Seniors choose to move into Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) for many reasons. Some people are nervous about living alone, others are looking for socialization. Just as there are several reasons that lead individuals to choose an ALF, there are many reasons why it can be an excellent senior lifestyle move for so many.

Socializing is an important aspect of life, at any age. But it can become more challenging for seniors because of health issues, or lack of convenient transportation. The elderly can find themselves alone after the death of close friends and family. Loss of social life can cause depression, which in turn can further the reluctance to socialize. This situation leads to anxiety when a social situation does arise. Just like everybody else, seniors need interaction with their peers. ALFs provide a senior lifestyle with many opportunities for social interaction. The variety of activities ensures that all residents will find something enjoyable.  The events become more gratifying when they are shared.

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A good facility provides plenty of choices in activities, encouraging involvement, without forcing it. The facility staff will inquire about activities the senior has enjoyed in the past and offer something similar that would be appropriate for the ALF setting. The most important aspect of the activities is for the seniors to spend time with their peers. Time with peers provides a chance to form new friendships, enhancing the senior lifestyle.

Driving and transportation are another difficulty as seniors combat health issues in advancing years. An advantage to ALF living is that transportation is provided through the facility. Transportation is an integral part of maintaining independence, and the ALFs support this need. Transportation is scheduled so that the needs of all residents can be met. Transportation is available for medical or other appointments. In the ALF environment, the alternative transportation available is part of the senior lifestyle. Scheduled events include shopping and community events and include the transportation.  Although each ALF is different, each one accommodates the transportation needs to the best of their ability.

ALF senior can be anxiety free in many ways. Homeowners and renters alike need to be diligent about soliciting help from somebody for a repair or other problem. Because seniors tend to trust others, it is common to be taken advantage of by repairmen or contractors. In an ALF, the residents bear no responsibility for repairs or maintenance. This means the worry and stress is removed; any problems at an ALF are handled and solved by the administration of the facility. There is virtually no anxiety, stress, or worry for the residents. The residents are free to enjoy their relaxing senior lifestyle.

Many people’s favorite aspect of ALF living is the dining experience. Often, as people age, appetites diminish, and interest in cooking disappears. ALFs offer communal dining, where a varied menu of nutritious meals is served. Diners are served at their table, seated with their friends and neighbors. With residents meeting in the dining room, the meals take on a social atmosphere, and this often helps to encourage both, appetites and friendships. The individual units at ALFs typically have small kitchens, so anybody who prefers, may do meal preparation in their own unit. However, most seniors find that they enjoy the social interaction and prefer the dining room for most meals.

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