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CFL Page 6 Header organization announces the launch of Operation Support Operation Support is a fundraising campaign intended to help defray the costs associated with the many valuable services these organizations provide. is a 501 C (3) charitable organization and has been providing those services without charge for years. These benefits have been an invaluable aid to seniors and their families.

For years, OurSeniors has produced and distributed its printed and online publication, OurSeniors.Net Magazine, free of charge to readers and viewers. Senior readers have found inspiration, entertainment, and helpful practical information in the pages of this fine quarterly publication. Founder and President Julian G. Cantillo states, “OurSeniors mission is and will continue to be to serve OurSeniors, family, friends and caretakers.”

OurSeniors Lunch and Learn Event series has provided seniors with an opportunity to acquire useful and practical knowledge while socializing with peers. This socialization opportunity is an important element of its service to seniors. Along with the OurSeniors visitation program, it is an important part of the services provided to seniors. OurSeniors volunteers visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities in a continuing effort to prevent the feelings of isolation that can damage the physical and mental health of seniors.

One of OurSeniors’ most important activities is the maintenance of its association of vetted businesses and professional service providers. These individuals or organizations agree to adhere to a strict set of standards in dealing with seniors. They provide not only products, but also professional services like legal and medical practice. All these Approved Vendors agree to the OurSeniors Code of Ethics, insuring honest and fair dealings with seniors.

The services provided also include free newsletters, podcasts, and special discounts for readers. The bottom line is that the OurSeniors organization is a 501 C (3) whose purpose is to serve the needs of seniors in any way possible. Because of the increasing costs of providing these services, OurSeniors will not be able to continue free services without outside help.

Operation Support is a fund-raising event intended to preserve those free services to seniors. Seniors are the fastest growing demographic in the United States, and they face unmet needs and social challenges. is a charitable organization that steps in and fills the gap between seniors’ needs and their resources. Of course, contributions to Operation Support are tax deductible. All proceeds go to ensuring that OurSeniors publications and resources are free to the seniors who need them.

That is why we make this appeal. Patrons can help keep OurSeniors a viable, useful and free service to the senior community! Please help us continue this mission. Of course, donations made to 501 C (3) organizations like OurSeniors are tax deductible for the donors. So, give while you live! Go to this website or call us at 386-267-6898 to help us help seniors!

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MetroHealth, an OurSeniors.Net partner, is committed to making high-quality primary care accessible to the senior community. Accessibility is an important issue in providing senior healthcare. For many seniors, lack of mobility is a roadblock that prevents them from getting prompt, effective medical care.
MetroHealth has invested in a unique solution to this common problem. The MetroHealth Mobile Clinics literally a clinic on wheels, a primary care office for seniors that comes to you. Whether a senior needs bloodwork, X-rays, referrals, or personalized care, the Mobile Clinic will be there to serve.
Senior health and well-being are Metro’s priorities. The professionals at MetroHealth look forward to traveling to your community in the Mobile Clinic to provide seniors with the best care possible.

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the MetroHealth Mobile Clinic, is a fully equipped medical office that comes to seniors, so that they will not be hampered by lack of mobility. The physicians and other professionals who will operate the Mobile Clinic are senior care specialists, including the chief officer of MetroHealth, Dr. Stephen Quaning, MD. As a geriatric physician, he understands that compassion and empathy are as important as technical skill in senior care.

The Mobile Care Clinic will reflect that doctrine. Starting with easy entrance and wheelchair access for seniors, a courteous reception and greeting, seniors will find themselves welcome in this practice. It will not be necessary to travel to numerous locations for lab tests, x-rays, or other routine medical procedures.
Obviously, the Mobile Care Clinic represents a major investment by MetroHealth. The medical equipment alone is a large investment, and the clinic has a self-contained examining room. MetroHealth is making this investment because it sees a need for this go-to-the-patient approach. Like OurSeniors.Net, MetroHealth’s vision is to serve the needs of seniors.

MetroHealth welcomes “get-to-know-us” visits before committing to becoming a patient. This includes the Mobile Clinic if it is in a convenient location.
The Mobile Clinic has already had a few appearances at various locations in Central Florida. In the future MetroHealth plans to deploy the Mobile Clinic in locations where there are concentrations of seniors. This may include assisted living facilities, retirement villages, or 55+ communities.
If you are a senior and a Medicare patient, or if you are involved in coordinating patient care, please contact MetroHealth and yes you can schedule a tour by calling in Orange County: (407) 326-2071 | Volusia County: (386) 467-4430.

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MetroHealth Geriatrician Office, renowned for its compassionate and comprehensive care for the elderly, is now taking its unique healthcare experience to the next level with the addition of the Medpod: The Ultimate Portable Practice. This innovative tool is set to further enhance MH’s already exceptional service, solidifying its reputation as a leader in geriatric healthcare.

At MetroHealth, the focus has always been on providing personalized, patient-centric care. Understanding the unique challenges faced by the elderly, MetroHealth has consistently sought out ways to improve access to healthcare for this demographic. The introduction of the Medpod MobileDoc is a testament to this commitment. This state-of-the-art portable medical system allows MetroHealth’s healthcare professionals to extend their reach beyond the confines of the traditional office setting, delivering top-notch medical care directly to the homes of their patients.

The MobileDoc is a marvel of modern medical technology. It’s equipped with advanced diagnostic tools that enable MH’s skilled team to conduct a wide array of medical assessments during home visits. From conducting EKGs and spirometry tests to providing hearing and vision screenings, the Medpod ensures that comprehensive care is delivered efficiently and effectively, right where patients are most comfortable.

What sets the MobileDoc apart is its capability for live, two-way televideo communication, allowing for real-time consultations with specialists. This feature is invaluable for MetroHealth’s patients, who now have access to a broader range of medical expertise without the need to travel. In addition, the real-time data streams from the Medpod facilitate better decision-making and improved patient outcomes, as the MetroHealth team can swiftly respond to the evolving health needs of their patients.

The flexibility of the Medpod MobileDoc aligns perfectly with MetroHealth’s philosophy of tailored care. Whether it’s providing routine check-ups, managing chronic conditions, or addressing urgent health concerns, the MobileDoc adapts to the specific needs of each patient. This portable medical infrastructure is also optimized for both mobile cellular service and Wi-Fi, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted care.

MetroHealth’s integration of the Medpod MobileDoc into their service offering is more than just an upgrade in technology; it’s a reaffirmation of their dedication to enhancing the lives of the elderly. By embracing such innovations, MetroHealth continues to lead the way in providing compassionate, comprehensive, and convenient care, further enriching the unique MetroHealth experience for all its patients. For more information on MetroHealth in Orange County call 407 326-2071 and for Volusia County call 386 467-4430.

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It’s estimated that nearly 70 percent of adults over the age of 65 go online each day to stay connected with the world around them. They are active on social media and visit other sites where they get up-to-date information about everything from health to law to special interest topics. And with the internet becoming far more accessible to senior communities, it’s safe to say seniors are becoming less intimidated by advancements in technology.

Resources Available at No Cost

Here at we have welcomed a growing community of interested and informed readers and have made it easier to deliver important resources to their homes through our quarterly online and print magazine. Our blog and articles cover a wide range of topics from entertainment to finance & retirement to health & wellness to inspirational stories to legal.

Carefully Vetted Approved Vendors

We carefully vet all our Approved Vendors and ensure they uphold our organization’s Code of Ethics. All vendors must acknowledge, in writing, that they will adhere to all standards outlined in every interaction with all our customers, covering a wide range of services, including Assisted Living, Automotive, Finance, Food Service, Funeral Planning, Hospitality, Legal, and Medical.

Great Offers from Our Vendors

In each of the print editions of our magazine, we provide exclusive regional offers from our coupon directory from our approved list of vendors. And since we understand that different regions cater to different needs of our readers, our featured advertisers cover all of Florida and provide some of the best discounts to our senior and retiree communities.

Free Lunch & Learn Series

Within the last year, we have resumed hosting our Free Lunch & Learn Series which covers educational lunch meetings on a wide range of topics useful to seniors and retirees, including medical and dental care, elder law, estate law, and other topics each month. The series started years ago and achieved tremendous success, but we had to suspend the meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Award Winning Non-Profit

In 2021 won the Volusia-Flagler County SCORE award for Non-Profit Client of the Year and for the 5th consecutive year, we have maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, in March 2022 we were chosen to be one of the non-profit groups to benefit from the Fight for Life Golf Series.

Growing Number of Subscribers

With over 130,000 subscribers, our senior online and print magazine serves 25 counties across six major regions throughout Florida, including Central Florida, Northeast Florida, South Florida, The Villages, Tampa Bay, and Southwest Florida. We now have the Spanish Online Version available to serve the needs of our Hispanic residents in many areas.

We strive to keep our senior and retiree communities informed and ask that you help keep our non-profit organization going strong by visiting or by calling 800-647-0868 and donating today. Each donation gives you online access, weekly newsletters, coupons & discounts, and a mailed print copy four times a year.

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Finding the perfect real estate agent when you are a senior or retiree can be overwhelming. Sellers and buyers should aim to work with an agent who is experienced in working with older adults who are looking to downsize from the homes they have lived in for many years. For this reason, the National Association of Realtors have established a new classification of Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) who specialize in helping these under-represented communities as they navigate the financial complexities that come from selling and buying new homes to better suit their needs.

How Do I Know I’ve Found the Right Real Estate Agent?

It’s not always easy to pick the right Senior Real Estate Specialist. Here are some signs you’ve made a good choice:

1. Your SRES communicates often.
A good SRES will make themselves available to you. They should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. You shouldn’t have to wait for a response and your inquiries should be addressed in full. A serious agent will anticipate follow-up questions and make you and your concerns a priority.

2. You enjoy being around your SRES.
This doesn’t mean you need to spend your free time talking about real estate; these types of boundaries are important to keep your sanity. But you are going to spend a lot of time communicating with each other, so your relationship with your SRES should be a positive one. If you dread talking on the phone or meeting in person, then it’s time you consider hiring somebody else.

3. Your SRES helps with pre-approval.
If you are buying a new home and have not spoken in-depth with a mortgage professional before you go out and look for a new place to live, the right Senior Real Estate Specialist will set up meetings for you and encourage you to get pre-approved before you begin your search. This ensures that you understand how much financing you qualify for and lets you know what you can reasonably afford.

4. Your SRES is proactive at every step.
Some real estate agents are naturally reactive and will wait until you provide them with a list of homes you are interested in. A proactive SRES will find out precisely what you need and do most of the heavy lifting by searching for and coming up with solutions to put you in the right place to suit your needs and desires.

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5. Your SRES is completely honest with you.
An important sign of ethical behavior is showing honesty and integrity even when an agent knows that you may not want to hear the news. An honest SRES should put you ahead of profit and let you know precisely what your situation is even if your heart is set on a specific decision.

6. Your SRES wants to build a relationship.
Sometimes you just know you’ve found a great real estate agent before or after you make your sell-buy transaction with them. If your agent wants to establish a relationship before or after a transaction and is always available to answer your questions as a knowledgeable resource, then you can be confident that you have hired the right one for you.

7. Your SRES won’t give up easily.
Most real transactions run into some issue or problem, and it can make it difficult to stay positive about selling or buying a home. A good real estate agent won’t give up and will search for creative solutions to keep things moving along by uncovering ways to meet or exceed expectations. aims to connect you with trusted and experienced vendors and service providers across various industries throughout Florida. Each vendor and service provider is carefully vetted and must agree and adhere to our Code of Ethics. One of our most trusted Real Estate agents working with seniors is Dulce Monahan of Adams Cameron Co-Realtors. She has over 22 years of experience helping individuals who are looking to downsize from their homes to residences that are more manageable and affordable for their precise needs. Dulce is a trained Senior Real Estate Specialist and a Certified Resident Specialist. Her primary service areas are Ormond Beach and Port Orange in the Volusia-Flagler region. She can be reached at 386-200-9144 or by visiting her website at You can also learn about her credentials by visiting our Approved Vendors page in our senior online magazine.

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The National Council on Aging has noted 65% of falls happen inside the home. The Housing Authority of the City of Daytona Beach was awarded an Older Adult Home Modification Program Grant through the Office of Housing and Urban Development to assist Senior homeowners in the Daytona Beach Area with implementing solutions to reduce home hazards. Through our client-centered approach, our occupational therapist meets with homeowners to analyze the challenges they face for safely aging in place.

Program participants may experience challenges including balance issues, vision impairments and mobility loss. We have successfully implemented simple solutions with dramatic results for our clients. Modifications completed thus far have included the following:

Installation of grab bars has been a key solution for those homeowners who are experiencing balance and motion issues. These bars are secured to a wall allowing for increased confidence when navigating wet areas.
Tub cuts, or removal and capping of part of the front wall of the bathtub, create a lower entry threshold for easier access.
Nonslip self-adhesive waterproof strips have been easily installed to reduce the risks of slips and falls.
Round doorknobs and faucet handles have been replaced with lever-style handles which allow for easier operation.
Existing shower heads have been replaced with handheld ones to allow for greater accessibility.
We have implemented a variety of lighting solutions to decrease the effects of visual impairments.
One of the simpler solutions has been replacing existing light bulbs with brighter, energy-efficient LED bulbs.
Battery-operated task lighting with remote controls or sensors have been installed in high-hazard areas, like kitchens, to reduce the risk of injury.
In cases where clients have found it easier to cook while seated, we have provided kitchen task chairs and replaced existing stoves with front-control models to reduce the risk of burns.
Several homes have single steps in between rooms where we installed handrails to help safely transition between areas.
Bed rails and couch canes have been successfully used to help clients with safe transitions.

The Housing Authority of the City of Daytona Beach is pleased to continue our efforts to assist older adult homeowners in our community with reducing home hazards, allowing them to continue to live safely in their homes for years to come.

To begin the application process for home modifications through the Older Adult Home Modification Program, contact Delia Gonzalez at 386-235-6080 or email for more information.

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Dignity Memorial is a premiere full-service funeral services option that takes pride in providing custom, personable, affordable, and meaningful funeral options for the communities they serve. Dignity Memorial combines compassion for these communities with their unmatched knowledge of and dedication to this industry with families and their loved ones in mind.

March 12, 2023 – Dignity Memorial features three locations currently, with a strong focus on progression when needed to better suit their service communities. The organization has owned and operated Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home, Volusia Memorial Funeral Home in Port Orange, and Volusia Memorial Funeral Home & Park in both Ormond Beach, Port Orange and Flagler Beach for many years. Their locations feature flexible event spaces with a large-capacity chapel on-site, as well as a cemetery section specifically for veterans.

With long-term community ties and first-hand knowledge of community needs, Dignity Memorial has become a local preference for those seeking grief assistance and celebration of life guidance. From quick turnarounds for services, immediate planning and planning ahead, and flexible options for tailored solutions to match your wants or that of your loved ones, Dignity Memorial has made it a point to make a trying time one that is essentially hands-off and easy to obtain.

With multiple locations and their own crematorium which they internally operate, this full-service provider has shown great dedication to providing a superlative level of support and care to the families they serve. Dignity Memorial stands out by providing not only crematory and burial services but by offering advice and expert guidance to make hard times less difficult as well as ideas to make having peace of mind more accessible to everyone. Those that use their services will have the ability to tour their locations, send flowers, and get an insight into pricing and planning, all in one place.

Dignity is headed by Sal Passalaqua, Jr., Area Manager and Funeral Director who consistently expresses the mission and focus areas of the organization. Attention to detail and achieving trust and satisfaction with every ceremony or service provided remain to have the highest priority. Currently, the Craig-Flagler location is in the process of opening a new section of its cemetery which will span 6.2 acres. The Flagler funeral home is also going through a 2-million-dollar renovation which will be the first structural update to the site since 2006.

Remaining progressive and adaptive in ways that best serve the public has continued to be the driving factor in a lot of what Dignity Memorial takes on. OurSeniors is proud to present Dignity Memorial to our readers as our newest vendor and as the ultimate provider of funeral services and bereavement support in the Flagler Palms, Ormond Beach, and Daytona Beach areas. Their quality of care, commitment to customer and service, and dedication to making the journey of celebrating the lives of loved ones are insurmountable. Their ability to combine comfort, meaning, and memory is exemplary and an invaluable resource for those going through difficult times.

We invite readers to visit Dignity Memorial to learn more about its wide range of services and capabilities, and to contact their compassionate team with any questions they may have to help narrow down the best services to meet their needs.

For more information about Dignity Memorial and its services, please visit

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OurSeniors.Org has been the go-to resource for seniors and retirees living in Florida since 2016. Our team is committed to researching vendors for a variety of services so that our communities can have peace of mind that they are not getting ripped off by questionable service providers who thrive on taking advantage of the vulnerable. We take pride in knowing our due diligence in identifying trustworthy service providers throughout the state helps the community. With a distribution of more than 130,000, we currently serve 25 counties across six regions, including Central Florida, Northeast Florida, South Florida, The Villages, Tampa Bay, and Southwest Florida, and we look toward reaching a larger audience through our senior publication.
Making a charitable donation to our 501(3)c organization helps us bring a variety of resources and valuable information from qualified and reputable professionals such as doctors, dentists, contractors and other experts in their fields. Our senior online & print magazine provides free articles and notifications of upcoming panel discussions through our Brunch & Learn events, human interest stories, and entertainment.
OurSeniors.Org is also proactive in assisting seniors and retirees living in nursing homes by bringing continuing care and comfort by gathering gifts, blankets, clothing, baked goods and more to those who may feel isolated because of a lack of visitation from friends and family. All of this is made possible with your ongoing financial support.
To learn more about donation opportunities to OurSeniors.Org so that we can continue to deliver valuable resources through our print and online magazine, visit or call us at 386-267-6898. All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. Become a part of this community and help us serve the seniors and retirees living throughout Florida for years to come.

