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Do not abandon your health goals

Do you want to be stronger or build up the stamina to walk around or clean the house for longer time? Goals like these keep us moving when motivation does not exist. Sometimes, the desire to lose weight or eat healthier to live longer is not enough. We all like our favorite foods and should not have to give them up. That is why we recommend changing your mindset. Instead of focusing on discouraging goals, how about an easy goal like going for a 15 to 30 minute walk every day? Find something easy to remember and simple enough to see the difference over time. You do not have to have fancy gym equipment to get yourself moving and benefit in the long run.

Focus on cardio

Getting your heartrate up every day is important for cardiovascular health. We have heard this many times but it is hard to know what works. What works for one person may not work for another, so finding the right form of cardio for you should be a priority and then sticking to it. Some people love to walk while others love to bike. Swimming is a favorite as well. It depends on your joints and your interests.

Add in some strength training

If walking is your favorite form of cardio, but it is raining outside, it may be easy to just leave it for the next day. We encourage you to have a backup plan for days like this and even do something for strength. While cardio helps refine certain muscles, strength training helps those muscles that do not get used. You do not need a set of weights or any equipment at all to do strength training. There are simple workouts you can do from the comfort of your couch that can help with strengthening muscles like leg extensions, pillow chest press, ankle circles and much more. You can watch those specific exercises here!

Think about nutrition

While we encourage to enjoy the meals you like, it is also important to evaluate what you put into your body every day. There are a few things you can do to be healthier such as including more leafy greens into your diet, adding more vegetables to your plate, having fruit to satisfy sugar cravings and cutting down on sugary drinks or snacks. What we are saying is, you can still enjoy your steak and wine for dinner (as long as your doctor agrees) as long as you also add healthier foods into your daily intake.

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