Grace Manor of Port Orange for Residential Living

It’s one of the hardest decisions seniors and their loved ones may have to face—deciding to consider assisted living. Whether you are considering that decision for yourself or for a loved one, it can be difficult to decide where to begin, much less where to end. understands this, and that is why we carefully vet assisted and residential living properties. And one of the tops on our list is Grace Manor Port Orange.
Grace Manor is about more than just “care.” Focusing on that and forgetting about all the other aspects of life was a mistake made by the “old folks’ homes” of the past. Now, assisted and residential living is about just that—living!
Grace Manor believes that senior living can be a new beginning, “simply a new chapter of life, filled with exciting opportunities to keep growing, learning, and making new friends.” The friends start with the staff, the Grace Manor Team members who are there to be far more than just caretakers. They are carefully chosen individuals who see past what’s needed and all the way what’s wanted. The team here wants to know what people want to do, what they want to see, and they do their best to provide that in a safe environment.
At Grace Manor, there are nature trails, trips to shopping and entertainment, and lots of bright, open spaces where the residents can relax and thrive. The team here and the entire team of Thrive Senior Living believe strongly in offering residents a place that seniors will be happy to call home. There are several different floor plans to choose from, including private and semi-private suites. It all depends on what people need, and the professionals at Grace Manor can help seniors and their loved ones figure that out.
For those in need of specialized care due to Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, Grace Manor also has Memory Care. Each and every member of the team here is NIDE (National Institute for Dementia Education) certified, from the chefs and housekeepers to the nurses. All of them have the education needed to interact with memory care residents the right way, by treating each resident as a unique individual who more than just their diagnosis. Memory care residents are kept engaged, assisted with recognition of loved ones, and always encouraged in the goal of helping them recapture memories and live in the moment. is pleased to recommend Grace Manor Port Orange as a wonderful option for assisted and residential living. We welcome them to our community of services for Our Seniors. Grace Manor and the whole team have met our strict standards of service, including adherence to our code of ethics. Their business has received glowing recommendations and testimonials, with a long list of positive references (that we checked out so you don’t have to).
Grace Manor Port Orange offers complimentary tours of the property and rooms. Contact them today to schedule your tour and ask them about discounts up to $1500, as advertised in the Summer Edition of Magazine.
Grace Manor Port Orange
1321 Herbert Street
Port Orange, FL 32129

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