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Lunch & Learn

Potential Speakers

Speaker: Dulce Monahan

Topic: What is My Home Worth?

Speaker: Anas Benjelloun

Topic: How this No Cost Service Benefits You!

Speaker: Dr. Regina Asihene

Topic: Defining Senior Housing

Speaker: Kathy Searle Acevedo

Topic: Talking books for Persons with Visual, Physical or Reading Disabilities

Speaker: Sheila Priester

Topic: Staying Active

Speaker: Dr. Kashyap Patel, M.D.

Topic: What is Hypertension?


RxHearing Aids, Inc Special Offer Just for OurSeniors

This is an exclusive special offer for OurSeniors.org donors where hearing aids are now affordable. For further information click donate. An affordable hearing aid is one of the most common needs in senior living today. Seniors are exposed to print, TV and internet ads for hearing aids stores, they read “hear aid reviews,” and they see come-ons offering a “cheap hearing aid.” So many seniors need aid hearing; this is a huge market!

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