Loved the magazine. Very informative on senior living. The articles are very helpful as I’m in a life changing situation. Julian is great. He has answered so many questions for me. I would recommend this magazine to everyone.

Tom Yarbrough

Thank you so much for your exceptional service. Julian and team were beyond helpful and compassionate. We appreciate all you did to make this happened, you made my mom super happy and that means a lot to me and my family. Thank you!!!

Heydi Jimenez

Our Seniors is a local, informative magazine for seniors looking for a one-stop print resource. There is an online version for the savvy internet users. All featured businesses are senior focused providing a valuable tool when looking for services.

Ellen Brody-Palm

An excellent resource for the local senior community, completely professional.

Anthony Ford

It is about time for someone to take care of our seniors. I am amazed by the value Magazine offers and how careful they are screening vendors to work with. Beautiful to see how Julian and his team serve our community with passion and care.

Boruch Akbosh

Continually providing valuable information to our seniors!

Bill Randolph

I love OurSeniors and everything they stand for and provide. This is why I subscribe and donate.

Barbara Andersen

Not only do I subscribe, but I donate as well!

Col. Juan Armando Montes,

U.S. Army (retired)

Col. Juan Armando Montes

Mom is now in the right place! I owe it to OurSeniors, and a man name of Julian Cantillo. Julian should be nominated for sainthood. But if I cannot do that, then the least I can do is let anyone that is in need of help for your Mom, Dad, and/or senior loved ones, Julian of OurSeniors Team is the person to go to.

Richard L., son of Ms. Carol L.

OurSeniors is a solid website with entertaining and very useful content. If you are a senior (or a family member) living in Florida, this webpage and the magazine can help you find services and professionals who have senior-friendly businesses and practices. Check out the links and read the blog. It is updated often with helpful information. Keep up the good work!

Sam Woods

OurSeniors and Julian are kind and compassionate and easy to work with. Thankful for this service to our community.

Brett Porter

Knowledgeable articles!
Great local information.
Coupons and specials!

Dottie McLallen

This is what we do for OurSeniors!

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