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OurSeniors.Net, its webpage, its printed magazine for seniors, and its online magazine for seniors try hard to be your go-to resource for senior living in Florida. In each issue, we bring you useful information about topics that are important to seniors and their families. Senior housing news, Social Security and Medicare information and resources for elderly living are all common topics as we try our best to be your senior living resources library.
Our printed magazine has grown in scope and circulation to cover most of the state. To provide better local coverage, this magazine for seniors now publishes several regional editions, each aimed at seniors in a specific area of Florida. We feel that this is the best way to meet our goal of serving the needs of all seniors. But there has been one big hole in our coverage: Spanish-speaking seniors! We have not been with them in their preferred language.
That is changing! Starting in October, the Southeast Edition of our magazine for seniors will be printed in both English and Spanish. This area of Florida includes Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, a very large Spanish-speaking service area. Future editions of your favorite magazine for seniors will expand this feature to include other areas of the state. We know that senior living in Florida is great, and OurSeniors.Net strives to serve the Hispanic senior community as it serves all seniors.
Both Spanish and English-speaking seniors will find this new edition useful. It will be a unique, two-sided publishing approach with English text on one side of a printed page and Spanish on the other. Useful for both communities. Your favorite senior online magazine, OurSeniors.Net Magazine will also be available in both Spanish and English versions.
Our bilingual edition launches a few weeks in the future, but right now let’s have some fun recalling a past event. That event bears some relationship to our upcoming Spanish-English debut. It was the groundbreaking TV series Que Pasa USA, the first bilingual situation comedy in the U.S.
Cuban citizens began to pour into South Florida in the early 1960s, but for many years they fully expected to return to the Cuba they loved. As the years passed and these hopes faded, they began to assimilate into their new home. As with all groups, the process of assimilation was not always easy for Cuban Americans. Older Cubans often clung to the customs, social habits and language of their native land. Younger Cubans had come to the U.S. as very young children or were born here, and they grew up in a bilingual world. The two cultures were bound to have some conflicts, and Que Pasa, USA treated these skirmishes with humor and understanding.
Today’s seniors may well remember this well-produced and written show. It was a class act; in fact, it was funded by the National Council on Fine Arts. The show was bilingual, just as Miami, South Florida, and many other American communities were becoming. It’s story-line related to the relationships in and around the family of Pepe Peña, who immigrated from Cuba in the 1960s and settled in Miami. With him, he brought his wife, her parents, and a young son. A daughter was later born in Miami.
Que Pasa, USA delved into the tribulations of three generations of family members as they struggled to fit into a new country and language. Critics loved the show for the way it accurately depicted family life in Miami’s Little Havana in the 1970s. Its bilingual script earned it both English and Spanish-speaking followers.
When our bilingual edition launches in October, it will feature an interview with Ana Margo Menendez, the actress who played the part of Carmen Peña, the daughter who was the first Peña born in the USA. Ana (Carmen) will share her remembrance of the show and her extensive career. Ana is still very much a part of the South Florida scene.
Be on the lookout for this exciting addition to the OurSeniors.Net Magazine. Our hard-copy senior living magazine and our on-line senior living magazine are here to serve the needs of seniors.

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Here is some great news! Starting with the Fall Edition of OurSeniors.Net Magazine, we will begin to publish a bilingual-English and Spanish edition. At first, this innovation will be available in only the South Florida Edition, but we intend to expand this format to all our coverage areas.
OurSeniors.Net has always understood the importance of Spanish-speaking seniors to the state of Florida, and the U.S. We now cover all of Florida, but our roots go way back to south Florida and its Hispanic population. It is natural for us to want to be the number one senior living resource magazine for both English and Spanish-speaking seniors.
This bilingual edition will serve the needs of readers and advertisers alike. It’s a great idea, a way to reach a much wider audience, but it is not new. In the late 1970s, Miami television station WPBT came up with a great innovation- a bilingual sitcom. The show was titled “Que Pasa, USA,” and it quickly became a big hit in Miami and national syndication. It won sponsorship from the National Council for the Arts, and for five seasons, the show told the story of the Pena family. It sympathetically related to their struggles in trying to adapt to their new home, America. This show appealed to a wide audience, but especially to America’s Cuban American population. Que Pasa, USA accurately reflected the experience of many Cuban families.
Young Cuban Americans had little or no remembrance of life in Cuba. They had very different ideas and social behaviors, leading to inevitable conflicts with parents and grandparents. These situations also supplied opportunities for a lot of laughs as the Pena family transitioned to American life. It was a great show, so try to find some episodes on YouTube or another source.
Here is some more great news- OurSeniors.Net is adding a second identity. We call it QuePasaOurSeniors.Net, and it will enlarge our reach to include the hundreds of thousands of Floridians who prefer to be addressed in Spanish. Like “Que Pasa, USA,” it will serve a big need. In this case, we are striving to serve the needs of Spanish-speaking seniors. We are really excited about this new project. It allows OurSeniors.Net to reach hundreds of thousands of new readers and viewers. Our bilingual staff is already up and running, eager to jump into this venture.
Now, imagine this. You are hiking in the mountains of North Carolina when you pass a family you have never met. As they pass, one of the party points at you and asks, “Are you Carmen from Que Pasa, USA?” Exactly that happened to Ana Margo (Ana Margarita Menéndez), one of the cast members, and it happened years and years after the show had ended. That’s how beloved the show was. Viewers recalled it for years.
Ana played the part of Carmen Pena, the young daughter of the Pena family. She still recalls the show, its cast, crew and writers with great affection. Playing Carmen Pena was a natural part for that young Ana Margo because she had lived the story. Born in Cuba, she began her theatre career at a young age but left Cuba soon after the Communist Revolution.

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OurSeniors.Net is proud of its in-print and online magazine for seniors. We try hard to be one of the best magazines for Regions Served seniors available in the state of Florida. Wherever you live in our great state, the chances are that OurSeniors.Net and our services are available to you. To better serve the needs of seniors and their families, we have always divided the wider area that we serve into several smaller service areas. This enables our staff to better serve the needs of seniors who reside in each of these locations. We recognize that the interests and concerns of South Florida seniors may be different from
those living in Central Florida or the Villages area. Recently, we have made a few additions and changes to those service areas. Here is a complete rundown on our new configuration, each with its custom edition of our senior living magazine. Northeast Florida includes Duval, Nassau, Clay, Putnam, and the newly added St. Johns
County. This is a great place for seniors to visit or live. The city of St. Augustine is home to many unique attractions. In fact, St Augustine is an attraction itself; it is the oldest city in the U.S. Stop some time and visit the oldest schoolhouse in the nation. Seniors find the golf, beaches, and historical sites to be among the best in Florida Central Florida has added Lake County to its group, which also includes Volusia, Orange, Seminole, Flagler, Osceola, and Polk. Of course, Orange County is the home of SeaWorld, but Volusia and Flagler offer miles of beautiful beaches, while this group’s other counties are home to a growing number of Our Seniors.
Recently, OurSeniors.Net won the VolusiaFlagler County SCORE Non-Profit Client of the Year for 2021. This was a team effort that speaks to our dedication to delivering valuable resources to the senior and retiree communities.
The recognition motivates our group to continue the good work for years to come. The South Florida edition of our senior living magazine is aimed at seniors in the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. The Miami-Dade area is the home of one of our nation’s largest and most diverse concentrations of Hispanic and Caribbean
cultures. Of course, our senior living magazine, OurSeniors.Net Magazine has been previously published in a Spanish language version. Charlotte, Lee, and Collier Counties make up the Southwest Florida coverage area. This area offers a wide range of attractions and amenities for seniors. Many of these places have become world-famous attractions for seniors and young adults alike. Consider a bike ride on Sanibel Island for nature lovers, or a visit to the Ringling Museum of Sarasota for art connoisseurs. The Tampa Bay group includes Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee Counties. Beach vacations are meant to be barefoot, and Clearwater Beach is set up perfectly for a car-free experience. In urban Tampa, the Ybor City area offers a glimpse into the Cuban, Spanish, and Italian heritage of the state. It is filled with the authentic cuisine of these cultures. Lastly, Sumpter and Marion Counties now comprise The Villages coverage area. This area is known nationwide as the home of senior communities and activities. The Villages consist of over 70 smaller units, or “villages,” ranging in size from about 100 to 1600 homes. Maybe the best way to get around the Villages is by golf cart, and that fact gives you a clue to
the lifestyle and the senior living resources found here.
OurSeniors.Net’s service areas and the regionalized coverage editions of the OurSeniors.Net Magazine are designed to better serve the needs of seniors. That is what we do. Our senior living magazine covers important news for seniors, the pros and cons of living in Florida, finding senior living resources, resources for elderly living alone and many other topics of interest to seniors. If you are a business or professional service provider and want to market your product or service before a targeted audience of seniors, please see our Contact Page or phone us at 866-333-2657 ext. 2. Thanks for reading our blog, visiting our website, and patronizing our Approved Vendors. Drop by one of our Lunch and Learn events to meet some of the OurSeniors.Net staff in person.

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OurSeniors.Net strives to be a go-to resource for seniors, serving their needs in all possible ways. For many seniors, one of their most important requirements is to attain affordable help in dealing with hearing loss. With that in mind, OurSeniors.Net is extremely pleased to welcome Rx Hearing Aid to its family of senior-friendly services, products, and professionals. Rx Hearing Aids and OurSeniors.Net are a perfect fit. Our two organizations share common goals and missions. Both are devoted to serving the needs of seniors and improving their wellbeing and quality of life. For OurSeniors.Net, this means our publications, websites, social media and service activities. For Rx Hearing Aids, it means applying today’s modern technology to a market where, in the past, high prices and complex procedures have often locked seniors out. Hearing loss affects about 48 million people in the United States, and seniors are especially
vulnerable. About one-third of seniors aged 65 to 74 have some loss of hearing and one-half of those older than 75 have hearing difficulty. This disability has serious consequences, affecting both emotional and physical health as well as quality of life. Numerous studies have confirmed that hearing loss is associated with an increased risk of developing dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive disorders, and balance problems. For decades, the market for high quality, medical-grade hearing aids has been dominated by a small number of companies who kept prices artificially high. Not only were the prices for hearing
aids themselves high but medical grade hearing aids could be obtained only after a series of medical and audiological exams. These examinations often involved numerous in-person office visits and sophisticated tests. For many seniors, the path to a quality hearing aid was too complicated and too expensive. This procedure was mandated by government regulation, but now that has ended. Now, Rx Hearing can offer a complete off-the-shelf package of
professional services and medicalgrade hearing aids at savings of up to 80%. This includes free hearing tests that once required visits to an office with audiometry equipment. Rx Hearing allows these audiometry hearing tests to be
done online, using the same tonal testing to determine if a customer’s hearing is within normal limits. This testing will diagnose the faintest tones a person can hear at varying pitches or frequencies across the range of human speech. Using this information, Rx Hearing’s in-house licensed hearing specialists provide free
consultations with the customer to determine their hearing needs. They will discuss different types of hearing loss, answer questions about their hearing aids, and then make an expert recommendation based on the client’s hearing
needs. This is all done remotely via Zoom or phone. Their hearing aids are not merely sound amplifiers, they are FDA Registered, preprogrammed hearing aids that will meet the needs of those with mild to moderate hearing loss. A single-point telehealth hearing care solution enables Rx Hearing to provide these free
comprehensive services throughout the country. Our Seniors Qrt Page Ad Barbara Summer 2022 Their long-term relationship with hearing aid manufacturers can also save their customers money while getting the latest technologies and advancements in hearing aids. These services can help both current hearing aid users and first-time users. If you’re a current hearing aid user, the Rx Hearing Aid professional staff can offer you a free second opinion. If they feel that your symptoms require further medical care, they will refer you to the proper audiologist or ear, nose and throat medical
specialist in your area. These services come without the difficulty, frustration, and expense of repeated office visits. The sophisticated electronics and components in their devices are identical to hearing aids that cost over $3,000 in the market today. They also include many of the new features available in modern hearing aids like Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, and smartphone apps to adjust the hearing aids settings and contact customer support with a touch of a button. Rx Hearing Aid provides outstanding follow-up services including a free two-year warranty, free two years of consultations
and care, and two years of loss and damage replacement coverage. All of this comes in one low-cost package, helping seniors to feel secure and confident in this important part of senior life- good hearing! Thank you and welcome aboard,
Rx Hearing Aid, Inc! The OurSeniors.Net family is proud to have you as its newest member. We share the core values of helping seniors in every way possible. Your innovation in the hearing aid market is going to make affordable and professional hearing care accessible to thousands of seniors who could
not otherwise access it. It is truly a modern-day miracle, made possible by technology, innovation, and a desire to serve our seniors!

In The News Article

The Council on Aging is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving a wide range of residents throughout St. Johns County. As a resource for care, support, and guidance, COA offers a variety of programs, clubs, and direct support services for mature adults, caregivers, and the community as a whole. St. Johns County, Florida: May 26, 2022 – With a mission to lead and advocate for the dignity, independence, health, and community involvement of older residents in St. Johns County, Florida, the Council on Aging (COA) aims to provide the opportunity for every person in St. Johns County to enjoy wellness, longevity, and quality of life choices within a strong, healthy community. COA offers programs that serve residents in many ways, from the most active older adults to those who need an extra helping hand. COA operates six lifelong learning
and senior centers throughout St. Johns County where residents can continue to learn, grow, and connect with one another. Among their offerings are clubs where residents can meet to pursue common interests, including the COA Travel Club, which is an amazing opportunity for people who love to travel. You can go on fun trips locally, nationally, and abroad via bus, plane, or ship, and
see the world while making new friends. The centers also offer support groups that provide caregiver support and bereavement support. COA serves as an advocate for quality of life and independence for older adults who require assistance, providing services to help them remain in their own homes where they are most comfortable for as long as possible. These support services include Meals on Wheels, prescription assistance, adult daycare, respite care, minor home repairs, basic lawn care, memory enhancement, and public and non-emergency paratransit transportation services, among others. COA’s Coastal Transportation service provides private shuttle bus services that residents may utilize to safely travel, not only to and from airports and cruise ports but to destinations throughout Florida. COA also serves as a trusted, one stop information resource for seniors and their adult children and caregivers who are seeking information, direction to resources, and support. Growing to Meet Growing Needs Established in 1973, COA has continued to expand its services, programs, and facilities to better serve the growing needs of residents of St. Johns County. COA’s new Shelter and Shade project is an example. This exciting, new initiative will provide greater protection from the elements for participants at the entrance to COA’s Coastal Community Senior Center
in downtown St. Augustine through the construction of a portico, and improvements to its outdoor deck and walkways. COA is also currently building a crisis fund to assist seniors who experience emergency needs, and an endowment fund to ensure that the organization will be able to meet the needs of generations of older adults and caregivers to come. Overcoming Challenges & Innovating Solutions One of the biggest challenges that COA faces is getting the word out to new members of the community about the breadth of services they provide and the wide range of ages they serve. While this is a common hurdle, COA has continuously grown to meet the needs of adults and caregivers
throughout St. Johns County. One of the most innovative programs COA offers is called IMEP™, their Integrative Memory Enhancement Program. IMEP is a groundbreaking, research-based program specifically designed to maximize brain health and minimize the progression of memory loss and dementia. While we are all aware of the importance of exercising our bodies for good
health, the same holds true for maintaining our brain health – we must exercise it. Our Seniors Collage COA Summer 2022 IMEP offers participants this opportunity in a relaxed, classroom setting at five locations throughout St. Johns County. If you would like to learn more and take advantage of this excellent resource, you can find more information by visiting “At COA we consider it a privilege and an honor to serve our community’s elders, as well as those who care for them,” shared COA
executive director, Becky Yanni.“ As a nonprofit organization, we rely upon the support of the entire community to accomplish this important mission.” With populations expanding and new needs arising, COA makes it its priority to stay involved in the community while creating and offering useful programs and services that support wellness, independence, togetherness, and the opportunity to enhance the quality of life for mature adults. Contacting Council On Aging: COA serves those who are simply seeking adventure and personal
growth, as well as those who require support services to maintain their independence at home, such as Meals on Wheels. If you or someone you know in St. Johns County might benefit from COA’s services, please reach out to them
at 904-209-3700. COA prides itself in providing live receptionists and no phone trees. You may also visit their website at to learn more. In addition, you can keep up-to-date on everything COA has going on by signing up to receive their weekly e-newsletter at COA would love to have you as part of the COA community, so reach out to get involved!

