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    AHCA Number: 350381
    License Number: 20440096
    Owner: TEHC LLC
    Administrator / CEO: KELLY MARIE DAMAS
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    1. Don TEHC LLC
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      I reported a safety concern to the administrator at TEHC. They never followed up with me. We were referred to TEHC for home infusion over a weekend. The order was for administration, Saturday and Sunday, of an antibiotic which was delivered by the hospital pharmacy.

      We had 2 concerns:

      1. In addition to the prescribed antibiotic, the nurse also administered an antibiotic labelled for another person. The other antibiotic was delivered in error, along with the correct one. Both of the 2 incorrectly administered bags were clearly labelled with another patient’s information. Evidently, the nurse did not read the label on the IV bag. We feel lucky that this was not a dangerous medicine, but are upset at the possibility that it may have been a dangerous medicine.

      2. Our 2nd concern is that when the nurse uncapped the central line port, he did not wipe the port down with an alcohol wipe, and when the infusion was over, he flushed the port, but did not use an alcohol wipe on the port, and, reused the cap without wiping it with alcohol as well. It seemed like this was an infection control concern, so we wiped it down and used one of the new caps supplied with the IV bags.

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