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OURSENIORS.NET APPROVED vendors and service providers are vetted personally by the
OURSENIORS.NET team and have pledged to uphold our Code of Ethics.
Our mission is to guide seniors to the type of personalized services, facilities, and care they need
and deserve. The OURSENIORS.NET APPROVED vendors and service providers are vetted
personally by the OurSeniors.net team and have pledged to uphold our Code of Ethics.
To become a member of the OURSENIORS.NET APPROVED Vendors and Service Providers Program, your
organization must agree to abide by the following OURSENIORS.NET tenets:
O – The OURSENIORS.NET Code of Ethics promotes best business practices for APPROVED Vendors and Service
Providers. This Code of Ethics presents the minimum standards providers and vendors must acknowledge, by written
agreement, that they will adhere to in every interaction with all Customers of OURSENIORS.NET. Only then can an
organization be recommended to our community of Seniors and their families.
U – Seniors and their families will be given the utmost respect and privacy in all interactions. Information shared by
them will be held in confidence and neither shared nor made available to other entities in any manner unless permission
to do so is granted by them.
R – The services and products offered are relevant and purposeful, as well as appropriate for the Customer’s needs.
S – Providers and vendors are sincere in all dealings, without pretense, deceit or personal motive.
E – Every service and product offered is the most efficient means of reaching the desired result. The proposed addition
of services and products over and above those required must be fully disclosed to the customer and added only if
N – Members of the OURSENIORS.NET APPROVED Vendor and Service Provider Network will always attempt to
make a referral to organizations they consider upright and trustworthy should such a referral be in the best interest of the
I – Integrity governs every interaction with customers. APPROVED Vendors and Service Providers work to high moral
O – Providers and vendors are open to Customer ideas and exhibit transparency in all interactions.
R – Providers and vendors are responsive to Customer requests and willing to make changes whenever possible to
meet Customer wishes.
S – Solutions, be they products or services, are specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs and not to be
excessive or fall short of customer expectations.
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Disclaimer and HYPERLINK “https://www.ourseniors.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/listing_agreement.pdf” Listing Agreement Terms and
Conditions. By signing below, you have read and agree to all the Terms and Conditions under HYPERLINK “https://www.ourseniors.net/wpcontent/uploads/2016/06/listing_agreement.pdf” https://www.ourseniors.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/listing_agreement.pdf and have full
authorization to sign on behalf of your entity and or company. *Rates are subject to change upon renewal.
Declaration of Acceptance
________________________________ is applying for membership in the OURSENIORS.NET Approved Vendor
Program and agrees to abide by the OURSENIORS.NET Code of Ethics, Terms and Conditions of our Privacy
Disclaimer and Listing Agreement.
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