OS.netLogo withBBB part2 1

Winners of
Volusia-Flagler Counties
SCORE Non-Profit Client of the Year 2021

SCORE Mentors

What exciting news we have to tell you! OurSeniors.Net has been recognized as a Volusia-Flagler County SCORE Non-Profit Client of the Year for 2021. The winners were announced on May 18, 2022, and featured numerous 501c3 non-profits and for-profit organizations. It was a great team effort to earn this award and is a testament to our dedication and service to providing valuable resources
and insightful information to our senior and retiree communities. Founded in 2016, OurSeniors.Net has earned 5-star customer ratings on sites like Facebook and Google, and is A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our mission is to be the number one resource for helping seniors and retirees living in Florida meet their unique needs, to be their single source for information, professionals and providers, and opportunities for personal assistance. The SCORE Program recognizes OurSeniors.Net for our work in providing seniors with information and resources—such as news and events, blog, crossword puzzles, books by seniors and OurSeniors Radio—to ensure they lead happier and fuller lives as well as guiding them toward trusted service providers that will not rip off the vulnerable. We partner with a variety of well-respected professionals like doctors, dentists, contractors and other experts
in their fields. No matter what type of assistance you may need—from home repair to finance to buying or selling a home to considering assisted living—OurSeniors.Net is here to help. Our carefully vetted and approved vendors meet
our exceptionally high standards and adhere to the OurSeniors.Net Code of Ethics. You can have the peace of mind and confidence that we have done our homework and only partner with trusted service providers and businesses.
To find out more about the SCORE VolusiaFlagler Counties Program and its services which can help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizers to find a mentor, take a workshop or browse the library, visit OurSeniors.Net now produces magazines for
older adults in six different regions serving 25 counties disseminating more than 130,000 print magazines and resources with our senior online magazine and Facebook page. We would love to keep our senior and retiree communities happy and ask that you consider donating to our non-profit organization by
visiting to learn about our Spring Fundraiser or by calling 800-647-0868. Help us reach our quarterly goal so that we can continue distributing our publications and resources for free to our senior and retiree communities throughout Florida.

Our Seniors Thank You Donors Selected as a Beneficiary of the 2022 Fight For Life Golf Series

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – January 2, 2022

The OurSeniors Family, including our seniors magazine, is proud to announce that the Joan L. Kidd MD Fight For Life Golf Series has chosen us to be one of the not-for-profits that will benefit from its golf tournaments in 2022.

Chipd In Golf addresses the need for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels to play a round of golf on their time and schedule from any course across the U.S. Participants can support their favorite not-for-profits throughout the year. Golfers sign up to play to the Fight For Life Golf Series through their chosen not-for-profit designated webpage, pay a one-time fee, create a profile (includes their handicap index) and download the Chipd In app. Players select and play a round of golf for each weekend event and can follow along with a live national leaderboard so each participant can see how they are doing against golfers from all over the United States.

The golf series is powered by Chipd In Golf and is scheduled in two Series Events and a National Championship at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Fla. The Spring Series preseason starts the weekend of March 18th, 19th, and 20th with six more weekends going through the Spring Championship on June 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The Summer Spring Series starts June 17th, 18th, and 19th with five more weekends going through the Summer Series Championship on August 26th, 27th, and 28th. The top 50 players from each series will be awarded an expenses-paid trip with his or their golf buddy to the National Championship October 14 – 16, 2022.

Senior Golfing Watermark

Prizes are awarded for each Series Event, which includes several random raffle drawings. There is a one-time entry fee of $150 for each Series Event of which a significant portion will go to the designated not-for-profit, but there are no entry fees for any of the regular season events. Golfers have a three-day window to play one round at each event. Points are awarded at each event and accumulated to determine the top 50 players selected to move onto the Series Championship.

The National Championship in Orlando, Fla. will invite the top 100 players (top 50 players from both the Spring and Summer Series) to compete in an 80 NET scoring two-day tournament. Players finishing outside of the top 100 will be designated alternates. Participants will enjoy an official pairing party and reception, a Fight For Life Concert with world-class entertainment, special golf events (hole in one, closest to the ping, long drive and putting competitions) and will receive tournament packages and special tee gifts. Numerous grand prize events include a Dream Golf Resort Destination Trip for 2 to Bandon Dunes, Sand Valley or Cabot Cape Breton.

You can learn more about the 2022 Fight For Life Golf Series at the following website and find out about how you can support by signing up at the following website, by checking our senior magazines Florida and our Facebook page.

Updated Donor Info March22.1
bmgmoney Logo RGB Orange Purple Large Welcomes Our Newest Approved Vendor; BMG Money

BMG Money Works to Make Financial Assistance Possible for Communities

BMG Money breaks down barriers between community members and the funds they need. Known as a great source of financial aid and wellness, BMG money creates financial solutions that challenge the misconceptions of money lending and loan qualification.

Miami, Florida: February 28, 2022 – BMG Money works tirelessly to create loan programs addressing the different needs of the employed and retired populations.  BMG Money offers loan programs that help people manage unexpected expenses. These loan programs allow employees and retirees to borrow responsibly, and repay the debt over time, with fixed, affordable installments regardless of their credit score.

The company was founded in 2009 to enhance the financial wellness of under-served consumers. BMG Money provides credit monitoring solutions, financial education, and emergency loans so that retirees and employees can make better financial decisions. Those that are served are public sector, federal and non-profit employees. In addition, there are programs for retired veterans and retired federal employees.

It’s not only BMG Money’s expertise that allows them to grow throughout the community, it’s their dedication to those that they know they can help that sets them apart from similar businesses. With simple and easy-to-navigate applications, offers within minutes, and instant funding availability, the company works to streamline the loan process for everyone, and not just those with high credit scores.

What’s featured about BMG Money is that they have higher acceptance rates with faster responses. Simply put, when banks or credit unions say no, BMG Money works for you and gets to know your needs so that they can say yes.

Vice President of BMG Money, Jose Patino, explains, “Loan eligibility depends on current income – not credit history – a needed relief for consumers who have low credit scores or are otherwise denied by traditional lenders and shut out of the financial mainstream.”

BMG Money is changing the game and it’s only possible because of advocates like you. Spread the word about this company that is working to make a real difference in your community. Let them know how much you appreciate what they’re doing.

With over 10 years of experience, BMG Money is changing the finance game by making financial assistance possible for all members of the community. This company is committed to providing access to education and emergency funds for those who need it most. With BMG Money, you’re more than just a number.

For more information about BMG Money and its services, please visit

About BMG Money:

Launched in 2009, BMG Money is a customer-focused loan provider for retirees and employees. The company provides better loan offers, better repayment rates, and better resources for what you need. With a passion for providing better options that satisfy the need for security, financial emergency response, and client satisfaction, community members can expect to receive a personalized and compassionate experience. For more information about BMG Money and the services they offer, please visit or call 866.316.4916.

Our mission at OurSeniors is to be the go-to resource for senior citizens in Florida that will research the right vendors for any service. We want to make sure that seniors are not ripped off by people who take advantage of the vulnerable. If we can help even just one person, we are happy. Knowing that we diverted a bad situation, which has happened many times, is what keeps us growing and expanding our services around Florida. We are now in 25 counties with a distribution of more than 130,000 and have an online presence with an even larger reach.

If you are a subscriber to our senior lifestyle magazine Florida, you know that we provide a variety of resources with advice from professionals like doctors, dentists, contractors and other experts in their fields. Our magazine and website provide articles free of charge and we also have an email newsletter that includes newsworthy items and advice. Our Brunch & Learn events have panel discussions with individuals who are knowledgeable in what they do and want to give free information live and in our complementary magazine for seniors. There are many outlets where you can find information and we enjoy providing it. also works to assist seniors by visiting those living in nursing homes and providing immediate and continuing care and comfort for those that are isolated. Knowing that only 5 to 10 percent of all seniors in nursing homes, rehabs and assisted living facilities receive visitors, the team tries to change this by gathering gifts, blankets, jackets, stuffed animals and cookies to make them feel cared for. Logo withTagline NonProfit

Any donation would help us tremendously as we continue to produce the magazines for older adults and provide free resources to seniors across Florida.

Please visit to see more about what you can do to help or call at 800-647-0868. also provides a senior living magazine online full of great resources at no cost as a part of our non-profit services.

Seniors in Action Winter 2021

SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, is looking for volunteers in the Central Florida region. This highly respected, 69003 SCORE Mentors 2 national nonprofit works to elevate small businesses and assists them in getting off the ground, growing and achieving their goals. Many volunteers are senior citizens who devote their time and career expertise to assist small business owners, especially new startups and nonprofits. Skills such as sales and marketing as well as business development are in demand. Since 2020, the Volusia and Flagler counties SCORE chapter alone helped 182 new businesses get started and devoted 2,865 sessions of time to individuals to mentor them through the process of getting their business going. At the moment, they have 43 volunteers and are in search of more. Each business is given a mentor that is available full-time to answer questions and provide practical “know-how”. Mentors are also able to help optimize business plans, brainstorm strategies, offer business tools and much more. It is guaranteed that just three hours with a mentor shows higher revenues and increased growth for any business that uses SCORE. SCORE has volunteers of all ages that come from diverse backgrounds. These certified mentors partner with the SBA to bring an array of professional services at no cost to assist small businesses, veterans and nonprofits to blossom in their local communities. There is a special volunteer need right now that would include digital marketing and e-commerce. We want to thank Tony Flores, Cathy Wood and Debbie Reaney, for the support they have provided OurSeniors Magazine. If you’re interested in joining SCORE as a mentor, you can learn more at or call (386) 255 6889 for the Volusia-Flagler chapter. Not in the Volusia-Flagler area? Check here to find your local SCORE chapter: or call (800) 634-0245.

Seniors in Action Winter 2021 Part 2 is a nonprofit Title

Our mission at OurSeniors is to be the go-to resource for senior citizens in Florida that will research the right vendors for any service. We want to make sure that seniors are not ripped off by people who take advantage of the vulnerable. If we can help even just one person, we are happy. Knowing that we diverted a bad situation, which has happened many times, is what keeps us growing and expanding our services around Florida. We are now in 25 counties with a distribution of more than 130,000 and have an online presence with an even larger reach. Logo If you are a subscriber with OurSeniors, you know that we provide a variety of resources with advice from professionals like doctors, dentists, contractors and other experts in their fields. Our magazine and website provide articles free of charge and we also have an email newsletter that includes newsworthy items and advice. Our Brunch & Learn events have panel discussions with individuals who are knowledgeable in what they do and want to give free information to seniors. There are many outlets where you can find information and we enjoy providing it. is a nonprofit part 3 also works to assist seniors by visiting those living in nursing homes and providing immediate and continuing care and comfort for those that are isolated. Knowing that only 5 to 10 percent of all seniors in nursing homes, rehabs and assisted living facilities receive visitors, the team tries to change this by gathering gifts, blankets, jackets, stuffed animals and cookies to make them feel cared for. Any donation would help us tremendously as we continue to produce the magazine and provide free resources to seniors across Florida. Please visit to see more about what you can do to help or call at 800-647-0868. is a nonprofit part 2
A Son In Need Title

Dad is dead! Mom has Parkinson’s, stage 5. She is, unfortunately, unable to talk or walk but she can cry and scream all day long even though it’s as though she’s trapped in her body. Some may understand this pain better than others. When I got word through the assisted living facility that my mom and dad had been living in for several years, it wasn’t until significantly after that they told me about dad’s death. The reason being? The bills weren’t being paid. Just looking to have the bills paid because they were not getting what was due is what led them to break the news to me! This opening statement of the bills not being paid is very relevant to this letter of praise. It shows how much gratitude was shown to me, given that they have done nothing but take advantage of the situation and combine it with sad news. I hope you will continue to read even though it may seem a bit long, there’s information that you may find helpful as it could offer guidance and comfort toward your current situation or those that you may face in the future. As the oldest, I had to begin understanding the laws, especially since there was no guardian listed in her will, no surrogate for medical purposes, and no financial guardian. Thankfully, my mother’s lawyer was someone I knew. He is no longer practicing so couldn’t help with all of the requirements associated with a responsibility like this one, but he did provide me with a referral that would change not only my mother’s life, but that would restore the hope I had in the system meant to protect my parent’s well-being. This godsent referral connected me with an organization called OurSeniors, which helped me and my mom in so many ways. I had no idea they were going to be such a blessing until it happened but now that I think about all the good things this group has done for us it’s hard not to thank them or at least try. First, the OurSeniors Team put me in contact with a law firm called Chiumento, Dwyer, Hertel, and Grant to prepare documents and help get emergency guardianship for my mother. They later assigned an attorney who could assist us when we needed it most! Next, I looked into how Mom was doing. Her treatment and medical well-being were all that mattered to me but not at all to the facility she lived in. This should have been a huge red flag for me and it should for you as well, as it could indicate there might be an issue with your parents, a significant other, or sibling, etc. It’s important to know what your loved ones are going through because in my case, I discovered things were going very badly. Mom only wanted to go into this specific assisted living facility because my grandparents were already there and being near family was important to her. I, unfortunately, later found out that the place has changed ownership and therefore no longer fits its description as “Not For Profit.” The OurSeniors Team went with me and I was extremely glad they did. The visit to my parents’ home made me emotional about what we saw, but it would have been a much more difficult experience without their supportive guidance through this process. When I discovered my mother was not getting the care she needed and deserved, it was only a matter of time before I knew I needed to move her. I didn’t live in the area so I had no idea where to start so my mother wouldn’t have to endure these issues again. The OurSeniors Team knew exactly what to do. They helped me take the first step and started to research different facilities that would be able to properly care for my mom. Keep in mind, she can’t walk, talk or lift a finger at all. Simply putting it, she needs help with everything. All I wanted was to find a place that would take care of my mother and not just drug her and consider that as proper care. A Son In Need Part 2 The OurSeniors Team located several places that could be a match for her needs. We screened them and they were able to find the perfect one for mom; out in the country, quiet and peaceful nurses who knew how to treat a patient like her. The OurSeniors team is the best! The team was so kind, helpful, and had a genuine interest in what my mother needed. They even brought me out to review the facility myself, and after they accepted mom I knew she was in good hands. Mom is now in the right place and I truly owe that to OurSeniors, and a man by the name of Julian Cantillo. He honestly should be nominated for sainthood; but if I cannot do that, I can at least let anyone who needs help or guidance for their loved ones know that Julian and the OurSeniors team are the experts that will make a difference for you and your family. Recently, Ms. Carol went to be with Our Lord. Love you, Mom.

Has Assisted Hundreds Title has been running for more than 5 years as a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to be the go-to resource for seniors in Florida. Did you know that it also visits those seniors in nursing homes that are mostly closed off to visitors? One inspirational retired nurse who spoke words from the Bible to provide comfort to those living in nursing homes in Florida is what ignited the start of OurSeniors. org. Has Assisted Hundreds Part 3 Therefore, the team got involved by gathering gifts, blankets, jackets, stuffed animals and cookies to make the seniors feel cared for. This has continued for many years and this past Christmas, the team took over 200 blankets and gifts along with over 500 cookies made by our friend and featured Amazing Senior, Barbara Andersen. In addition to the on-the-ground work, the team behind the magazine works to make sure that seniors are not ripped off by people who take advantage of the vulnerable. It acts as a resource with advice from vetted professionals like doctors, dentists, contractors and other experts in their fields. The magazine and website have free articles, and subscribers are also opted in to receive an email
newsletter that includes newsworthy items and advice. There are plenty of discounts included in the magazine for seniors to enjoy. Readers of the magazine are now able to donate and any donation would help the organization grow and provide seniors with more assistance. The magazine will be provided free of cost with zero shipping associated in addition to the free online resources. Through donations, the organization will continue to expand and make a presence throughout Florida. The magazine is now in 25 counties with a distribution of more than 330,000 and has an online presence with an even larger reach. Please visit the website to see more about what you can do to help us reach our Fundraiser goal for the 4th quarter of 2021 or call at 800-647-0868.

Has Assisted Hundreds Part 2
Medical Solution Center Title

Located in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida, Medical Solution Centers provides a range of medical services from annual checkups and physicals to diabetes care and cholesterol testing. At Dr. Anjan Patel’s office, each client is the primary focus with importance placed on looking at the big picture. He sees things from the inside out and tests for a variety of diseases and issues should it be needed. Dr. Patel is also specialized in aesthetic dermatology which includes dermal injections, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. “We are passionate about making sure each patient leaves our office happy and confident in their health and appearance,” said Dr. Patel, MD. “It is a holistic treatment center that finds solutions to easily fixable issues that do not require hospital visits, surgeries, long wait times or expensive spa price tags.” Medical Solution Center accepts most insurance such as Aetna, Humana, United, Cigna and Medicare. Their locations include Dr. Anjan Patel’s office at 17940 N Military Trail Ste 300, Boca Raton, Florida 33496 as well as Dr. Bruce Berenson and Dr. Marta Iglesias’s office at 13660 S. Jog Rd., Delray Beach, Florida 33446. For more information on Medical
Solution Center, visit or call 954-496- 1559.

