Here are a few steps you should take before traveling

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We live in a beautiful world that is worth exploring, and as seniors, many individuals have more time than ever to travel. With children gone and retirement from work, now is the perfect time to plan for a new adventure! Is there a beach you have always wanted to visit? Maybe you would like to see a family member who lives outside the country? There is no better time than the present, so start planning. Traveling is more comfortable and exciting with a good plan. Here are a few tips to help.
Contact TSA and apply for a TSA Notification Card for faster wait times 
This is for individuals with health conditions, disabilities or a medical device that may affect the screening process.
Inquire about senior discounts wherever you book a flight or stay 
Many places have senior discounts, which are between 10-15% off. Typically, they are held during weekdays since weekend nights are the most booked and therefore, most expensive.
Purchase travel insurance
A great way to feel at ease during travel is knowing that your trip is insured in case of weather, medical emergencies or any other unforeseen circumstances.
Travel during the off-season
If you want to save money, traveling during the off-season is highly recommended because there will be less visitors and hotels will value your stay much more.
Pack all of your medications in your carry-on
Sure, it may be nice to check on your bag and not worry about it while at the airport, but if that bag does not make it to your destination, what will you do? That’s why bringing things like medications is important.
Make sure your Primary Care Physician recommends for you to travel
If you have any health concerns or disabilities, tell your doctor where you will be traveling and if you are cleared to go to that destination. You may be surprised that your doctor does not recommend going to certain places.
These are a few steps every senior should take when planning to travel, but the essential step is to have the courage to do it. Stepping out of our comfort zones is necessary for growth and should not stop after a certain age. Continue learning and expanding even as your transition into a new lifestyle. The golden years are meant to be a payoff for all of your hard work throughout the years and should be filled with joy. Take the risk and continue enjoying this beautiful life. Safe travels!

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