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Detective Devon Barrett
Volusia Sheriff’s office

Topic: Latest Scams Affecting OurSeniors

Date/Time: February 3, 2024, 8 AM Eastern

OurSeniors Radio

Latest Scams Affecting OurSeniors

OurSeniors Radio welcomes special guest speaker from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office – Detective Devon Barrett and special host Julian G. Cantillo.

OurSeniors Radio continues to have Special Guests on the Radio Show on the latest scams affecting seniors and how they can be on the lookout for it. My name is Detective Devon Barrett and I am currently assigned to the Deltona Detective’s Unit with the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. I have been employed with the Sheriff’s Office for approximately six years with three years of patrol experience and three years as a detective. During my time as a detective, I exclusively work crimes against people, which includes everything from fraud to attempted homicide. I was approached with the opportunity to discuss my experience and expertise in fraud trends throughout the community with a specification in the exploitation of the elderly. Subsequently, I compiled a list of growing trends we see, how people can protect their assets from fraud, and also provided some resources to reach out to in the event someone suspects they are the victim of fraud. The hope is that this information reaches the appropriate audience and helps prevent future victims of fraud. As fraudsters are consistently evolving with technological advances, it is imperative that law enforcement and citizens change their tactics and remain vigilant to defend their assets. This is exactly what OurSeniors focuses on, is making sure seniors stay informed and educated and how to avoid scams.