Medical Solution Center Part 2
Has Assisted Hundreds Part 2
Medical Solution Center Ad
Lift People Up Title

United Against Poverty is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping lift people out of poverty by providing access to basic needs, nutritional food, crisis care, education, and employment training, so they can achieve a future filled with hope and possibilities. Chief Executive Officer, Gwendolyn Butson says, “We believe in our purpose, which is to inspire and empower people living in poverty to lift themselves and their families to economic self-sufficiency through the hand up philosophy.” The philosophy is modeled after the saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. The organization thrives on its community involvement with year round fundraisers, volunteer nights and events. They are always in need of good volunteers, and seniors can get involved by lending their free time and resources. Volunteer Coordinator, Madeline, is always looking for new people to help in the Grocery Program, which is membership based and free to those that are income-qualified, around the Life Enrichment Center, where UP offers crisis and education services, and for individual events as well. She is reachable at United Against Poverty The most notable fundraisers during the year are Hopeful Harvest in November, Christmas Mall during the holiday season, and HandUP Orlando in October. They are always accepting donations at There is wonderful news on the horizon for the organization as it works to revitalize its two UP Centers in Orange and St. Lucie Counties. They will soon be launching a campaign to raise funds for the redevelopment of the Orlando campus to provide a bright, clean and welcoming space. It will also help increase the educational workshops and provide additional programs and support to the community. The organization never closed its doors during the pandemic and was able to provide consistent and reliable services to members and participants. Through spreading the word, volunteering and helping when possible, the organization will be able to expand and be there for those in need during the toughest times.

Lift People Up Part 2
Certified Title

If you haven’t heard the news yet,, which has been running for more than five years, is now a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are very excited about this designation as it now means we can deliver our magazine to you for free if you are a subscriber. It also means we can accept donations that will go toward providing free resources to seniors and continuing our good work of visiting those in nursing homes who are isolated and alone. Our mission is to be the go-to resource for seniors in Florida who need an advocate that will research the right vendors for any service. We want to make sure that seniors are not ripped off by people who take advantage of their vulnerable. If we can help even just one person, we are happy. Knowing that we diverted a bad situation, which has happened many times, is what keeps us growing and expanding our services around Florida. We are now in 25 counties with a distribution of more than 330,000 and have an online presence with an even larger reach. If you are a subscriber with Magazine, you know that we provide a variety of resources with advice from professionals like doctors, dentists, contractors and other experts in their fields. Our magazine and website provide articles free of charge and we also have the email newsletter that includes newsworthy items and advice. Logo Our Brunch & Learn events have panel discussions with individuals who are knowledgeable in what they do and want to give free information to seniors. There are many outlets where you can find information and we enjoy providing it. Any donation would help us tremendously as we continue to produce the magazine and provide free resources to seniors across Florida. To help us move forward with our mission, any donation helps! Please visit to see more about what you can do to help or call us at 800-647-0868.

Certified Part 2
Fixing Posture Title

If you’re suffering from pain when you walk, sit or stand, you may be experiencing the result of years of poor posture. Did you know that your posture can affect more than just your neck and shoulders? It can make your brain send the wrong signals to your body and can create pain in places you didn’t know were connected. Fitworks Perfect Posture works to correct years of damage in a natural and methodical way. After seeing more than 5,000 clients, Gary Rumel has perfected the art of correcting musculoskeletal imbalances. After a free evaluation, the team at Fitworks can determine where you are affected and how to correct it. Clients have seen relief and a noticeable improvement after six to eight sessions, but on average it can take 12 to 24 sessions to correct the issues. Gary Rumel and his wife, Sherry, stand behind their mission: ”By building and stretching specific muscle groups, the joint line up gradually for perfect posture. A balanced body over time…all done naturally!” Instead of going to a chiropractor or relying on shots and medications to ease your pain, try calling Fitworks Perfect Posture at 407-604-7070 for your FREE Virtual Evaluation. They work to strengthen muscles and use stretching to get to the root of the issue. It’s a more sustainable way of getting better and it’s easier on the wallet!

Fixing Posture Part 2
Veterans Charity Title

Our nation owes an outstanding debt to its veterans, whose service to the nation spans every decade, every year, and every day of our country’s existence. Their courage and fortitude in the face of adversity serve as an example for all Americans. When our nation called in times of darkness and peace, veterans of our great nation have been there, and we are forever indebted to them beyond measure. The Greatest GENERATIONS Foundation (TGGF) is a not-for-profit veterans service organization dedicated to fulfilling veterans’ last wishes by sponsoring their return back to former battlegrounds and memorials to ensure their legacies. TGGF wants to make sure the stories of the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice are recorded retold in perpetuity to future generations. “Just as our veterans answered their nation’s call of duty, we believe it is our solemn obligation and pledge to protect their legacy for forthcoming generations,” said Timothy Davis, President and CEO of TGGF. “Educating the next generation is critical to illuminate the duty, honor and sacrifice so that all generations will understand the price of freedom and be inspired by what they learn.” The foundation is continuing to grow its mission with more than 450,000+ active veterans and 60 chapters across the nation. TGGF recently expanded to Florida, reaching one of the largest veterans’ populations in the country. By expanding its purpose, it will be able to enrich the lives of more veterans who are interested in returning to their places of battle. For more information on TGGF, visit it/colorado/denver/non-profit/greatestgenerations-foundation/ or call 561-468-3738.

Veterans Charity Part 2
Veterans Charity Part 3
Majestic Gardens Title

Our newest Approved Vendor is Majestic Gardens. This new 16-bed assisted living facility in South Daytona is under the supervision of medical doctor, Dr. Regina Asihene, who is also the president of the facility. Her mission is to provide residents with a unique living experience tailored to his or her specific needs whether it be specialized long-term care or a short-term solution. Staff members including trained nurses are available at any hour and all the residents’ daily tasks such as laundry and housekeeping are provided. Health services like lab tests and physical exams are provided on-site, making Majestic Gardens a convenient choice for those who need constant medical attention. majestic gardens 800 Living at Majestic Gardens means not worrying about anything other than staying healthy, active, and social. The staff utilizes both holistic and traditional care to provide a high level of excellence by prioritizing not just health, but also happiness and quality of life. There are entertainment activities such as cooking classes, yoga, dance classes, and much more. Life enrichment is woven into the facility’s daily offerings, making it a natural part of everyday living. If you or a loved one are considering moving to an assisted living facility, Majestic Gardens is an ideal choice for convenience, attention to care, and a wonderful quality of life. For more information, visit: or call 718-550-3526.

Pharmacy Checker Title Magazine has welcomed as its preferred resource for finding vetted Canadian and other international pharmacies selling low-cost prescription drugs online. compares international online pharmacy prices with U.S. pharmacy discount coupon prices. places a high importance on finding the best low-cost options for seniors with the cost of prescription drugs being high. Pharmacy Checker Part 2 PharmacyChecker is an online resource that verifies the credentials of online pharmacies around the world and compares the cost of prescriptions among them. They ensure that each pharmacy is licensed and passes a set of high-quality standards so seniors are assured that buying from these pharmacies is safe. Each PharmacyChecker accredited pharmacy is required to provide a customer service phone number so seniors are able to speak to a real person before making a purchase. This is essential as many online pharmacies do not provide phone numbers and have deceitful practices. “For over 15 years, we have worked to empower millions of Americans to afford medicine they might otherwise go without,” stated Lucia Mueller, Vice President of Communications of PharmacyChecker. “On, Florida seniors can easily compare all the ways to save money on their prescriptions. If you choose to go with an international pharmacy, they deliver the medication straight to your door.” Magazine strives to find the best resources for seniors and inform them of the best options from health insurance to legal services and much more. is the ideal resource for prescription drugs with its mission to ensure a safer online environment, especially for seniors that are wary of buying items online. For more information, visit on or call 718-550-3526.

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Have you always wanted a screened in patio to enjoy Florida’s beautiful days? Atlantic Coast Construction is a family-owned business that specializes in lanais, screen rooms, pool enclosures, concrete, pavers and all types of construction. They have been in the construction business for more than 45 years and proudly serve the Atlantic Coast and Central Florida. The team is fast, punctual and dependable, and they use the highest quality materials for all jobs whether big or small. They are licensed, bonded and insured, and have the most experienced installers in all Central Florida and Volusia County. Co-owners Damion Barrett and Richard Phillips use the motto, “Trust is just one of the things we build well.” This is the most important quality we look for when recommending services to seniors, as trust is key when looking for someone to do a job well. Atlantic Coast Construction is committed to providing superior service and customer satisfaction, and they provide one of the strongest warranties for their work. Customers can feel at ease knowing that they make sure the job is done right the first time and all their work is done with integrity. For more information visit or contact by phone at 386-200-9624.

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One of the most fundamental activities we do at Magazine is vet and screen our Approved Vendors. These professionals must accept our Code of Ethics that details the standards that we expect when serving the needs of seniors. We treat our readers and vendors like family, which means not all professionals fit the bill. Our Approved Vendors vow to treat seniors with the utmost respect and privacy during all interactions and make sure that all information provided is held in confidence. They also vow to be sincere and work without a personal motive or deceit. This means they work with integrity and high moral standards. Each dealing with a client must be fully transparent and any additional services or products must be fully disclosed. Vetting Process Part 2 Each of the tenets mentioned was created due to injustices experienced by seniors in the past. Unfortunately, many older Americans experience services that are not fully transparent, with an initial invoice detailing one price and the end bill including additional charges and fees. Thousands of seniors are scammed and coerced every year by deceitful people who try to take advantage of them. Too many seniors simply pay these often exorbitant fees out of fear, leaving them feeling disappointed and hopeless. That is why OurSeniors created a list of carefully vetted Approved Vendors. If a client feels unheard or mistreated by a vendor for any reason, we are there as a liaison and voice for them. If you have more questions, feel free to call us at 386-204-4500. We are happy to give you more information or refer you to one of our vendors!

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Are you looking to sell your home and relocate but don’t know where to start? Or maybe your loved one needs a caretaker, but you don’t trust booking a service from Google? These tasks can be stressful and get in the way of enjoying life. OurSeniors Team is here to help people tackle difficult tasks such as selling their home, finding the right senior community, taking back assets from the wrong hands, finding caretaker services and more. A team of lawyers, realtors, accountants, doctors, handymen and others come together to handle the issues with compassion and understanding. And it’s easy! Simply pick up the phone, call the OurSeniors Team and tell us what you need to get connected to the right professionals for the job. Ourseniors Team Part 2 “Our team ensures that no matter how small or large the issue, the person calling feels heard,” says Julian Cantillo, president and founder of Magazine. “Helping families out of difficult situations led to the creation of OurSeniors Team since we have the resources, knowledge and passion to make it work.” OurSeniors Team is ideal for those who have families that live far away and can’t help. Our team becomes the trusted neighbor or friend who can help make life easier. Each of the professionals on the team has the kindness and patience needed to assist in making big decisions and life transitions. That’s why every team member is carefully vetted to ensure their ability to be advocates of seniors and provide the highest level of assistance and care. The mission of OurSeniors Team is to lend a helping hand to seniors going through a variety of stressors. They are passionate about mitigating the issues and providing them with a better situation. For more information about OurSeniors Team, call 386-204-4500.

Amazing Seniors Title

Loyal reader and previously featured Amazing Senior, Barbara Andersen was in a difficult place in her life earlier this year. After falling three times within one year, she knew she had to make a change. Her two dogs that she loves very much were holding her back from upgrading her life because she didn’t want to lose them or send them to someone she didn’t trust. After going from moving around with a cane to being wheelchair bound, she decided she couldn’t keep making excuses. The OurSeniors Team “took the bull by the horns,” Barbara said, “and moved at an unbelievable speed.” The OurSeniors Team began Barbara’s transition first with legal assistance to understand the full picture and next steps and then pairing her with the team’s real estate agent that got her house painted, packed up and ready to sell. cropped OSTeam Logo 01 To everyone’s surprise, the house was sold within two days, making the whole transition a total of just three weeks’ time. Even after the move was over, the team still helps Barbara with her transportation, coordinating doctor’s appointments and ensuring that she is comfortable with her transition. “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OurSeniors team for a small move to a full house or whole life transfer because I am happily settled in and would never have thought about making such a big change, but with their help and direction it made it almost painless,” said Barbara. Barbara had years of accumulated items that needed to be moved or sold. The team found the right people to handle her valuable items and sell those to the right places. Barbara’s dogs, Bella and Roxy, are well cared for and visit Barbara regularly. Her future looks bright compared to her difficulties earlier this year with the help of trusted advisors and caring professionals. If you or a loved one need the help of the OurSeniors Team, call 386-204-4500.

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Lions Club Title

Do you find yourself having a hard time communicating with store clerks and family members wearing masks? Getting used to communicating with a barrier on our face has made daily errands more difficult. Imagine what it’s like for the hearing impaired. This population relies on reading lips to communicate, which is already a difficult thing to do. There are people who mumble, don’t enunciate when they speak, talk with their face away or speak in a low tone. All these factors make hearing a difficult task for the hearing impaired. Add a face mask over the mouth and communication is virtually impossible. After identifying this issue, the Lions Clubs of District 35-O in Central Florida has taken the initiative of creating clear face masks and face shields that are complimentary for the friends and family of the hearing impaired. This allows them to communicate better with one another and it eases the burden of daily tasks where contact is made with people wearing masks. The president of Lions Clubs of District 35-O Hearing Program, Wendy Wilson, said that “providing these face masks and face shields in desperate times will contribute to the education, information and communication for those who rely on facial cues.” Lions of District 35-O Hearing Program By wearing these masks with clear anti-fog vinyl over the mouth area, the friends and family of the hearing impaired can show others the issues faced by this population while protecting themselves and others during this time. It is a great way to raise awareness while making life easier for the hearing impaired. Lions Clubs of District 35-O covers the counties of Brevard, Citrus, Flagler, Hernando, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter, Volusia, and parts of Levy and Polk (North of Highway 60). They are a part of the larger Lions Club International which aims to serve individuals by meeting humanitarian needs, encouraging peace and promoting international understanding. The club has 47,000 locations in more than 200 countries and has been serving communities for more than 100 years. It has traditionally aided the hearing and visually impaired since Helen Keller asked the Lions to be “knights of the blind” in 1925. Interested residents in Central Florida can obtain a “Request for Face Masks/Face Shields” form by emailing is here to keep OurSeniors informed, and if you would like to hear about other topics etc. let us know. You can also look for additional resources at, call us at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by using Contact Us. If you subscribe to Magazine, the online version is included for free.

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Our newest Approved Vendor, Dr. Stephen Obeng, has recently opened his dental practice, Obeng Family Dental in Port Orange, Florida. A native of the area, Dr. Obeng decided to bring his talents back home after spending some years away in dental school and getting his doctorate in Dental Medicine at the University of Florida. During his time in dental school, he served those in need by providing dental services to low-income families as a school initiative and he later took a one-year residency providing dental care to disabled veterans at Orlando VA Medical Center. His practice is ideal for seniors looking for the right dentist for their needs. Dr. Obeng provides comprehensive dentistry services for those in need of dental implants, veneers or other enhancements to their smile. His practice offers the full package for those who want to see a dentist regularly or have more pressing dental needs.

Obeng Family Dental

Some of the top dental issues seniors face are:

• Xerostomia or dry mouth
• Tooth decay
• Dry mouth
• Increased risk oral cancer
• Periodontal or gum disease

All these issues can be treated at Dr. Obeng’s office. If you have any pain, inflammation in your gums, bleed when you brush your teeth, have sensitivity or any general changes in the appearance of your teeth, it may be time to see a dentist like Dr. Obeng. “It’s key to get regular dental check-ups because even if something doesn’t hurt it doesn’t mean it’s not there,” says Dr. Obeng. “Additionally, things can happen from one check-up to the next.” Even for those that practice ideal dental hygiene, they may just want to enhance their smile to get the results they want. As we age, our teeth lose that bright white color. Bleaching is a conservative way to get a pearly white smile while a total makeover could mean getting veneers. There are a few different ways to achieve a better smile and Dr. Obeng can provide that. Dr. Obeng is dedicated to providing the best service to his patients. He offers an in-house insurance plan that eases the burden for those who do not have dental insurance, or whose plans do not include him as a provider. The plan covers two cleanings for the year, an oral evaluation and X-rays for a yearly fee of $250. For comparison, dental cleanings alone can cost upward of $300 for one visit. The plan also includes 20% off all dental procedures to make his services even more affordable. If you’re in need of a dentist in Port Orange, you can contact Dr. Obeng’s office at (386) 384-0126. Obeng Family Dental is part of the Directory of Approved Vendors and is an excellent option for everyone. We hope you find this information useful.

