In another ten years, it is expected that retired Baby Boomers will make up a full 20 percent of the population of the United States. This unprecedented growth, along with increased life expectancy, has created a surge in senior lifestyle choices. Many seniors take up a new and active hobby after time becomes available during retirement. This can lead to a decision to live in a senior community that has amenities to support socializing and physical activities. Others have lived in the same house for many years while raising a family and look forward to staying in their familiar surroundings for their retirement years. These folks might eventually require some assistance through home care services. These are just two examples of senior lifestyle choices. Everybody has a unique situation that influences which lifestyle and living arrangements are best. is here to assist by providing resources about the many choices available throughout Florida. Whatever living arrangement you choose, resources are available throughout Florida to provide information and guide you through the decision process. has built a list of resources to help sort through the many options available. provides support in discovering the best choices in senior living to suit your individual situation. Numerous different types of communities and services for seniors are located throughout Florida. helps seniors by arranging the resources into a comprehensive. Use the link to find resources for any of the following:

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ALFs are licensed according to the level of care offered at each facility, with some providing room and board with meal preparation, and others providing support in the area of daily personal care, or even nursing assistance. Quality ALFs promote dignity and respectful treatment of residents, providing a relaxed and comfortable setting. In many facilities, a welcoming atmosphere is evident upon arrival. The appearance and upkeep of the facility, and the friendliness of the staff and residents are all indicators of the quality of the facility. The safety of the residents is essential, so check to see if the ALF has 24-hour monitored security. When considering a move to an ALF, look for social and recreational activities that suit your personal interests. Check for access to local transportation. ALFs can offer an array of services to be tailored to specific needs.  Nursing care, administration of medicine, and assistance with personal care are some of the typical services available at an ALF. can help guide you to the best available senior living resources.

If you choose to remain in your long-time home rather than relocating, personal care or nursing services could be necessary at some point. A practical option for this situation is to identify quality in-home care services. With home care services, an individualized plan is created for each specific individual. will locate, vet and choose the best senior living resources among providers of in home senior care services. Sometimes, home care is provided by loving family members to a parent, spouse or loved one. In that situation, the caregiver can reach out to to locate resources whenever needed. provides the resources to explore senior living services of all kinds. Some of the services included in our directory include a Florida attorney search, a Florida CPA search, a senior real estate specialist, and financial advice for seniors. Senior living options may range from home care services to active senior communities to ALFs or memory care.

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The resources compiled on will help you find the best senior living resources in Florida, including:

  • The website.
  • Our senior lifestyle magazine, Magazine
  • Our handbook of trusted, senior-friendly businesses in the Seniors Directory
  • Our unique and talented senior life specialists, the Senior Transition Pro Team

After making an informed decision about your senior lifestyle, the transition can be an exciting time. and Magazine has assembled a comprehensive list of resources for seniors in Florida. Access to the right resources helps make the transition into your new senior lifestyle safe, secure and satisfying.

There is a variety of possibilities available for seniors choosing their new lifestyle or living arrangements. The resources assembled by support a smooth transition by providing information. provides you with the knowledge and information to assist you in choosing the best senior home care, ALF, memory care, or active senior community. Use our website or call us for help in locating any of these senior needs:

  • For senior life transition issues, our Senior Transition Pro Team
  • For trusted, senior-friendly businesses and professionals, the Directory
  • For help locating the best senior living resources in Florida, our website at

For further information and a free consultation, please contact by clicking the link to our website or using our Contact Us form. You can reach our office by phone at 386-516-3969. wishes you many happy years of Senior Living, especially Senior Living Florida style!