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The housing market is changing, as it attempts to remain competitive in 2019. They have set their sights on the expanding senior sector, innovating new lifestyle options. The market is counting on enticing the 50 million baby boomers reaching the age of retirement and those already retired. Just a few years ago, once a person began the stage of life where they needed assistance for day to day tasks there were little available. Seniors were either taken in by their families or sent to a nursing home. This outdated norm which forced older citizens to surrender most of their independence is now a “thing of the past”. New lifestyle options give seniors the power to maintain as much dignity and independence as possible.

Emerging senior styles of living:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Independent living facilities
  • Active senior communities.

Imagine, a perfectly tailored mix of long-term care and independence, designed to suit the needs of each unique individual. Well, that is the life of a senior resident in an assisted living facility! Assisted living facilities are dedicated to promoting independence while providing dedicated, long-term care. These facilities are often mistaken for nursing homes with a modern twist. Nursing homes are closer to hospitals than assisted living facilities, with most of their patients completely relying on medical and custodial care. Assisted living facilities are advocates of senior autonomy, while still aiding residents when needed. Most tenants have the choice of living with a roommate or in a private unit. Every day, residents have their meals prepared and served in a dining hall, to encourage socialization.

A few of the services and amenities offered at assisted living facilities:

  • Medication management
  • Physical therapy
  • On-site medical staff
  • Educational activities.

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Assisted living facilities are not just helpful, they are also fun! A wide range of events is organized by a professional team of activity directors created to cultivate celebration and joy within the community. The activity program can have music themes, STEM projects, and themed parties! Depending on the facility guest speakers are periodically invited to speak about senior topics like Medicare, and senior dating. Tenants can choose activities based on their interests and have the choice of participating or suggesting different projects for future programs. Assisted living bolsters a semi-independent environment for seniors without the deterrence of a nursing home.

If a senior would like the same benefits offered in assisted living facilities but with more self-sufficiency, then independent living facilities are the best choice! This lifestyle is tailored for seniors who are self-reliant yet would enjoy access to assistance if needed. The environment encourages safe social interactions with the inclusion of hospitality services when requested. Residents have access to a community dining hall where daily meals are prepared and served. They also have the luxury of living in the privacy of their own apartments which includes a personal kitchen. Individuals who own cars and are legally able to drive have the freedom to enter and leave the facility as often as they’d like. Senior mingling is abundant in these communities and social events! There is a plethora of clubs, classes, dances, exercise groups and planned outings for the enjoyment of tenants. The different programs and clubs facilitate interactions between the community creating opportunities for new friendships and romances.

An innovative lifestyle option engineered for silver consumers is active senior communities. Though these communities do not provide medical assistance or hospitality services they do offer an augmented sense of living. Active senior communities help residents stay fit and active. The point is not to retire and slow down it is to enjoy your golden years and more to come! You are not even required to retire but you must be over 55 years of age. The communities offer low maintenance single-family homes.

Active senior communities include amenities like:

  • Golf courses
  • Crafting clubs
  • Fitness centers
  • Cultural activities
  • Intellectual clubs
  • Yoga
  • Swimming pools
  • Security

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Another popular senior living option is an independent living facility. In an independent living facility, residents reside in their own private apartment. The seniors in this type of community have the option of cooking in their own kitchen, or having meals prepared for them and dining in the on-site dining room. Independent living facilities provide entertainment and social activities for the residents. They also offer some limited assistance to residents, such as help with medications, or help with personal hygiene. While each facility offers a unique set of amenities, many provide on-site services like physical therapy, spa services, and laundry

When considering a move into a new living arrangement, a few visits to the communities is in order. The establishments welcome visitors, and some even offer open house tours. While visiting, look at the condition of the buildings, facilities, and grounds. Observe any signs of maintenance or safety issues. Meet the staff and residents. Casual conversations with a few people can provide a feel of the atmosphere in the community.

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These are just a few of the many senior lifestyle choices available. Individual circumstances will impact which lifestyle and living arrangements are the best choice for each individual. is here to help by providing resources for the many options available throughout Central Florida. Resources are available to provide information and answer concerns and questions. has created a list of resources to help sort through the many senior lifestyle choices available. provides support in determining the best choices in senior living to suit any specific need.

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