Quarantine Title

On March 16, the U.S. completely changed. Everything shut down and mandates were in place to stay at home and stop all travel, nonessential business and socializing. Panic was in the air as people began buying all the essential items from water and canned food to antibacterial items, toilet paper and all paper products. In the beginning, it seemed almost silly but as time went on, we began to learn that toilet paper and hand sanitizer would be a commodity. Trying to buy these things was like a mission as stores couldn’t keep up with demand and the internet was like a wild west with toilet paper costing up to $6 per roll or more. What happened in such a short amount of time? No one knew how long quarantine would last, who would be able to leave the house as time went on and whether anyone would be able to get their necessities when it eventually ran out. Grocery stores took initiative by letting vulnerable populations enter the store at earlier hours and restaurants began selling the items they didn’t need anymore. As time went on, we started to lighten up. While things were bad, we began to understand that as long as we were careful, we can try to live a normal life. People came to together to give comfort to those in need and people became more compassionate. As there was less time worrying about working life, families came together and spent more time together than ever before. There has been some light in the face of aversity, but as things are slowly getting back to normal, life is going to be different. Kids are still doing distance learning, making it difficult for parents to get back to work. Masks are still encouraged when in public, making interactions much more different than they ever were. Meetings are conducted over Zoom and Skype. Many of us have our groceries delivered. People still need to be six feet apart from each other and it looks like none of this will end any time soon. People are rethinking interactions as the virus is still very much a mystery which leads to the question: where do we go from here? Things will need to be on hold until a vaccine is rolled out to the public and cases are nonexistent. Even though the economy is reopening, we still need to be careful, especially if we are out in public. We need to tread very lightly as people can still have the virus without any symptoms. Since travel is still allowed between states, people from highly infected areas can be bringing it to Florida without knowing. It is up to us to keep ourselves safe and to never let our guard down. The good thing is that as long as we keep sanitizing our homes, washing out hands after interacting with anyone or public places and using protective gear, we should be able to function as normally as possible. With this in mind, we urge you to go outside, stay healthy, focus on yourself and your well-being so you can be your best self when this is all over. While we are still being cautious, our local economies are in need of our help. Our favorite restaurants, stores and businesses are struggling and will be for a while. It is our job to help those businesses stay afloat. These places employ our neighbors, friends, family members and community members. Without our help, they will not be able to work and take care of their families. What we can do is visit local businesses whenever possible instead of big box stores. If you have a family-owned food market nearby, try stopping there instead of going to Publix each time. Quarantine Part 2 Order takeout or delivery from your favorite restaurant. If you’d like to give your home some love, try a local Ace Hardware (which is a franchise owned by someone in your community) or a home boutique shop. If you haven’t been to your dentist, optician, ENT, cardiologist or other specialist, pay them a visit when you can with the right protective gear. If you haven’t talked to your lawyer in a while, talk to them about steps you can take to plan your estate or any other concerns you have regarding your assets. There are plenty of ways to help your local economy without risking your health. Lots of doctors and other practitioners are practicing through telework, making it easier than ever for you to talk to them. As long as we come together as a community, our economy will be back in no time. It’s up to us to get it back up and moving again so younger generations can have a chance to work and help their families. If you help your local businesses, it will be felt in a positive way and you will have been a part of the larger effort. If you are unsure of how to help, contact a friend, family member or local business owner and see what their needs are and what you can do.

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Today, Magazine is happy to announce that it has officially launched its OurSeniors Radio Podcast. The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, The Podcast App, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, and many other podcast services. Radio Podcast Part 2 Our podcast was created for our seniors. We wanted a convenient and personalized way to share information that could be listened to in the car, while relaxing at home or virtually anywhere else. The podcast will feature interviews with Approved Vendors discussing topics and issues from assisted living and taxes to real estate and healthcare. The interviews will help to dispel any online myths and make decision-making easier and more informed. “We created the OurSeniors Radio Podcast because we know that this is a growing platform for the senior population to listen to news and expert advice similarly to how it is on the radio,” said Julian Cantillo Founder of Magazine. “Podcasts are convenient and personalized, which means we can be where seniors are at any time and any place on their mobile phone or computer.” The mission at Magazine is to be an advocate and resource for seniors who are moving into this life stage and are overwhelmed with conflicting advice. We are passionate about ensuring that seniors receive the most accurate information from trusted sources and professionals. Our Approved Vendors are from a variety of industries and all have decades of experience in their profession, which is why we are choosing them to be speakers on our podcasts. You can listen to our first podcast at or find us on one of your preferred podcast services.

Sun Viking Lodge Title

Today, Magazine has added Sun Viking Lodge, an oceanfront hotel located in Daytona Beach, to its growing list of approved vendors. Catering to seniors, families and couples, the family-owned hotel is the ideal place for casual relaxation. The hotel features a fitness room and sauna, two game rooms, beachside basketball, beach volleyball, outdoor and indoor heated pools, an oceanfront hot tub, a children’s pool, a 60-foot waterslide, free activities such as poolside bingo and much more. Included during your stay is free parking, Wi-Fi and no resort fees. With prices during the off-season starting at around $79 per night and in-season at around $129 per night based on room type, it is easy to find an affordable option for seniors looking to enjoy themselves on a budget. As a bonus, seniors that are members of receive a first-visit discount of 20 percent off with promotion code “OCEAN.” After the first stay, seniors receive 25 percent off all return visits. Sun Viking Lodge This discount is valid on all daily rates and there are no restrictions. “Our family has owned the Sun Viking Lodge for over 49 years and our goal has always been to make our guests feel like family. Seeing seniors, couples and families connecting with each other is what counts the most to us,” said Barbara Brown, owner of Sun Viking Lodge. “Everyone loves our oceanfront location and watching their kids and grandkids putting down their devices, playing on the beach and riding the waterslide. Enjoying time together with their grandparents, parents and siblings, and creating memories [is something] the kids will never forget! We invite you to give us a try—we consider all our guests our friends, and friends are always welcome at the Sun Viking Lodge!” Seniors will love Sun Viking Lodge with its proximity to restaurants, shops, museums, fishing, golf and much more. The hotel has many amenities of its own, such as its seasonal Viking Kafe on-site restaurant for walk-up service for breakfast and lunch. Visitors do not need to venture off the property to find what they need, so they can just focus on relaxing. What are you waiting for? Learn more about the Sun Viking Lodge on our profile at Sun Viking Lodge or call 866-417-3676.

Foster Care Title

Youth homelessness is a growing issue in the United States as more and more young adults age out of the foster care system. These young adults, especially young women, are at risk for being lured into the sex trafficking trade to escape homelessness., leading to a life of trauma that is very difficult to escape. Legacy Housing Project, a Florida-based non-profit organization, works to prevent youth homelessness and sex trafficking by providing free, quality housing for at-risk aged-out foster youth. Legacy Housing also provides valuable life skills such as money management, relationship building, and nutrition. They encourage each foster youth to enroll in state college to open the door for job opportunities and much more. Help is also available for adults and for children both in and in danger of being left to the foster care system. Since welcoming their first resident in 2016, Legacy Housing now has four homes in four states and continues to grow! The organization has housed 18 aged-out foster youth, employed three adults, and prevented four children from entering foster care. The organization’s vision is to continually expand in order to provide a house for every one of the 25,000 young adults that age out of foster care every year. They are currently working to open a new home for aged-out foster girls in Orlando, Florida, along with a Legacy Farm for aged-out foster boys to learn trade skills that lead to employment opportunities. “Our mission started when we learned as a family about the foster care crisis and made the connection to fulfill James 1:27 from the Bible,” said Rich Tidwell, Founder and CEO of Legacy Housing Project. “We developed a working family-oriented model to open the Ormond Legacy House, which we knew would be the beginning of a national endeavor to house every one of the 25,000 children aging out across the U.S. every year.” The senior community is encouraged to join in the effort to help provide housing for aged-out foster care youth. Seniors know more than anyone that the chance for success in life is invaluable and if there is something that society can do about it, then it must be done. Seniors can also benefit from helping others as it provides a sense of purpose that you are helping someone else’s quality of life get better. A few ways to do this, apart from financial partnership, is to teach residents various skills including financial management, gardening, culinary, carpentry, artistry, and other various abilities. Legacy House also appreciates when families or churches provide a meal to enjoy together with the Legacy family! Legacy Housing runs on donations and grants to ensure that each child is provided a comfortable home and opportunities for success. This requires a large amount of financial and local volunteer support. Legacy Housing exists thanks to the generosity of donors from local communities who help with keeping each house up and running. You can be a hero today by donating just $30 a month, which would help provide one aged out foster youth a home. For more information, call (386) 506-1018 or visit or email

Tree Service Title

Here in Florida, we have many beautiful trees lining the streets of our neighborhoods, from palm and pine to oak and cypress. They shade us from the Florida sun and are crucial to the surrounding ecosystem. Tree Service Part 2 But what happens when they are hanging too low, interfering with telephone lines or tripping people with their roots? Trying to trim trees on your own is a risky job. It’s best to call in professionals. Magazine welcomes T&D Tree Service as its newest Approved Vendor. T&D Tree Service is a trusted company serving the Volusia, Flagler and Brevard county areas. They have been in service for more than 25 years and are ready to accommodate even the most unique arboreal needs of Our Seniors. In addition to tree trimming and removals, they also provide fungicide, pesticide and herbicide treatments, landscaping and irrigation, as well as tree injections with Arborjet®. Tree Service Part 3 They have all the right equipment to do the job the right way and in the right amount of time, even if it means using a bobcat crane. “As a tree doctor, I know that there are right and wrong ways to take care of trees, which is why I take the time to educate my clients so they understand where their money is going and why. I like to trim trees, not my customers,” said Tony Depta, owner of T&D Tree Service. “Other tree services don’t operate like we do, and they go knocking on doors and scam people into these prepaid services when they are not insured or licensed. I ask you not to be conned by door knockers and instead, solicit services that are reliable and insured.” is proud to be working with T&D Tree Service and to recommend them to the senior community. It is difficult to find a tree service that is trustworthy and understands the unique needs of the senior community. T&D Tree Service has vowed to be the best service for seniors by serving with integrity, honesty and reliability. For more information on T&D Tree Service, visit or call 386-310-0044.

Giant Recreation World Title

Have you ever wanted to pick up and go wherever you want for as long as you want without worry? If so, it may be time to think about renting or owning a recreational vehicle, often called an RV. An RV is the best way to take an extended vacation and not have to worry about airfare, hotels or car rentals. All you need is your RV ready and your keys in the ignition. Giant Recreation World is the newest Approved Vendor for Magazine. This trusted and recommended RV dealer is family-owned and has been in the business since 1976. They have served more than 40,000 happy customers and ensure that each customer is satisfied from purchase or rental and throughout ownership and usage. Giant Recreation World has three convenient locations in Winter Garden, Ormond Beach and Palm Bay. Each location is fully stocked with hard to find parts and accessories to service any need. “We are always offering unbeatable deals to try to entice customers to meet with our low-pressure RV Sales Personnel who can help them make the best decision for their individual wants and needs. We train our sales staff to ask all of the questions and put customers in the right rig the first time,” said Larry McNamara, CEO of Giant Recreation World. “We offer a very easy way to acclimate our customers to the use and care of their RV as well as to take full advantage of the lifestyle, which is our VIP Camping Club designed to make it very easy to do so. Giant Recreation World Part 2 Simply let us know when you want to camp and we will make all the arrangements. Our Camping Club is a very easy way for all to also meet like-minded people and forge lifelong relationships. Fun, Freedom, RV’ing.” With the ability to take extended time off to travel, RVs are perfect for seniors. Traveling can be done at leisure and without stress, and the many RV parks and campgrounds around the U.S. are ideal for relaxing for a few days at a time. Your RV from Giant Recreation World includes a Lifetime Warranty and emergency service at any authorized RV repair centers in the US and Canada. What are you waiting for? Rent or own and RV now and enjoy stress-free travel! Interested in more information? Call Giant Recreation World at 407-794-9116.

Handyman Services Title

Finding the right handyman for your everyday needs is not an easy task. Recommendations from friends may not be a good match, and a simple Google search will result in all kinds of people who claim they are professional when they really are not. When doing a search, it is important to find someone who is reliable, trustworthy, professional and understanding—someone you can trust to do the job the right way and at a reasonable cost. has partnered with Connor’s Affordable Handyman Service because they are all the right things in one place. This father-and-son shop is a trustworthy duo that has been in the business for decades with experience pressure cleaning, painting and general maintenance. Some of their recent special projects have included cutting and installing a custom countertop, building shelves for additional garage storage and installing an awning for a client’s home. They have the skills to provide unique service for any household need. They can reached at 386-204-4500 or check out their profile on and scroll to the bottom to see some of their best before and after photos. You can also check out their Facebook page for more information on recent projects.

Handyman Services Part 2
Jacksonville Title Magazine, a popular print and online resource to the senior population of Florida, has expanded circulation of its print edition to include the Nassau, Duval, Clay, and Putnam counties. This expansion serves to provide needed resources to this population with information catered to the local area. The magazine’s mission is to support seniors to make their lives easier and provide guidance on common issues. Magazine strives to act as the number one resource to seniors by vetting the services they use and providing an “Approved Vendor” directory of attorneys, accountants, physicians, community centers, real estate specialists and much more. The magazine is distributed to outlets listed on the website ( and will turn into an affordable subscription and membership service in early 2020 for additional convenience to those who do not frequent the distribution outlets or are unable to visit the pick-up locations and can be visited here ( The attached coupon book, which can only be redeemed with a copy of the magazine, will be made available with the membership service to better serve those who do not have access to the print editions. The Census Bureau estimates that more than 12 percent of the population in the area is 65 years or older and this number is set to grow in the coming years. Taking this into consideration, the magazine worked hard to expand its circulation to the area to better assist this growing population. The Northeast Jacksonville edition will provide relevant content, a list of local businesses that provide reliable services as well as recommendations for free or low-cost services and events in the area that are of interest to this group. “We are excited about the ongoing expansion of OurSeniors magazine, especially to the Jacksonville area with its high population of seniors,” stated Julian Cantillo, President and Founder of “This is a great opportunity to serve a new community that we know will enjoy the magazine and all it has to offer.” The magazine acts as the ideal resource for businesses to communicate with this hard-to-reach senior population. This market is the most brand-loyal generation and trusts Magazine to connect them to reliable businesses and professionals who understand their needs. The magazine has a Better Business Bureau certification and is a member of the Business Network International or BNI, whose mission is to “gain by giving” by providing referrals, help, support and encouragement to other members. Notable organizations such as Humana, United Healthcare, Daytona Mazda, and The Salvation Army are a part of the Approved Vendor list as they abide by the Approved Vendor Code of Ethics and make a pledge to follow the tenets of the code. If you are a local business that wants more information about advertising in Magazine, call 386-516-3969, Ext. 2. Did you know you can now get Magazine delivered to your home? Starting at only $20 / year, you will get the magazine and exclusive perks for members! To sign up you can also call us at (386) 200-5444 or visit page 3 for our membership form.

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Global Medication Title

Here at, we try our hardest to be a top resource for Florida seniors. We do this by vetting companies that are senior-friendly and are willing to make the pledge to serve seniors with patience, kindness and respect. We are very selective with who we recommend to our senior community to ensure that the highest quality of products and services are on our list. Recently, has added SavOn Global Meds to the growing roster of Approved Vendors. It is a company that works closely with seniors and understands the unique needs of the senior community. SavOn Global Meds is a Florida-based company that sells branded and generic prescription medication sourced from overseas at a discounted price. The company finds the lowest prices among pharmacies in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Turkey, and the UK. The same patented brands that are sold in the U.S. at high costs are sourced from these places and sold at a fraction of the retail cost and often below insurance copays. All medications are delivered to the homes of customers, which reduces costs all around. Everyone knows that the U.S. has unreasonably high prescription drug costs that seem to rise every year. The insurance companies also do not make it easy to obtain affordable options for the prescription brands that are preferred by hundreds of thousands of seniors. SavOn Global Meds has set out to provide seniors with affordable options for popular drugs that are necessary to keep living a quality life. This might sound too good to be true, so let’s break down the process so you can decide if SavOn Global Meds is right for you. You may or may not know that insurance companies vary in what drugs they cover that you are prescribed by your doctor. When you are signing up for a Medicare plan, this is something you can take into consideration in order to decrease costs in the long run, but those who are unfamiliar with their plan’s specifics may not understand that their drug is not covered. Additionally, you may not know that you will need a specific drug until it is prescribed by your doctor and you are already locked into a plan. This is where things can get tricky. If your plan does not cover the prescription cost or the drug lies within the top-tier price of drugs, you will have to pay 25% of the cost of the drug. If it is a $4,000 drug, you will be paying hefty fees. The team at SavOn Global Meds understands this complicated process and simplifies it by comparing what you are or will be paying with what they can provide you. They have a long list of branded and generic prescription drugs that seniors frequently use and have been able to source them from around the world at affordable prices. The team also informs seniors of the ways that prescription drugs can turn into a large financial burden and provides advice on how to avoid it. is proud to have SavOn Global Meds as an Approved Vendor since they strive to help seniors save money. They help seniors because they are seniors and they do not want any more seniors to have to choose between going to the grocery store or getting their prescriptions. The team believes that all seniors should have access to the prescription drugs they need at prices they can afford. For more information about SavOn Global Meds, call Phone: 561-250-8251 or Phone: 866-435-7650 or visit

Disabled American Veterans Title Magazine is a popular print and online magazine for the senior population of Florida. It works to provide a growing directory of vetted resources that caters to the specific needs of seniors. The Disabled American Veterans charity is one of those resources that understands the senior population with a mission of meeting the needs of veterans, especially those that have been wounded. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a nonprofit charity that assists veterans with a variety of needs such as claiming medical benefits as well as connecting them with meaningful employment and providing resources needed to find specific jobs. The overall mission of the charity is to give back to these men and women who risked their lives for our nation and to ensure they have the resources to get back on their feet and live a high-quality life. “We are excited to have the Disabled American Veterans charity as part of our growing roster of Approved Vendors because they understand the mission of and we understand their mission of providing resources to wounded veterans in need,” said Julian Cantillo, President and Founder of “This is the kind of organization that we enjoy recognizing because their commitment to serving the needs of seniors is what we strive for as well.” Disabled American Veterans Part 2 DAV has aided more than one million veterans and the organization provides more than 600,000 car rides for veterans that need to attend medical appointments but cannot get themselves there. The organization also has assisted veterans with more than 200,000 benefit claims that would have otherwise not been used. It is a membership-based program with a growing list of organizations that provide special, money-saving benefits. Membership fees can be paid all at once or in monthly installments. The cost depends on age and the price starts at $180 for those between 61 and 70 years of age and it decreases to $140 for those between the ages of 71 and 79. Anyone above the age of 80 can get the membership for free. For more information, visit

