living is also a cost-effective option as it takes Medicare, Medicaid and other types of insurance which makes it an even more attractive option. Accommodations can include single apartments or apartments with a roommate that are within a close distance to a dining hall and other amenities.

Independent living facilities are for those seniors who have been living on their own for some time and want a change of pace with some assistance from others. This atmosphere helps foster socializing with other residents through events, group exercise and other gathering opportunities. Seniors can live in an apartment or a low-maintenance home within walking distance to everything from the gym and swimming pool to food options and much more. It provides all the convenience of home in a more engaging environment for those who are otherwise lonely in their homes. Similarly, active senior living communities provide a social atmosphere and a feeling of total autonomy. These communities may be larger than independent living communities with nearby golf courses, fitness centers, cultural activities and more depending on the area.

Each of these options are ideal for seniors looking to downsize from their previous home or who are looking to move to Florida and want to meet new people. Everyone has a unique need that can be satisfied with one of these three options as they cater to those who need daily care or who want to live a completely independent lifestyle with the benefits of a community atmosphere. While the options are endless, we think these are the ideal choices that will provide a high quality of living and the opportunity to age in a way that previous generations never have.

For more information on living a new senior lifestyle, contact an Advisor, by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by using Contact Us. If you would like to see more articles like this follow our blog, subscribe to our senior living magazine, Magazine, or listen to the OurSeniors Radio podcast.