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The core mission of the Family is to serve the needs of seniors in every way we can. Our new association with the ClearCaptions organization is a perfect fit for filling a critical need in many seniors’ lives. One of the most common challenges faced by seniors is hearing loss. Having difficulty hearing can be a serious problem in many situations, but it is especially troublesome when communicating by telephone. ClearCaptions In the past, hearing loss has seriously limited or completely blocked seniors’ access to telephone communication. ClearCaptions is a no-cost phone service that provides almost real time captions of telephone conversations. ClearCaptions makes it possible for people with trouble hearing to use telephones with as little difficulty as possible. The ClearCaptions service works very much like captioned television programs by allowing users to read a nearly real-time text version of what callers say. This works on the ClearCaptions home phone and mobile devices. This service is available now for iOS® devices (models 5S and greater) and the Android version is coming soon! This ClearCaptions service is offered completely free for qualified individuals whose hearing loss inhibits their phone use. How can this be? ClearCaptions is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-certified captioning provider. Their text captioning equipment and service is funded through Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a fund that established the Telecommunications Relay Service. There is no cost to individuals whose hearing loss inhibits their phone use. Seniors who have hearing loss pay normal charges for broadband and telephone service, but ClearCaptions products and services are no-cost to qualified users—no extra cost or surcharge. This captioned telephone service may use a live operator who generates captions of what the other party says. These captions are then sent to the phone and the costs are paid from a federally-administered fund. For in-home telephone lines, a ClearCaptions specialist will come to the senior’s home, install the no-cost ClearCaptions home phone and train the person who needs this service it on its use. This device comes with a full-color touchscreen display, a built-in speaker phone for hands-free calling and an answering machine with captioned text messages. ClearCaptions knows that any new technology can sometimes be difficult to learn, so they provide ongoing, free customer support. For cell phone users, the no-cost ClearCaptions Mobile App iPhone allows users to enjoy captioned calls at no additional cost. Users will receive their own complementary, personalized ClearCaptions Voice™ phone number, exclusively for text captioned calls. The ClearCaptions Mobile App makes it easy to receive call captions on your mobile phone, giving seniors the freedom to stay connected, wherever they go. As with the in-home version of ClearCaptions service, Clear Captions makes it easy to get the assistance you need, wherever you are. Clear Captions Ad The devoted team of ClearCaptions customer support experts is always there to help seniors with either in-home or mobile app questions. To qualify for ClearCaptions products and services, seniors must be certified by a qualified healthcare professional. This certification of hearing loss may come from an audiologist or other qualified healthcare professional. The provider will be required to complete a certification form, stating the need for captioned telephone service. The OurSeniors Family of trusted Approved Vendors and partners is very pleased to welcome ClearCaptions! The service they provide to seniors is absolutely no-cost, as well as being of great value to OurSeniors. It will bring help and comfort to seniors themselves as well as to their families and friends. Like our partners at the Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Books, ClearCaptions helps overcome some of the challenges that seniors sometimes face. Thank you, ClearCaptions! You can visit the ClearCaptions web section inside the by clicking ClearCaptions on or by calling 386-210-9844. The Family Welcomes ClearCaptions by an Staff Writer is very pleased to welcome this new member to our family of Approved Vendors.

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The Family is dedicated to serving the needs of seniors, and we are always eager and grateful to associate with likeminded organizations. The Volunteers for Community Impact (VCI) organization is just such a group. VCI is dedicated to promoting volunteerism in the greater Orlando and Central Florida area. Their programs serve Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia counties. VCI volunteers have numerous opportunities to make a positive impact in their own communities through activities such as reading to under-privileged youth, mentoring children of all ages, packaging meals to assist with local hunger projects, helping to solve homelessness issues, providing support to families in hospital settings and preparing young children for kindergarten. Volunteers for Community Impact VCI is an umbrella organization that engages in several activities that benefit seniors and the greater community, often by using the talent and experience of seniors themselves. Since 1977, VCI has consistently provided volunteers who give anywhere from a few hours to thousands of hours of unpaid service each year. The VCI motto is “IMPROVING LIVES THROUGH VOLUNTEERISM,” and they certainly do that! VCI, formally known as Florida Senior Programs or FSP, was created in 1974 and has grown substantially since then. Currently, it is the sponsor of the Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) of Central Florida and the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). In the past five years, their volunteers have given over two million hours of service to community causes—$45 million worth of voluntary service. The FGP enables mature adults 55+ to support children who are having difficulty in school, helping them advance to the next grade level with their peers. These good people are heroes to children who are struggling to learn. Foster Grandparents guide them towards a path to success. Children mentored by Foster Grandparents show positive relationships with their mentor and improvement in behavior. The RSVP enables mature adults to use their energy and experience to change the lives of other Central Florida residents. RSVP volunteers serve in areas such as education, food provision and health. They play critical roles in producing educational success, combating homelessness, providing hospital support and senior services. This program is open to all adults over 55 years of age. The OurSeniors Family is happy to be associated with Volunteers for Community Impact. Like the Family and all our partners, VCI shares our concern for seniors and our communities. Welcome aboard, VCI!

New Beach Title

The New Smyrna Beach Auxiliary was established in 1960 for the purpose of serving the New Smyrna Beach community hospital, their healthcare workers, patients and visiting families. The Auxiliary is a standalone organization of an all-volunteer work force, a 401c (3) not-for-profit. Over the years, we have seen many changes to our community hospital including the expansion of facilities, hospital management changes, and name changes from Bert Fish Medical Center to Florida Hospital to AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach. Currently, we have 110 volunteers that support patients, visitors and medical staff in many capacities. Our volunteers serve a fourhour shift when on duty. We request that a volunteer be able to contribute at least 60 hours in a 12-month period. Training is provided on hospital procedures, wheelchair operations, overall safety requirements and specific operational duties. The hospital provides each volunteer with a meal for every shift they serve, TB Screening, flu shots during flu season and workers compensation if injured at the hospital. The Auxiliary also provides each volunteer with a uniform, special event luncheons and an Assistance Fund for emergencies, funded through our annual dues ($5) and donations.

The areas of support that our volunteers provide are:

  • Cozy Cart
  •  Diabetic Health
  • Emergency Department
  • Family Waiting Room
  • Gift Shop
  • Oncology
  • OR/SDS
  • Out Patient
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Shuttle Cart
  • Tower Information Desk
  • Registration Desk
  • Medical Plaza Rt. 95

In addition to volunteering valuable time, we also generate funds through our gift shop and lobby sales that are, in turn, donated to make improvements to the hospital. For many years, the Auxiliary owned and managed the Pink Door Thrift Shop. In 2018, the Auxiliary sold the Pink Door property and converted the proceeds into a Permanent Investment Fund with the dividends, interest and appreciation gains to be used for future donations.

The Auxiliary made three major donations in 2019:

1. A donation of $40,000 to AdventHealth Foundation to be use on hospital projects. This year’s project is the purchase of a state-of-the-art 3D Mammography Unit which is currently not available in NSB.

2. We provided three scholarships totaling $6,000 to NSB High School seniors who will be attending advance studies in the healthcare profession. The scholarships were award to Daniel Roche, Kaitlynn Hunsberger and William Fox.

3. A donation of $5,000 to NSB Shriners Club and Under the Stars Meals. Meals are provided to low incomes families by Under the Stars Meals at the Shriner’s Club building on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

The search for volunteers is ON! AdventHealth NSB Auxiliary is encouraging anyone who wishes to support the causes of the Auxiliary to join our team. Serving the needs of the hospital patients and families is incredibly rewarding, and the caring services provided have a real impact on the community. Opportunities are available now in a variety of different areas. To learn about all the opportunities available, call the Auxiliary office at 386-424-5268, or visit in person at 401 Palmetto Street in New Smyrna Beach. Make a difference today by joining the Advent Health NSB Auxiliary team!

Advocate Title

The Family understands that health care issues are a large and growing concern for seniors and their families. Advocate Part 2 That is why we are happy and proud to welcome a new partner, Advocate Health Advisors (AHA). This fine organization shares the core mission of the Family: service to seniors. Today, every senior must make decisions that impact the cost and quality of medical care. We are in a period of rapid change in the healthcare system, and the issues surrounding that care are complicated. They may involve Medicare, VA benefits, Medigap plans, Advantage plans and other subjects that can get confusing very quickly. Having well-informed help before making these vital decisions is important. AHA provides exactly that. AHA is a health and well being advisory company. Founded in 2005 and based right here in Florida, it is a veteran owned business, licensed in all 50 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Its founder, Colonel Darwin Hale, is a retired military officer, having served 33 years in the United States Army. During his military career, he served in positions ranging from peacekeeping operations to combat assignments with the U.S. Special Operations Command. Since retiring, Hale has worked with top companies in the fields of healthcare services, information technologies, telecommunications and personnel management. Somehow, he also found time to write a book, Need to Know (available from The book focuses on health care and reflects Hale’s knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in successful organizations. Researching Medicare for the first time can be confusing, even frightening, and Hale understands that. “Choosing Medicare benefits is really stressful, but it doesn’t have to be,” he explains. “Our agents help people every day with what, when, and how to do it. The truth is some doctors are better than others and not all plans carry the same doctors. People deserve to know if they are scheduled to be sent to a two-star or a five-star hospital and our agents are available to do just that.” advocate Through its network of knowledgeable agents, AHA serves as a trusted resource in local communities nationwide. Seniors may be tempted to simply enroll and be done with it, but this can be a costly mistake. As the AHA CEO says, “A lot of people are struggling, and these plans have what they need. For example, some plans actually give a grocery card, and that might help put food on the table. Some people must make the decision to buy medicine or food. Our agents see situations like this every day.” AHA agents understand how complex Medicare may seem. They are well-versed in advising newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries, helping them to choose the Medicare plan best suited to their needs. With over 5000 licensed agents in all 50 states and in Puerto Rico, AHA is ready to help with any situation, from new enrollments to coordinating VA benefits with Medicare. The Medicare system often involves unexpected situations. For example, a senior who moves to a new location may find that they have left their Medicare Advantage coverage behind. But moving may give you the ability to choose a better plan, even outside of the normal election period. It may be a great opportunity to review your current coverage and see that you are getting the most out of the plans available. Like, AHA has a special concern for veterans. The Veterans Initiative at AHA focuses on two topics: making certain that veterans use their VA benefits and coordinating those benefits with Medicare in the best way possible. There are over 22 million military veterans in the United States, but less than half of them are even enrolled to receive the benefits they deserve. AHA and the family are a great match! We share the goal of serving the needs of our seniors, helping them to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that come with senior living. We give a big “Welcome Partner!” to this outstanding organization, Advocate Health Advisors. For further information you may call 407-833-6458 or 904-295-1358. The Family Welcomes Our New Partner—Advocate Health Advisors by an Staff Writer is very pleased to welcome this new member to our family of Approved Vendors. Advocate Health Advisors shares our standards, values and our goal: to serve the needs of seniors in every way possible.

Official Title has been providing resources for the senior community for over three years now. Originally called Finding Assisted Living, we always had the same goal—creating a network to help older individuals transition into a senior lifestyle. Over time, our network grew and expanded, doing more and more to better fill the needs of the senior community. While helping individuals through a lifestyle transition, other needs surfaced and it soon became apparent that more resources and a more comprehensive list were needed. Help with assisted facilities wasn’t enough, and the network grew to include a list of approved vendors who can be relied upon to help seniors with nearly any situation they might face. The list, the network and the resources continued to grow and a name change was in order. We proudly became and embraced a new goal—to better represent Central Florida seniors by offering all encompassing available resources. The transition into senior living can be a difficult time. The many options to consider and potential pitfalls can be overwhelming. There may be legal or medical issues, tax and estate matters to settle, a move to plan, real estate to buy or sell, or a new community or lifestyle to choose. Our founder, Julian Cantillo, understands, and he set out to assist and support people through the process. He built this single-source network to help with all of the problems and questions involved in this new stage of life. The Our Seniors network is created by a team of professionals, facilities, services and businesses who share a common purpose. They work together to make the senior lifestyle an easy, positive, safe and trouble-free experience. The unique part of this network is that the vendors are vetted to meet the highest standards of professional competence, business quality and service excellence, especially with regard to working with seniors. Consumers can be confident in the quality and reliability of anyone who is part of the Our Seniors network. An educational series was the next component to be added to “Brunch & Learn” is a program sponsored by to provide educational information to the senior community. Expert speakers present information on various topics concerning senior living and senior lifestyle, such as law, estate planning, financial planning, real estate, banking, and senior placement. There are short videos of these wonderful events at To learn more and register for a Brunch & Learn, visit Mr. Cantillo knew that the website would always provide free, unbiased and trustworthy advice to Florida seniors. But he also knew there were ways to offer more information and become a better resource for Florida Seniors. Magazine was created to provide more information about businesses and services that cater to the needs of seniors through a high quality printed magazine. Originally distributed in two counties, the popularity of the publication quickly expanded across all of Central Florida. The magazine has been available in print for two years now, and features interesting and informative articles, including an Amazing Senior in every edition. Amazing Senior is a regular feature in the magazine that takes readers behind the scenes and into the life of some truly amazing seniors. The current and updated directory of resources is in every issue of the magazine. One of the notable accomplishments of was earning an A+ rating earned Better Business Bureau of Central Florida in 2018. Each company that applies for BBB accreditation must meet tests that insure its professional competence and compliance with the Better Business code of Business Practices. The public knows that accreditation by the Better Business Bureau means that has met the high standards required by the BBB. Now, our website and our magazine proudly display this honor. Earlier this year, announced yet another exciting, a coupon book for local businesses and service providers. The book is designed to include all the discounts, specials and coupons available for seniors in the area. The comprehensive design makes it a convenient tool for seniors. Identifying and spotlighting senior discounts provides a win-win situation for all members of the community. Not only does the coupon book help seniors find money-saving opportunities, but the savings also encourages them to try new businesses. For the businesses and service providers, the practice of offering discounts or special savings is an excellent way to gain new clients. Another addition to is, an organization dedicated to visiting and caring for lonely seniors in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. A growing group of staff and volunteers use their talents, time and efforts to lift the spirits and bring a smile to the face of those who feel lonely and isolated. The volunteers become a local family for those in need, offering support, friendship and joy. If you are interested in supporting our cause and changing someone’s life for the better, consider a donation for a relative, friend, neighbor, or even a stranger. All proceeds will go towards supplies and items to share with our visited seniors. The most recent development at is meant to further advance growth—a new subscription service. This exciting opportunity allows everybody to have the magazine delivered right to their door. Individuals who are seasonal residents in Florida will never need to miss an issue. Subscriptions can be given as gifts to friends and loved ones. This is just one more way that is improving their level of service to the community. Subscribe by calling 386-200-5444 or visiting does much more than finding assisted living or retirement options. They are growing to meet the challenge of being an all-inclusive network of quality resources. strives to be a complete, Florida-wide resource directory for seniors, guiding them to the best choices in retirement living, assisted living, financial planning, legal advice and the myriad of other choices and challenges they must face. We want to grow alongside our community and Our Seniors. Through all of your support and readership, we can do that—thank you for being a part of the Our Seniors family. We look forward to many more years of success for all of us!

Ourseniorsdiscounts Title

This past week marked another important milestone for and the entire OurSeniors Family. In recognition of an outstanding record of integrity and professional competence, the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida has extended its highest rating of “A+” to the and the organizations. A Better Business Bureau rating of “A+” means that and have passed stringent examinations, including long business history, competency in their fields of business, compliance with all laws and regulations, transparency of business practice and a history of successful resolution of any complaints over time. The “+” sign after “A” means that this record has been maintained for at least two years. The BBB Seal of Approval is a sign that a business or non-profit organization is trustworthy and dependable. and can be very proud of this accomplishment after such a short time. It was only two years ago that was given the initial rating of “A.” Adding the PLUS so quickly is a great accomplishment. The Family combines dedication to serving the needs of seniors with providing effective communication tools for businesses, service providers, professional practices and non-profits who want to reach the senior market. Every person in the Family has a special sensitivity to the needs of seniors and an understanding of the senior marketplace. From its small beginnings four years ago, has grown to include:

• Its traditional website at, providing timely content and useful information to senior and 55+ adult readers.

• Its quarterly printed publication, the Magazine, available online and in over 240 pickup locations across a eight-county distribution area. The online digital edition of the magazine is available at Magazine.

• The new section in each copy of the magazine and online. This section provides a way for businesses, services and professional people to reach the senior market. You can see the online version at

• The Senior Transition Pro Team, a network of professional practices in law, medicine, finance, real estate and other services vital to seniors and 55+ adults as they transition into senior life.

• The Seniors Directory of Approved Vendors, a pool of vetted and trusted businesses and service providers who subscribe to the Approved Vendor Code of Ethics.

• The OurSeniors Family presence on social media sites such as on Facebook and the YouTube Channel.

• The proactive outreach of the Brunch and Learn events. In these events, the OurSeniors Family meets with, learns from and educates the senior and 55+ adult audience—the Silver Consumers you want to reach.

• Its office and professional staff, located in Ormond Beach, FL. You may contact an Advisor by phone at 866-333-2657.

• The new territory management representative in Orange and Seminole Counties. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to Gena Fernandez. She is ready to address any questions you may have about becoming an advertiser with us. You can reach her at 386-516-3969 Ext. 21 or by email at

Ourseniorsdiscounts Part 2 Through all these tools, provides multiple services to seniors themselves and to the businesses and professional practices that serve the senior market. These customers have included medical, dental and legal practices, senior assisted living facilities, memory care living facilities, in-home senior care providers and other senior-oriented businesses and service providers. This fine organization also helps general-market businesses who want to communicate with and serve the needs of seniors. This has included organizations such as auto dealerships, auto repair services, home maintenance services, roofing services, paint and paint supplies, tree removal services and even the Humane Society. The OurSeniors Family of professionals will continue to meet the high standards that gave us the BBB’s “A+” rating. Please joint us if you wish to serve the ever growing senior and 55+ adult market. You can contact an professional advisor by phone at 866-333-2657 or by email at

St. Johns Title has great news for residents of St. Johns County. Starting immediately, the Family will be bringing all its services and activities to this fast-growing hub of senior activity. As a matter of fact, 55+ adults and seniors make up about 43% of the St. Johns County population, making it one of the most senior-centered counties in the United States. Meeting the needs of seniors in all ways possible is the core mission of the Family, so this is a natural place for us to be. While meeting these needs, we provide business, professional and service people with a cost effective way to reach out to the senior market. All the Family of activities and organizations specifically target the 55 and over market. Each quarter, the Magazine and its pullout section,, is distributed FREE to consumers. Thousands of printed copies of the Magazine circulate throughout Central Florida, including Volusia, Flagler, Seminole, Lake, Polk, Orange and coming this summer to include St. Johns County. The Brunch and Learn Events give seniors a chance to network with us and learn from experts in senior-related topics. The program gives businesses a chance to earn a share of the senior consumer dollar (we call them Silver Dollars). Our traditional web presence, social media activities and good, old fashioned professional office staff are all centered on serving seniors and giving business and professional people a way to reach them. “Seniors ‘R Us” and meeting their needs and influencing them is our business! How important is this in St. Johns County? That figure of 43% of total population is impressive, but it underestimates the real buying power of Silver Consumers. If you think of the consumer population as being young adults (18 and up) through seniors, then the real figure is 53%! St. Johns Part 2 That is right, 53% of adults in this county are 55+ adults and seniors. Our service and marketing programs specifically target them. This gives small businesses and professional people an opportunity to leverage advertising dollars in a way that increases their exposure to a huge market sector. You can get details about this outstanding opportunity by calling 386-204-4727 or Contact Us at ( Here we GROW again! Less than four years ago, did not exist in any form. Today, our varied activities and programs cover a total market of more than 1.3 million senior consumers! Heck, we are already bigger than Wyoming, so look out, Texas!

Fast Teks Title is excited to welcome Jim Wilson and his staff at Fast-Teks On-Site Computer Services to the family of senior-friendly businesses and professional organizations. Advances in technology seem to move at lightning speed, so it can be frustrating when things go wrong with computers and other devices. Fast Teks Part 2 Thanks to Fast-Teks and their computer expertise, getting help is as easy as making a phone call. Their tag line is, “We come to you.” A phone call is the only action required on the customer’s part; an appointment is scheduled and a technician is dispatched. There is no need to transport the computer because Fast-Teks comes to the computer, whether it is located in a residence or a business. Solving computer issues doesn’t get much easier than that! In March of 2010, Jim Wilson first opened Fast-Teks, located at 226 N. Nova Rd. in Ormond Beach, FL. The technicians now cover Flagler and East Volusia counties. Many of the calls handled by Fast-Teks are for virus removals and internet security. But Fast-Teks is a full-service computer sales and repair company. With their technical knowledge and understanding, Fast-Teks is “Your one call computer experts.” They can recommend, sell and set up the right computer for specific uses, then provide training on any needed software. Fast-Teks can set up a network or troubleshoot an existing one. They can recover data from a damaged computer or transfer data from old equipment onto new. Whatever computer services are needed, Fast-Teks has the solution. In this day and age, with so much reliance on computers and other electronic devices, it is reassuring to know that help and solutions are just a phone call away. In generations past, doctors made house calls, today Fast-Teks makes the house calls and they can be reached at 386-267-6898. family of senior friendly service, product and professional providers continues to grow! Today, we welcome Jim Wilson and the staff at Fast-Teks On-Site Computer services. Like all of the family, they are eager to meet the needs of seniors in all ways. is very pleased to welcome this new member to our family of Approved Vendors. Fast-Teks On-Site Computer Services shares our standards, values and our goal: to serve the needs of seniors in every way possible.

Murray Insurance Agency Title

The Family is dedicated to helping seniors in every way possible. That is why we seek out associates like our newest partner, the Murray Insurance Agency. Every one of the Family of Approved Vendors and Partners seeks to help seniors in their own way. For the Murray Insurance Agency, that means a commitment to helping seniors find the best possible healthcare and other insurance coverage, one of the most important challenges faced by seniors. Murray Insurance Agency Part 2 The Murray Insurance Agency has been serving the needs of Florida’s seniors for decades. Founded in 1981 by Mr. Edward Murry, it remains a local, family-owned company, now managed by his daughter, Stephanie Murray-Aldridge. Because it is a family-owned business, decisions are made locally, and the Murray Agency can respond quickly to the changing needs of their extended family—the residents of Florida. The success of the agency is based on the core principles shared by the entire Family: service to seniors. As Ed Murray himself says, “We must be doing something right because we’re still here and we’ve helped more than 160,000 Floridians find the health coverage that’s right for them. Our current clients keep referring us to their friends and family.” Murray Insurance Agency Part 3 The Murray Agency is dedicated to helping seniors find the right insurance, at the right price, whether that means individual & family health insurance, Medicare, group insurance, life insurance, accident insurance and/or vision insurance. That commitment to serving the needs of seniors has made the Murray Agency a great success; it now serves the insurance needs of Florida’s seniors statewide, with 50 agents in five offices. Health insurance is of particular importance for seniors. The professionals here know that shopping for health insurance can be a confusing task. Many people end up paying more than they should. That’s where Murray Insurance Agency truly shines—it is one of Florida Blue’s top ten agencies in the entire state, and its agents are Medicare Specialists who have completed the licensing Medicare training, as well as training with Florida Blue and passed a rigorous examination. Murray Agency is also a Contracted General Agency with the Florida Blue and Florida Health Care Plans. That’s important, because both of those plans are not just well-known, but well established and trusted. They’ve been around for over 30 years and were both given Medicare’s coveted “5-Star Medicare Advantage HMO Plan” excellence rating for 2019. Murray’s home office is in Seminole County and can be reached at 321-233-2424, but their professionals offer service to all of Florida. This includes Longwood, Orlando, Kissimmee, Palm Beach, Miami, Broward County, Sarasota, Port St Lucie, Hallandale Beach, Boca Raton, Holly Hill, Orange City, and Daytona. The Family is especially impressed by the Murray Insurance Agency’s commitment to helping seniors in every possible way when it comes to their healthcare coverage. Their Medicare Specialists meet face to face with clients or by using up-to-date computer screen technology to compare plans, which ever method is most convenient for the senior client. They offer internet “Webinars” year-round, specifically designed for people turning 65, helping them transition into Medicare. These Webinars are free and purely educational. The hosts discuss the details of Medicare, including the differences between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans. That is exactly the kind of commitment to serving the needs of seniors we strive for in the Family of organizations! We are very pleased to welcome the Murray Insurance Agency to our family of senior-friendly business and service organizations. Welcomes the Murray Insurance Agency Stephanie Murray-Aldridge Chief Operating Officer is very pleased to welcome this new member to our family of Approved Vendors. Murray Insurance Agency shares our standards, values and our goal: to serve the needs of seniors in every way possible.

Best For My Parents Title

At, we often say that our purpose is to serve the needs of seniors in all ways possible. Our newest partner, the Best for My Parents Senior Placement Service, has a similar mission: they truly are advocates for Seniors. Not merely a business, Best for My Parents looks out for the wellbeing of seniors as they search for the best available senior living or senior care. The fact is that so many seniors have not thought ahead about the possibility of needing some level of care or assisted living. If and when that time comes, they and their families are not prepared to make critical decisions in an informed way. That is why Best for My Parents was created. The name says it all—they want to help seniors and their families choose the perfect assisted living facility or other care services for that special person. To accomplish this goal, Best for My Parents has established relationships with a great variety of senior care and assisted living facilities in Volusia County and other areas of Florida. This scale of operation enables them to find and negotiate the most favorable placement at the best price for seniors. They literally seek out the “best for my parents,” as if that senior were their own mother or father!

Best for My Parents offers these great benefits when looking for assisted living:

• Best for My Parents Services Are Always Free to Seniors. The Best for My Parents business model does not charge seniors or their families for any of their services. These services are always free!

• The Silver Savings™ Discount-a unique program available only from Best for My Parents. They have already negotiated with senior care and senior assisted living facilities in Volusia County and expanding areas. Best for My Parents is able to get the best possible terms for basic assisted living amenities as well as additional services like medication management or physical therapy. Providing senior care can place a significant financial burden on both the senior and their family members. Best for My Parents can ease some of the financial stress with its Silver Savings Discount Program. Silver Savings™ offers unprecedented discounts to the seniors in our community, so that you can get better care at a more affordable price! To be sure to get the Silver Savings™ Discount, contact Best for My Parents first at 386-200-4424. You can learn more about the Silver Savings™ Discount Program by calling now or visiting them or visiting and searching for them under Directory, Senior Living, then Senior Placement Advisors. You can also click the link HERE.

• The Expert and Experienced Team at Best for My Parents. With over 30 years of experience in senior care and senior assisted living, they have been advocating for Seniors for over three decades, and they know the ins-and-outs of the industry. Best for My Parents can help you in navigating the Florida Medicaid system and Medicaid waiver requirements as well as discovering any VA benefits to which you may be entitled. Best For My Parents Part 2

If you are just beginning to think about senior care or senior assisted living options for yourself or a loved one, now is the perfect time to contact Best for My Parents. Their free services begin the minute you call to investigate your options. The team will help you to objectively determine the needs and requirements of the situation and to inform you of the choices open to you. Currently, Best for My Parents maintains a directory of over 100 senior assisted living facilities throughout Florida, and the team can help you find the perfect facility for you or your senior loved one. Remember, the Silver Savings™ Program and the expert, knowledgeable services are free to seniors! Best for My Parents carefully selects and reviews each facility to ensure the highest quality of life for their clients. They will not list a facility unless they are completely confident that it is a quality senior care provider. Their process is about much more than finding the right senior care or assisted living facility; it is about making you feel confident that you or your loved one is safe and secure, knowing that they will get the best quality care. Welcome to Best for My Parents Senior Placement Service is very pleased to welcome this new member to our family of Approved Vendors. Best for My Parents shares our standards, values and our goal: to serve the needs of seniors in every way possible.

Dr. Sandeep Patel Title is honored to welcome Dr. Sandeep Patel, D.D.S., and his staff at My Daytona Dental to our family of seniororiented businesses and professional organizations. Like all of the family, Dr. Patel has a special calling and talent for serving the requirements of seniors. Good medical and dental care are two of the most important needs in seniors’ lives. Dr. Patel was born and raised in Daytona Beach, where he attended Seabreeze High School. Showing his talents early, he was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” by his high school classmates, and while in high school, he earned the Daytona Beach News Journal Medallion of Excellence Award. Dr. Patel attended the University of Miami as an undergraduate, and went on to earn his Doctor of Dental Science degree from New York University College of Dentisry, one of the top dental schools in the nation. He remained in New York to continue his education in a General Practice Residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Jacobi Medical Center. While there, he completed Advanced Implant Dentistry Training and scored the highest possible rating on his resident evaluation. In 2011, he returned to his hometown of Daytona Beach where he began his current office practice, My Daytona Dental. Since that return, Dr. Patel has continued to be a leader in his profession, as well as in his community. He is a past president of the Volusia-Flagler County Dental Association and a board member of the Daytona State College Dental Advisory Board. His office participates in the local Adopt-A-Highway Program, he donates time and services to the Halifax Urban Ministries and participates in the “Give Kids A Smile” program. Still remembering his local roots, he supports the Seabreeze High School tennis and football teams, as well as mentoring pre-dental students. Each year, the Daytona News Journal’s Volusia-Flagler Business Report honors 40 young professionals for their achievements, both professionally and as community volunteers. In 2017, Dr. Patel was honored to be chosen as one of the “Top 40 under 40” and also received the distinction of the “most charitable young professional” of the year by the Business Report. Dr. Sandeep Patel Part 2 That same year, he received the prestigious Fellowship Award from the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). The Fellowship Award is presented to dentists who strive to provide the highest quality of dental care by remaining current in their profession. The Fellowship Award symbolizes excellence in the dental profession and a commitment to providing exceptional patient care, going well beyond basic requirements. Even with all his professional and community activities, Dr. Patel and his wife, Dr. Sapna Adappa (also a practicing dentist) have found time to be raising a family. They are the parents of twin boys. Our community is truly fortunate to have these professionals and their family. Many patients choose a dentist based solely on how close their office happens to be, or on the most recent mail coupon they have. Dr. Patel strives to present patients with a better option for choosing a dental professional: great care at a great value. His office realizes that dental care can become costly, and they are dedicated to saving the patient as much expense as possible. For procedures that are not covered by insurance, they offer payment plans that suit patient needs. My Daytona Dental understands the dental health requirements of senior patients. Dr. Patel is a general practice dentist, but his training in Advanced Implant Dentistry makes him especially well qualified to help seniors. Seniors may have missing or damaged teeth for a number of reasons. He and his staff take the time to counsel patients, educating them about their dental care options. Crowns, bridges, implants or full dentures are all possibilities for some patients. Implants are the best solution for many dental problems, but they may not always be possible. Dr. Patel and his staff make sure that seniors understand their choices and help them choose the best treatment course. My Daytona Dental is centrally located in Daytona Beach for easy access from Ormond, Port Orange and the beaches. The office, at 624 S. Ridgewood Ave., Suite B in Daytona Beach can be reached by phone at 386-200-5103. The family of senior-friendly service, product and professional providers continues to grow! Today, we welcome Dr. Sandeep Patel, D.D.S., and the professionals at My Daytona Dental. Like all of the family, they are exceptionally able and eager to meet the needs of seniors in all ways.

Talking Books Library Services Title is excited to announce that the Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Books Library Services has joined up as an approved provider of senior services. The Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Books Library Services is part of a state agency working in cooperation with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, under the U.S. Library of Congress. It is administered through the Division of Blind Services, Florida Department of Education. The Library offices are located in Daytona Beach, and services are provided to the entire state of Florida in cooperation with nine sub-regional libraries throughout the state. The Library distributes books and magazines in both braille and audio formats to individuals who are not able to read standard print due to visual impairment, physical disability or a certifiable reading disability such as organic dyslexia. Delivery of Library materials is free through the U.S. Postal Service, or they may be downloaded from the website. The Library also provides each user with the long-term loans of a digital players for listening to audio books, and amplified headphones are available for users with hearing loss. Downloaded audio books may be played on the Library player, or there is a free app that allows users to download directly to iPhones, Androids and other personal smart devices. “We are very pleased to join the listing of approved service providers vetted by OurSeniors,” says Kathy Searle Acevedo, the Coordinator of Volunteer Services and Outreach at the Library. “Our Library offers a marvelous service, and our goal is to reach all Floridians eligible to receive it. This includes anyone with a condition that keeps them from reading or handling normal print, not only vision loss but also physical disabilities. These individuals all qualify for our services, free of charge, and we want them to be aware of it! We know that listing with OurSeniors is going to help get the word out in the seven Central Florida counties now covered by the magazine.” All services are completely free for any Florida adult or child who qualifies. The Library also has institutional memberships available for schools, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and independent living facilities, hospitals, medical practices and any other institution that regularly deals with persons who may be eligible for Library services. “It is great to bring on board the Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library Services,” says Julian G. Cantillo, President and Founder of “It gives everyone the access they need to read books. We are truly honored to have them.” Each edition of Magazine provides a current and constantly updating directory of resources for the senior population. Talking Books Library Services Part 2 This is a network of businesses and professionals that operate with sensitivity to the unique needs of Central Florida’s growing senior population. Not only a Magazine but a Resource Directory for Central Florida seniors helps them and their families. Businesses and professionals can likewise use as a tool to connect with a rapidly growing customer segment through association with a trusted organization. This valuable state agency is an excellent addition to the directory of Central Florida Senior services, resources and magazine.

Talking Books Library Services Part 3
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Ormond Beach, FL—July 25th 2018 – Magazine, a popular print and online resource to the senior population of Florida, has expanded circulation of its print edition to include Volusia and Flagler and adding five additional Florida counties: Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk and Seminole. Already available in Volusia and Flagler counties, the senior lifestyle magazine will now be in print throughout Central Florida. The quarterly publication is free of charge and can be found at locations like Denny’s, DB Pickles, Carraba’s, Golden Corral and Daytona International Auto Mall, as well as over 200 pick up locations just throughout Volusia and Flagler counties. Magazine is also available in an online format. This expansion meets the needs of a growing population in Central Florida. Active seniors make up a large percentage of the population in the area, and those seniors are often in need of professional assistance for everything from home repair and landscaping to financial and medical assistance. Meeting the needs of the Central Florida senior market with trusted professionals and informative articles is the goal of Magazine and website. Central Florida Part 2 Each edition of Magazine provides a current and constantly updating directory of resources for the senior population. This is a network of businesses and professionals that operate with sensitivity to the unique needs of Central Florida’s growing senior population. All partners listed in the online directory abide by the Approved Vendor Code of Ethics. This assurance gives Central Florida seniors the confidence to know a business has been thoroughly vetted for quality of service and expertise in working with seniors. Businesses and professionals can likewise use ( as a tool to connect with a rapidly-growing customer segment through association with a trusted organization. President and Founder of, Julian G. Cantillo is proud of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation earned by the magazine and directory earlier this year. The accreditation process involves an examination of business history, competency in its field of business, compliance with all laws and regulations, transparency of business practice and a history of successful resolution of any complaints. The BBB Seal of Approval is awarded only after a thorough examination of an organization. The designation provides a visible indicator to consumers that an organization is dependable and trustworthy. Mr. Cantillo commented, “It is truly an honor and privilege to serve OurSeniors throughout Central Florida.” With increased circulation and the BBB accreditation, continues to fill a need in the senior marketplace. is building a community network of resources that can be trusted and frequented with confidence. Headquartered in Ormond Beach, has professional advisors available by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español) and via the Contact Us tool on the website.

Flagler Family YMCA Title is pleased to welcome Volusia Flagler Family YMCA to the approved network of senior-friendly organizations. Started in 1919, the first facility in Daytona Beach opened in 1922. For nearly 100 years, the Volusia Flagler Family YMCA has been growing and changing to meet the needs of the surrounding community. Today, there are six locations throughout Volusia and Flagler counties. Supporting both coastal and inland residents, facilities can be found in Holly Hill, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Edgewater, DeLand and Deltona. DeLeon Springs is home to YMCA Camp Winona, a 68-acre facility in the woods. Camp Winona may be best known for the beautiful spring fed lake. It has been the site of many youth summer camps, and is also available for use in corporate or family events. Check out the link to learn more about the offerings and facilities at YMCA Camp Winona. Volusia Flagler Family YMCA is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to strengthen communities. With a mission to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body, the Y offers something to appeal to every segment of the community. From afterschool programs for children to adult sports, and health and wellness screenings, the Y offers resources for all community members. The office for the Volusia Flagler Family YMCA is located in DeLand. This is where the leadership team meets to establish the areas of focus and the best paths to accomplish the goals. One area of focus is nurturing the potential in every child. Another important focus is improvement of the community’s health and well-being. Social responsibility is another key component in the strength of a community. These three areas of focus are embedded in the programs at the Y. By bringing families and communities together, and fostering those connections, the Y empowers people to be healthy, confident, connected and secure. The motto at the Y is “Together we can build a better us,” and that feeling of togetherness and positive attitude shines through in all activities and events. Flagler Family YMCA Part 2 Teresa Rand, President and CEO of the Volusia Flagler YMCA, stated “I am pleased to be a partner with in highlighting activities and important information for our area seniors. Seniors are a vital part of our community and the Y is a great place for them to be healthy and form great social connections.” Explore the website for Volusia Flagler Family YMCA to get more information and join. The website shows the exact locations of the facilities. It provides descriptions of the various program offerings and the schedules. Flagler Family YMCA Part 3 Look at the calendar to see what events are coming up, and read some of the inspiring testimonials included on the website. Click the Support link to learn the different ways to support the organization through giving, sponsorship or volunteering. At, we strive to provide resources that meet our high standards in serving seniors. Approved vendors agree to abide by the Code of Ethics in serving the senior community. As we welcome Volusia Flagler Family YMCA to this growing network, please visit Approved Vendors. strives to be a reliable source of information and services to the senior community. Visit our website to locate online resources. Read our senior living magazine, Magazine for articles and resources. Visit Approved Vendors to locate Volusia Flagler Family YMCA and others with the sensitivity, knowledge and skills to effectively serve seniors.

Market Street Memory Care Title is excited to welcome Market Street Memory Care to our network. Market Street Memory Care recently opened a new location in Palm Coast. The organization brings unparalleled and innovative care, ushering in a new concept in this type of assisted living, and fulfilling a mission to welcome, to care, to serve. The third location in Florida designed specifically for memory care, the Palm Coast facility celebrated their grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony in July. 58951 Market Street Logo 600 The Market Street Memory Care is unique, not only because it is designed specifically for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia, but also because of the pioneering design of the environment. The community is constructed to stimulate the senses, helping encourage residents to make connections. The atmosphere in Market Place is that of a small town, with the Market Plaza as a community gathering area. The plaza is complete with flowers, trees, a newsstand and a post office. Other amenities found in the plaza include an art gallery, bakery, and a salon and spa for use by the residents. All these features are carefully planned, providing residents a multi-sensory experience that stimulate the brain to help them make connections. Beyond an environment that provides a hometown feel, Market Street Memory Care creates individual programming tailored to enrich the life of each resident. Classes in painting, yoga, cooking and gardening are a few of the activities available at Market Street. Activities are scheduled that fit the senior lifestyle the residents may have had while living independently. Another part of their personalized program includes familiar music to help memories. Families are consulted and help in suggesting music that will be meaningful to the resident. Each resident has a personal profile that includes things like include photos, personal history and other memories. The profile can be accessed to help make connections and rekindle memories. The concept is that the individualized programming will help the residents maximize their memory function. The associates at Market Street are Certified Dementia Care Practitioners and Specialists, with training beyond that required by the State of Florida. Market Street is committed to enriching the lives of seniors by providing extraordinary care for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The services are delivered with honor and respect to the residents, passion for the work and the belief that each individual has potential. Market Street Memory Care Part 2 This holistic approach in a memory care setting is ground-breaking. It sets a new standard of care for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia and sets Market Street apart from any other facility of its kind. Market Street entered the Florida marketplace a few short years ago with their new and innovative ideas. They seem to be proving that their commitment to serving the senior community goes far beyond traditional expectations. At, we strive to provide resources that meet our high standards in serving seniors. Approved vendors agree to abide by the Code of Ethics in serving the senior community. As we welcome Market Street Memory Care to this growing network, please visit Approved Vendors. Through the organization, we strive to be a reliable source of information and services to the senior community. Visit our website to locate online resources. Read our senior living magazine, Magazine, for articles and resources. Visit Approved Vendors to locate Market Street Memory Care and others with the sensitivity, knowledge and skills to compassionately serve seniors.

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Please join us in welcoming Humana, a leading health and well-being company, to the network of senior-friendly businesses. Humana Humana is committed to helping millions of medical and specialty members achieve their best health. Its successful history in care delivery and health plan administration is helping create a new kind of integrated care with the power to improve health and wellbeing and lower costs. Humana Part 2 Humana’s efforts are leading to a better quality of life for people with Medicare, families, individuals, military service personnel and communities at large. In Florida, Humana has more than 30 years of Medicare experience, and serves more than one million Medicare Advantage members. For more information, stop by Humana’s Daytona Beach location at 1500 Beville Road, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or call 386-200-4191. You may also visit one of Humana’s other Central Florida offices in Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Lake, Marion, Nassau, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Putnam, Seminole, St. Johns, Sumter and Volusia counties. At, we strive to provide resources that meet our high standards in serving seniors. Approved vendors agree to abide by the Code of Ethics in serving the senior community. We welcome Humana to this growing network. Stay tuned for the upcoming dates and venues of our Brunch and Learn Events coming in October, November and December. Through the organization, we strive to be a reliable source of information and services to the senior community. Visit our website to locate online resources. Read our senior living magazine Magazine for articles and resources. Visit Approved Vendors to locate Humana and others with the sensitivity, knowledge and skills to effectively serve seniors.

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The Daytona Beach area is famous as a vacation destination, with miles of beautiful beaches and coastline. But the area is more than that—Daytona Beach is year-round home to tens of thousands of people. The area features many wonderful amenities and recreational activities for both residents and visitors. There are recreation facilities and beautiful, well-maintained parks throughout the City of Daytona Beach which are available to our residents and visitors. These parks and facilities are maintained by the City of Daytona Beach Leisure Services Department, which dedicates itself to providing safe facilities and a selection of recreation and cultural programs that fit the needs of the community. There are four different recreation centers run by Keith Willis, Interim Leisure Services Administrator, City of Daytona Beach Leisure Services Department: John H. Dickerson Community Center, Midtown Cultural & Educational Center, Peggy Schnebly Community Center, and Yvonne Scarlett Golden Center. The centers are located in different parts of the city, ensuring that all residents have a place to go to that is close to home. City of Daytona Beach The John H. Dickerson Community Center is located at 308 South Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. The community center took over the vacant building that once housed Campbell Street High School. In fact, the center is named for the school’s former principal, who spearheaded the efforts to transform the building into a community center. In addition to recreational facilities, the building hosts the Boys and Girls Club and The Dynamic Dickerson Senior Oasis meetings weekly, which provides keynote speakers for the seniors, as well as tax services. The Midtown Cultural and Educational Center is located at 925 George W. Engram Boulevard. This facility provides a gymnasium, indoor pickleball and basketball courts, a music and recording studio, parent and tots gymnastics, computer lab, an art studio and a dance studio, all available for community use. It also houses the Sensational Senior Oasis weekly meetings. This venue has kitchen space available for event rentals and can hold over 350 people. The Peggy Schnebly Recreation Center is located at 1101 North Atlantic Avenue. The offerings at this center include an array of senior exercise classes, ballroom dancing, writer’s group, arts and crafts, quilting, computers, fitness and a game room. The facility hosts The Young at Heart Senior Oasis monthly luncheon and field trips. Also, they have outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball and two new pickleball courts. The facility also houses an Annual Quality of Life Health Fair, and they have five dance parties per year held especially for individuals with disabilities. With such a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities, this center keeps people coming for more. It’s a great place to have fun and meet your neighbors! The Yvonne Scarlett Golden Cultural and Educational Center is located at 1000 Vine Street. It houses a library, gym, theater and photography studio, among other great recreational options. The facility serves as a meeting place for the Golden Senior Oasis, a senior citizens group. The group might watch a movie or listen to a speaker once a week, and travel overnight on a trip the next week. Other activities include board games, game room and education programs of interest to seniors. In addition to the activities the beautiful facility houses, quarterly art exhibits for the community to tour. At, we strive to provide resources that meet our high standards in serving seniors. Approved vendors agree to abide by the Code of Ethics in serving the senior community. “It is truly an honor and privilege to welcome The City of Daytona Beach Leisure Services to this growing network of Resources for,” stated President and Founder Julian G. Cantillo of Magazine. Through the organization, we strive to be a reliable source of information and services to the senior community. Visit our website to locate online resources. Read our senior living magazine Magazine for articles and resources. Visit Approved Vendors to locate City of Daytona Beach Leisure Services and others with the sensitivity, knowledge, and skills to accommodate the seniors in our local communities. If you want to learn more about what the City of Daytona Beach has to offer, please give them a call at 386-210-7690.

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ORMOND BEACH, FL, May 2018: Magazine, LLC has received a rating of “A” from the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida (BBB) after publishing three issues of Magazine. This accreditation by the BBB means that Magazine, LLC has met the very high standards required by the organization. Each company that applies for BBB accreditation must meet tests to ensure professional competence and compliance with the Better Business Code of Ethics. Magazine, LLC is a provider of multiple services to both seniors and the businesses and professional practices that serve them. These customers include medical, dental, and legal practices that serve the senior population; senior assisted living facilities; memory care living facilities; in-home senior care providers; and other senior-oriented businesses and service providers. The company also helps connect general-market businesses to seniors, such as auto dealerships, auto repair services, home maintenance services, roofing services, paint and paint supplies, tree removal services, and even the Humane Society. Magazine is the company’s print publication. The complimentary magazine is distributed widely throughout east-central and south Florida at locations like Denny’s Restaurants, CVS, and Walgreens. Magazine is also available as online at Each edition of Magazine features original content and service information useful to seniors, as well as sponsored advertisements and articles from businesses and professionals. The BBB accreditation means that, LLC has met or exceeded high standards in business history, competency, compliance, transparency, and a specific history of successful resolution of any complaints. The BBB Seal of Approval is a sign of trustworthiness, and, LLC is exceptionally proud to have accomplished this after such a short time in the field., LLC combines a dedication to serving the needs of seniors with an effective communication vehicle for professionals, small businesses, service providers, and non-profits. The company boasts a carefully chosen team of professionals and businesses who strive to meet the needs of the senior marketplace with sensitivity and quality service. Magazine, LLC fills the needs of seniors and those who serve the senior market through multiple avenues including:

• Its quarterly printed publication, Magazine

• The online digital edition of the magazine available at

• The website at, which includes the magazine, a directory of services, and more.

• A network of professional services, including the Senior Transition Pro Team

• Its pool of senior-friendly businesses, the Directory. These are Approved Vendors who subscribe to the Approved Vendor Code of Ethics (

• Its office and professional staff, located in Ormond Beach, Florida.

• Its presence on social media sites such as on Facebook, on Google+ and on YouTube.

You can contact an Magazine, LLC professional advisor by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by using Contact Us ( For more information about, LLC, visit our website:

Tree Work Title strives to be a go-to resource for the references, information, and services that our seniors need and deserve. Our mission is to serve the needs of seniors in every way we possibly can. With that in mind, is extremely pleased to welcome Tree Work Now to our family of all-things senior services, products and professionals. Tree Work Now shares common values, goals and missions with For Tree Work Now, that means being the most trusted tree experts in their service area while growing strong leaders inside their organization. Tree Work Now’s Company Goals fit perfectly with those of They demonstrate exactly the type of customer service and sensitivity that is so very important to our seniors, including:

• Providing extraordinary client care and completing each job with superior thoroughness and carefulness.

• Nurturing long-term relationships with clients and inspiring Central Floridians to require a high level of professionalism from the tree service industry.

• Being Central Florida’s preferred tree service company, an essential service provider that is trusted by seniors and by all clients.

Tree Work Now has an inspiring history of hard work, honest dealing, a “can do” attitude and professional skill. It is a classic American tale of bootstrapping entrepreneurship that has succeeded brilliantly in a very competitive industry. Founded in the early 2000s by Mr. Evan Keller, Tree Work Now has quickly become a major player in this important service industry, providing tree and arbor services to clients in the Daytona–east Florida and the Orlando-central Florida areas. Tree Work Now’s story is told by its company motto, attention to “Every Detail, Every Time.” It’s the motto they live by every day! Evan Keller, the Founder & CEO of Tree Work Now, started his enterprise with a borrowed pickup truck and two borrowed chainsaws. Today, Tree Work Now’s multi-worker crews operate top-of-the-line professional-grade equipment that is selected to have a lower impact on a patron’s landscaping. Their entire large truck fleet is equipped with all-wheel drive, meaning that they will not spin their wheels on a customer’s lawn. Tree Work Part 2 When it is appropriate, they use equipment like the Kubota 520S, whose flotation tires and articulating front end spares the customer’s grass while carrying away heavy logs. Tree Work Now’s attention to “Every Detail, Every Time” has brought it recognition and praise from many quarters. The Better Business Bureau of Central Florida gives Tree Work Now its highest rating, an A+. Angie’s List awarded the company its 2017 Super Service Award and, after Hurricane Irma struck in 2017, the Orlando Sentinel cited Tree Work Now as Central Florida’s top-rated tree service. Writing about contractors who were doing hurricane cleanup work, the Sentinel reported, “The tree company with the most reviews and A ratings on Angie’s List is Tree Work Now Inc., based in downtown Orlando, with more than 200 reviews.” For many seniors, the preferred way to spend their retirement years is in the cherished home they have occupied for years. Home is where the heart is, and that is why Tree Work Now’s motto, “Every Detail, Every Time” is so very appropriate for seniors. They know that seniors, like most Central Florida residents, have heard stories of tree service contractors who were unskilled, sloppy, endangered their property or who just did not perform. Tree Work Now is determined to restore the faith that seniors and all consumers should have in this important service.

Tree Work Now advises seniors to avoid three key failings of some tree services:

• Lack of Professionalism: Tree Work Now answers calls in a prompt, courteous and helpful way. They give a free on-site estimate, they educate the homeowner on tree care and needs, and they use only state-of-the-art, professional equipment.

• Lack of Fair Pricing: Tree Work Now gives seniors a prompt, fair estimate and receives payment after the job has been completed. They do not try to sell unnecessary work and their prices are not inflated after a storm.

• Safety Concerns: Tree Work Now is a drug-free (and tested) workplace, they have the proper equipment and expertise, they carry sufficient insurance and can verify it. Seniors can be confident that they will take every precaution to safeguard their property. Tree Work Now is the home of The Property Promise, their painstaking approach to mitigating the property hazards inherent in tree work.

Like all of the professionals, businesses and service providers in the Approved Vendor family, Tree Work Now exhibits the skill, professionalism and special sensitivity to senior needs that we seek. Take a minute now to visit the Directory of Approved Vendors and Tree Work Now. Welcome aboard, Tree Work Now!

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